Rick Collins, who sails Ottawa, ON and Outer Banks, NC had this to say: [nggallery id=164] “1.  Smiles it puts on the kids. 2.  Simplicity. 3.  Gear that fits the kids perfectly, with the design elements of adult gear. 4.  1.0-1.5 kids rig allows a 6-year-old to say “Daddy, I need to rig down today. It

1) No back hand pressure, really! 2) Easy to rig and extract the range 3) The batten tips rig behind the mast, showing genuine shape on the beach 4) NO batten pop during a jibe, just smooth, silent, and balanced jibes! 5) We can make outhaul adjustments on the water WITHOUT re-adjusting downhaul, for real!

[nggallery id=140] 1. Easy to rig and tune from the visual indicators and tuning strings on the outhaul 2. Easy power and with a huge wind range 3. So incredibly stable, the power point does not move in the gusts 4. Strong, my sails and Ezzy masts get some nice rinsings and my big bald

[nggallery id=139] 1. I can whole heartedly recommend them with pride to anyone I meet. 2. They never let me down. 3. Like me, the sails are in it for the long haul i.e. they don’t crap out after one season. 4. They are powerful – how I like my women. 5. They allow me

1. they`re plug`n play hi performance sails 2.  resist the heaviest wipeouts 3.  huge range 4.  you can forget your equipment and concentrate only in your bottoms and top turns 5.  the best materials in the logic areas

[nggallery id=133] I love the light feeling of the sail in your hands. I love the huge wind range of the sails. I love the padded mast pad. Great foot saver. I love the attention to detail. Every seam has a purpose, all the cloth is methodically put together. I love the blasting down the

[nggallery id=132] 1. They are beautifully light 2. They look cool 3. They are powerful 4. They are incredibly easy to rig 5. They have a MASSIVE WIND RANGE Why would you buy anything else???!!!

[nggallery id=131] #1 Aesthetic …Looking a fully rigged Ezzy at rest on the beach or seeing one in full flight across the water is a beautiful sight indeed… simplistic and distinctive from a distance and a detail freaks delight up close, the sail is a Designers dream! #2 Association with the Brand …Feel good brands

1 superlight feel of new panther 3 2 tuning the sail as the wind drops or picks up -makes life so easy 3 stability -the centre of effort is solid as rock 4 power range -there always enough power when you need it 5 re sale value -the quality is spot on so you always

[nggallery id=117] Equipment is predominant for your personal windsurfing experience and performance. If you are looking for a new sail, ask around and try an Ezzy sail. Be curious and believe in yourself. Here are five things I love, in priority order!   – FEELING – It determines if you like a sail or not,