Ezzy Cheetah

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Speed is the Ezzy Cheetah. Take a closer look at the upgraded lighter and faster Ezzy freeride sail .

With a strong, locked-in profile supported by seven horizontal shaping seams, the Cheetah is stable and balanced, allowing you to focus on going fast, even at the highest of speeds.

The materials used in making the Cheetah’s body read as a list of ultra-high tech sail cloth materials: Technora on the leech resists stretch, white and Color Fusion Tri-Lite reduce weight, Spectra X ply give the Cheetah lasting durability, and the cnc’d stainless steel tack pulley makes down hauling a breeze. And, as with every Ezzy, the Cheetah is rigged and tuned in our factory before being shipped out to your local shop.

“I got to tell you that I wasn’t to excited about the new color design and sail cloth when I saw a red Panther ltd last summer. I roll out and rigged my new green 5.5 Cheetah as soon as I got it. WOW!!!! That is the best looking sail I have ever seen. The colors just jump out! A work of art, almost too nice to sail…Almost..."

Ezzy fan forever……Tony N

A portion of every sail we sell goes to help schools in Sri Lanka.
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Cheetah Rigging Video


Ezzy Cheetah
Suggested Mast
No. of
Size (sq.meter)
1st Choice
437 439 175 182
6 3.730
446 448 183 190
456 458 191 198
467 470 197 205
479 482 206 214
504 507 221 229 490/26/29 7 5.034
517 520 239 247 490/26/29 7 5.346

Note on Ezzy Masts

Ezzy Sails work great with the Ezzy Mast system, but also work with a variety of other brand masts (RDM and regular diameter). You could contact your mast maker and see if the bend of your non-Ezzy mast is compliant.

Ezzy mast bend curves are tip: 75% to 79% and base: 62% to 65%

Note: this is not carbon content. This is percentage bend relative to the midpoint bend.

For further info on Ezzy Mast sizing, please refer to our Mast Configurator Tool

Our removable, 316 stainless steel tack pulley can be replaced with our 316 stainless D-ring for those who prefer a grommet with a pulley hook.

  • Every Ezzy Cheetah is rigged and fine tuned in our factory before shipping.
  • At Ezzy we offer unmatched customer service. Email us at [email protected] and you will get a personal response within 12 hours.


  1. Inserting the Mast

  2. Downhaul

  3. Outhaul

  4. Batten Tensioning

  5. De-Rigging the Sail

  • Cam

    Any news of a new Infinity…

    • Anonymous

      very very soon! It will be called the “Lion”…

      • H.

        Can’t wait!! got a bunch of 09 infinities that are getting tired… 

      • Cam

        Great news, will wait for lion! 

  • H.

    looks good! Is there some magical updated version of the infinity hitting the water soon?

    • Anonymous

      we will inform you soon!

  • The photos look stunningly beautiful! With those skies, and the sharp panning. Who took these?
    Btw, the sail looks great too! Want to ride!

  • Aus784

    Great looking sail guys, and awesome photo’s!

    Curious to know how/if the shortened luff lengths effect sail performance and feel/handling of the sail?

    • Anonymous

      thanks for reaching out. I’m eager to hear some customer feedback on the Cheetah. I did hear from the team guys on Maui that the Cheetah feels enhanced from the ’11 Freeride in overall range and feel. I also know the guys at Windsport Magazine were raving about it’s performance. Rumor has it we were “best of test”

  • Hi, right now I have a Freeride 2011 5.5 with your skinny mast 430 and I was going to buy a free ride 6.5 with a 460 mast. At this point I am considering to get a Ceetah 6.5 so that I can recycle my mast with two sails.
    Is it a good idea or should I stay on the Freeride V?

  • Anonymous

    thank you for the message Raffaele. I’m excited that our new Cheetah 6.5 rigs on a 430. If you are looking for a new sail, I would strongly consider getting that new Cheetah 6.5 so that you can take advantage of needing less gear!

    • I have already contacted my Ezzy reseller here in Bermuda and I will seriously consider to get it for Christmas! 🙂

  • Bubba

    Hi, I currently have an aluminium boom with a max setting of 247.  I’m going to get a 9.5 and I’m a big guy (125kg) so I’ll be using it in fairly strong wind (16-20).  Would you recommend getting a new, longer boom or will my current 247cm boom hold up?

    • Anonymous

      great question Bubba! A 247 max setting would cover you as long as you mount the boom on the mast somewhere near the center of the boom cut out. If you ride your booms at the top or bottom of the boom cut out on the sail (really high or low) then your effective outhaul needs increase. There is a longer distance from the top or bottom of the cut out when comparing to the center of the cut out. Either way, I think you are most likely just fine.

  • Mojo

    Hi, I have a Powerex 430 RDM 85% mast. Will this combination work with a Ceetah 6.5 not so much for length but for bend and curves in the correct spots?

    • Anonymous

      thanks for asking. Yes, the Powerex bends work great in our sails. The 430 should work great in the 6.5. Keep in mind that the sail may look different when rigged up than other brand sails. If you have any concerns at all you can email rigged pictures to us and we can review and insure proper tuning.

  • Tanovak

    Love the new Cheetah sails. I had the opportunity to sail both my 6.5 and the 5.5 the last two days. The looks of the green one pretty much stopped the show at my local lake. A big hit with everyone.  Fast, powerful, stable and the best looking sail in the water. “HUGE” wind range from my two sail quiver. The first day, guys out on 7.O and 7.5 sails. I set my 6.5 Cheeath full, took one pump and blasted out. No problem keeping up. When the wind did pick up, I added out haul and just kept going. Everyone else had to rig a smaller sail or go home.
    The next day was just the oppsite. Most guys out on 5.0 sails. We don’t really get that kind of wind often and I didn’t bring any of my smaller gear. I set my Cheeath 5.5 to the max settings.  To say the least, this is now my favorite sail ever. Can say fast with complete control. The sail depowers nicely going into the turns and exits with speed. This all happened with one 430 Ezzy mast. One 28cm extension. And one boom.  Both sails rig nicely on this set up. For me the effective range on my this two sail quiver is easily 7.0 to 5.0  Just take the time to understand the tuning of your sails……… Tony Novak

  • Jem Hall

    used my Cheetah 6.5 last saturday in onshore marginal wind conditions with some waves. Was great to get planing with excellent power and then plenty of speed when i got out the back. Feels so light in your hands both physically and through the air. Off to Egypt soon for 2 weeks of coaching and am itching to use it more : )

    Jem Hall 

  • Ken Haring

    Hi Ken from Florida, I have a new Cheetah 8.5, Love this sail. I bought my wife a SUP BOARD. 11ft Fanatic fly, installed a 11.5 gorge fin on it and hold on. Even in light air it wants to plane around 8 knots, at 15 knots I was keeping up with friends using 9.5 and even 11. I have the green one. I really enjoy the way it rigs. The ride is smooth and fast with this Board and rig. I’m around 165 lb’s , Age 69, and started 5 years ago.  Sail all my life but I am stoked every day. Living everyday by Wind and Water. Thank you Ezzy Sails. I also have your light sails 4.7-5.5-and 7.5 all great. 

    • ezzysails

      thanks for the feedback Ken!

  • Federico_calamari

    Hi Ezzy,
    thaks a lot for your sails. I never tried better sails since ten years ago.
    One question, please: Is it more powerfull 6.5 cheetah or 6.3 panther/lion? (430ezzy mast)
    I’m a freewaver, my sails are: SE 4.7 – panther II 5.2 – panther I 5.5 (my favourite) – panther I 5.8 

    Thanks so much Federico from Rome ITA

    • ezzysails

      thanks for the message Federico. The Lion is our most powerful sail. The 6.5 Lion would have more pull and power than the Cheetah, which would be the second most powerful sail. Hope this helps!

      • Federico_calamari

        Thanks Ezzysails,
        I’m looking for a no-cam sail, the bigger and more powerful one which rigs a 430 ezzy mast. So I have to decide among Panhter 6,3 – Tiger 6,3 – Cheetah 6,5
        Thanks once again from Italy 

      • Federico_calamari

        Thanks Ezzysails,
        I’m looking for a no-cam sail, the bigger and more powerful one which rigs a 430 ezzy mast. So I have to decide among Panhter 6,3 – Tiger 6,3 – Cheetah 6,5
        Thanks once again from Italy 

        • ezzysails

          I’d strongly suggest the 6.5 Cheetah! It would be perfect

          • Cheetah

            Hi Ezzy, I’m looking for my Cheetah but it is still not easy to find it in Italy right now, do you have any advice?

          • ezzysails

            I will forward to our accounts there. Hopefully you will be contacted very shortly!

  • Jem Hall

    Wow – just used my 6.5 Ezzy cheetahs in Marsa Alam, Egypt on my last coaching clinics and both my clients and I loved it. Light in the hands, huge wind range (tuned and untuned), superemely stable and very quick. I was whipping it round fast gybes, ducks and even got her in the air for jumps and loops.
    Ezzy Cheetah catch her if you can : )

  • Ada


    I just saw the new Cheetahs at my local surf shop and love design and concept – congratulations! Currently I am riding two Gaastra Swifts (7,5 and 6,0) on a Lorch Breeze, rider 82 kg. Which Cheetahs do you recommend to replace the Swifts? I see three possible solutions and would like to stay with two sails:

    8.5/6.5 (6.5 relatively big as my smallest sail)
    8.5/6.0 (gap to big in between?)
    7.5/6.0 (It would be nice to go a bit higher (8.5) than 7.5, because I am mostly riding in light wind conditions on the baltic see. And for the 7.5 I will have to buy a new 4.60 mast, because my current one is 4.90 and I do not want to use it with the 7.5…)

    Any recommandations welcome!

    • ezzysails

      hello Ada,
      Which shop did you see the Cheetah? We are really excited about how these sails feel and look!

      Regarding the ideal scaling for you, part of it depends upon your local conditions, your fin, and your skill level. Off the hip, I’m going to suggest you consider the 6.5/8.5 combo. I love having big jumps between sail sizes, and experimenting with different fins. I think it makes it easier to decide what to rig, and it also encourages you to really tune and tweak the sail for conditions. You will be amazed.

  • Richard

    Just got off the water on the 6.5 Cheetah! Great sail!! Very smooth power and very stable. It’s light weight makes for easy transitions!!Dave you have done it again!!!

  • ElBlazo

    6.0  Easy to rig, those familiar with Ezzy will be right at home. Controlled and stable on the ragged edge. Know what control means? Speed. In the 30mph gusts this sail never got heavy handed. Draft tight in the pocket down haul setting max’d. De-powered easily for the jibe just needed a flat spot.   

    Thing I like about sailing in San Francisco is you can usually buy it and sail it the same day! Rigged on 75% carbon Fiberspar SD mast and new Chinook Carbon boom, 18mm of Chinook carbon extension. All lines Spectra. Naish 2010 Global Freeride with a 32cm MFC Liquid Pro.  Sailed the 6.0 in 15-30mph I weight 210lb. Candlestick Park SF Bay. Was tempted to rig the 5.5 luckily with this sail it did not matter.   

  • Returned from a Red Sea (MoonBeach, a RRD & Ezzy Test Center) trip.  Had the opportunity to sail the 5.2 on a RRD FSW 78L & 5.8M Panther  rigged to a RRD FireMove 100L.  So impressed with the set up I decided to replace my very dated (’96 Screamer II & ‘0? 6.5M Noa II) light air gear.  Light air gear for freeriding.  New kit is the Cheetah 6.5M mated to a 100L FireMove.  Question:  If adding a size up or down from the 6.5M Cheetah is it realistic to jump 1 meter in size?    I’m relatively light at 59kg.  Board used would be the 100L FireMove.   Conditions on my home water (L. Superior) are cold, choppy to moderate swells.

    Appreciate the rigging guidelines.  Makes rigging and tuning relatively idiot proof. 

    • ezzysails

      great to hear from you Noel!
      Stoked to hear you are getting some new gear. I think picking the ideal sizes depends upon your local conditions, your skill, and your existing equipment. Still, one thing that has really improved in sail design over the years is RANGE. I would encourage you to go 1.0 full meter or more when scaling up from the 6.5. For going smaller, I would say a 5.8 or 5.5 would both be perfect depending upon what kind of sailing you enjoy. I grew up in Harbor Springs and sailed Lake Michigan quite a bit. I would think going from 6.5 down to a 5.5 Cheetah would make good sense! Hope this helps.

  • Sturle

    would the cheetah work with technolimits superslim 430 rdm mast? Or an old 430 naish rdm mast, both 100% carbon. (works with gaastra sails)


    • ezzysails

      thanks for the message Sturle. There are many many masts out there in the market these days, and we have a hard time testing all of them with our sails. I suggest you connect with Technolimitz and see if their numbers are comparable to these:

      MCS – 25.073/IMCS – 21.090
      Percent bend 63%/76%

  • Stneff

    What are the main differences between the 2011 freerides and the Cheetahs?

    • ezzysails

      thanks for the message. The Cheetah is just an evolution forward from the Freerides. We have figured out how to reduce the weight on the sails by minimizing batten size and the pocket size as well. The 6.5 now rigs on a 430. Overall the sails have received some nip/tucks. Also, the Cheetah has our new “colorfilm” which sure makes them look pretty!

  • Gonzalo (Chile)

    Hi. I’m considering to change my Infinity 6.6 2004 (still work, and is second hand). The weight is not and issue, but speed and control are. So , what’s your opinion: Cheetah 7.0 or Lion 6.5?

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the message. I think the 6.5 Cheetah is an incredible sail and should have the power and range of your old 6.6. We’ve come a long way since ’04. For 7.5 and larger I much prefer the Lion myself.

  • CR

    Hi, what is the wind range for the cheetah 9.5?  I’m 185 lbs, thanks.

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the inquiry. Great question. So much of this answer depends upon your local conditions, your skill level, your board, etc. We here at Ezzy are still big fans of our traditional dealer network. This is one of those cases when it is great to rely on your shop for advice. They can give some insight. The 9.5 Cheetah is highly tunable, lighter than our previous year Freeride sails, and should have a load of wind range for you if you rig it up on the right mast and with the proper tuning. Hope this helps!

  • Dbrauer

    Yesterday I bought a Cheetah 6.5, I have two 4.30 masts one a Gaastra rdm 100 % carbon and the other a North Gold sdm 75 % carbon , which woks better?

    • ezzysails

      the North Mast would work great!

  • Jim

    I have a 9 year old 7.2 Infinity which still works great! I’m thinking of a new 7.5. I’m torn between the Lion and the Cheetah. Would you recommend one over the other.  Southern California mostly flat water sailing. 

    • ezzysails

      thanks for the message Jim. Good question.
      Personally, I prefer the Lion. The Lion offers better low end, better stability when over powered, and more of a “power steering” feel. When I sail the 7.5 I feel like I can sit back more and let the sail do the work. Foot steering becomes easy. The big trade off between the Lion and the Cheetah lies is with turns. If you like to go into your turns aggressively,and plane out of them with speed, then the Lion is amazing. Some sailors like turn tricks, or are a little more hesitant with their jibes. The Cheetah becomes easier to handle for sailors like this because the rotation isn’t so “deep” and powerful. Sure hope this helps!

  • Mike

    Hi, I have a Maui Sails SRS wave 430 100% mast. Will it work good with a Cheetah 6.5 (or Lion 6.5)?
    Have Infinity 8.5 2009 on Ezzy skinny 490 – great combination, works perfect, allows thin tuning, thank you!

    • ezzysails

      thanks for asking Mike. Maui Sails leans towards a stiffer tip and softer bottom than we ideally like in our sails. Not the greatest choice for rigging an Ezzy.

  • My Cheetah 5.5 is over 39 knots in max speed ….. and i think the 40 knots barrier is possible

  • fabrizio di feo

    I changed my 9.5 freeride 2010 technora with a 9.5 chetaah this year. This sail is a bit harder than the previous and very fast from 10 to 17-18 kn … In this summer i used near only this sail ! compliments .

  • Scott

    I already own a Gaastra 460 mast (55% carbin- IMCS 25) for a 7.5 sail.
    I’m planning buying a 2012 Ezzy Cheetah 6.0 sail. Will my Gaastra mast fit this sail ?

    • ezzysails

      thanks for the message Scott. Gaastra masts are a little stiff in the tip for our sails. They work, but they aren’t ideal. If at all possible I’d like to encourage you to try the 6.0 on a 430. The shorter mast will make the sail rig easier and more effectively. The Gaastra mast is not a great way to go, but will work in a pinch.

  • carlo&lucy

    We’ve got 5.5 and 6.5 new cheetah.
    Very easy to rig and to trim, huge wind range, really solid manufacturing, compared with other brands sails cheetah seems indestructible!

  • markgibbss

    Hi There. Looking for a sail for lightwind days on a starboard phantom 295 which is a small longboard. I want a sail with lots of pulling power & can go upwind reasonably well. I am looking at sails arround 8.5m. Would the Zepher 7.5m have as much grunt as the Lion 8.5 ? noting the boom is about equal length. Will the Zepher or the Lion rig ok on a Naish SDM mast. Thanks Mark

  • ezzysails

    thanks for the message. The best grunt for the money is the Lion. The cams give better pull and upwind performance…but some people just want to get away from cams.
    Naish masts are ok, but not perfect for our sails. Naish tends to prefer a stiffer tip and softer bottom then we prefer. Hope this helps.

  • I’ve ordered the new 2013 cheetah in 7.0. What upgrades can you reveal at this time? can’t wait to check it out!
    love all my Ezzy’s..!

    • ezzysails

      thanks for the message. At this time David is keeping it very private! I have no idea yet

  • Dmitry

    I’m looking to get a Cheetah 8.5 for lighter wind days. I don’t have the recommended 490 cm mast.

    Question 1: Will I be able to rig the 8.5 Cheetah on a 500 cm SDM mast? Question 2: will a 460 cm RDM or SDM mast with longer extension work?

    My board is a Kona 220 L and I sail on flat water.

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the question Dmitry.
      No problem to use a SDM mast in any of our sails, but I’m not sure about your 500cm mast. I’m not familiar with anyone offering that length. What brand is it?

      Ezzy mast bend curves are tip: 75% to 79% and base: 62% to 65%. Perhaps you could find out what the percent bend curve is of your 500 and let me know.

      I think a 460 is going to be too soft and will require too much extension to work properly.

      • Dmitry

        Thanks for the reply.  First I should have asked whether the Cheetah 8.5 is a good sail for a longboard like Kona?

        • ezzysails

          the 8.5 Cheetah is a good choice for the Kona, but I will also send you an email for a second opinion to one of our dealers.

  • costas

    hi i have a 430 north sails mast. I just bought a cheetah 6.0 sail. Do you think it will alter the capabilities of the sail?

    • ezzysails

      most of the North masts are fantastic in our sails. I guess it depends upon the year of your mast.
      Ezzy mast bend curves are tip: 75% to 79% and base: 62% to 65%. Perhaps you can see if someone at North can verify your top and bottom bends?

  • Richard Auerweck

    Hello… I’m looking to replace my old Neil Pryde RAF Jet 6.2 with a more powerful sail like the Cheetah 6.5. I have a new NoLimitz 430 RDM with the standard bottom, but Sumo top to match my 5.8 Gaastra. However, I also have an older Powerex 430 Z-Axis Wave SDM that I used with the Jet. Which mast would work better with the Cheetah 6.5? Should I get a standard top for the NoLimitz 430 to stick with RDM? Thanks!

    • ezzysails

      thanks for the message Bill. This forum is great for sharing info, but for really specific inquiries you might consider emailing myself ([email protected]) or David ([email protected]) directly. We can sometimes answer easier and more specifically via direct email because this forum doesn’t allow us to attach files, etc. Anyway, I think the cheetah 6.5 is a great option to replace your Pryde Sail. The Sumo is a bad choice for a mast however. Nolimitz Masts (particularly the Sumo) prefer stiffer tops and softer bottoms than we ideally like. The Powerex bends are much nicer in our sails. Ideally you might consider upgrading to an Ezzy Mast (new or used) down the road.

  • Pierre

    Hi everybody!!
    I just want to explain my situation.
    After 6 years of hard sailing (I am 205 lbs) on my HSM Speed Demon 5,5 2006 (bought used, ridden on my 400 SMD 75% mast, luff 426), I get through last week when I crunched on a big chop at the end of my session. The Cheetah 5,5 would be my first pick (Any HSM SD left anywhere) but the luff is 436. My question: Is anybody tried a SDM 400 mast on the Cheetah? Or, what’s your though about the fit with a 400? For me, it’s out of question to buy a 430 mast for riding a 5,5 especially when I look the luff on my buddys new sails with their Severn NCX 5,5, Gun Rapid 5,7, NP Hellcatt 5,7 etc…
    I could have a deal with 2012 Cheetah 5,5… So your answers are very important and will be really appreciate by the same time!

    • ezzysails

      thanks for reaching out Pierre!
      I think our 5.5 on a 400, particularly at 205lbs…you are going to find the 5.5 on a 400cm is going to be too soft. The sail just won’t spring to life the way we want it to. The 430 is the way to go. One really nice thing about our Ezzy mast system is that you can use just a 460 tip with a 400 bottom to obtain a killer 430cm mast that is within our tolerances. Hope we can get you to try a 5.5 with the right mast combo!

      • Pierre

        Ok, thanks for the answer.
        Any luff details for the Cheetah 2014?

        • ezzysails

          nothing quite yet, but I imagine the specs will be very similar to the ’13 collection!

  • Chris VanDarkmoor

    Hi, I’m looking to purchase a 7.5 and 8.5 cheetah. Is there a scenario where i can make both work with one mast? I’m re-entering the sport and trying to keep the new equipment purchases under control.

    • ezzysails

      hi Chris,
      thank you for reaching out. Our “mix and match” system works great to keep your mast purchases to a minimum. If you think you will be using the 7.5 more than the 8.5, then go with a 490 tip/460 bottom. If you think you will be using the 8.5 more, then go with a 490 tip/490 bottom. Down the road, if you win the lottery, you can purchase separate tops or bottoms if you want to have the 1st choice mast for both sails. Hope this is helpful!

      • Chris VanDarkmoor

        Thank you for the quick response! What length mast base should I get?

  • Jim

    I use a 460 Fiberspar 3200 with my Freeride 4, 6.5. I’m thinking about getting a 5.5 Cheetah. I know you recommend a 430 mast for the 5.5 but would my 460 work with your sail head webbing? Thanks Jim

    • ezzysails

      thanks for asking. Yes, you can rig it on a 460, but it will really work better on a 430 if you can swing it. Lighter weight rig too.

      • Jim