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Inspired by 8-time world champion Kevin Pritchard, the Lion is the new king of cambered freeride sails.
It’s a predator that is bred to hunt down other sailors and devour them.

The Lion is fast flying over the water, and fast to get on the water--easy to rig with Ezzy cams.

The Lion is also easy to waterstart and uphaul with a narrow mast sleeve that doesn’t hold excessive heavy water. With a wide wind range, you need fewer sails, meaning less time deciding what to rig.

The Ezzy Lion is light, making jibes snappier and more consistent. Unparalleled Ezzy build standards guarantee the Lion is strong, using the latest high-tech fabrics (like Technora, Spectra, and Color-Fusion Trilite). Without a single speck of monofilm, the Lion has the same Ezzy construction developed to survive years of use and abuse.

And of course, like every Ezzy, each Lion is rigged and tuned in the factory so that it is ready for you right out of the bag.

Sail longer, stronger, faster, and more competitively with the new Ezzy Lion.

A portion of every sail we sell goes to help schools in Sri Lanka.
Click on the image to read more about the Ezzy Foundation!

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2012 Lion
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Suggested Mast
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No. of
Size (sq.m.)

The Ezzy Lion Cam Info

The Lion’s removable and user-friendly cam system fits any mast made within the past 15 years, including RDM masts.


Instructions For Custom Fitting Ezzy Cams To Your Mast

The Ezzy Cam System will fit any mast. Before rigging for the first time, follow steps 1 through 6 to learn how to find the correct cam and cam pocket for your mast.

**Note to Ezzy Skinny Mast owners: You do not need to measure your mast diameter. We have listed the correct Cam and Cam Pocket combinations in the chart at the bottom of this page.


Red plastic camber inducers, which sit inside the luff sleeve, behind your mast. The cams come in three sizes which are marked: "Standard", "Medium" and "Skinny".

(click to enlarge image)
Cam Pocket:

A spacer made of sailcloth. The arms of the cam fit into the cam pocket. There are 9 different sizes of cam pockets, marked "A" to "I". Having the correct length cam pocket allows you to set the right amount of sleeve tension for the sail at the cam. If the mast sleeve at the cam is too loose you would change to a shorter cam pocket. If the mast sleeve is too tight you use a longer cam pocket (see the bottom two diagrams on the back page).

(click to enlarge image)

Note: In addition to the cams and cam pockets that are in your sail, you will find an assortment of cams, cam pockets and a measuring ruler in the velcro pouch of your sail bag.

Step 1.

Lay your sail on the ground and open the velcro slots that are located in the sleeve at each cam. Notice how the arms of the cam and the cam pocket go on either side of the batten stopper (this will be important to know when it comes time to reinsert the cams back into the sail).

Remove BOTH cams AND cam pockets from the sail.

Step 2.

To find where your cams will sit on your mast: check the luff length that is printed on the foot of your sail.

Adjust your base extension to this amount.

Then, line up your mast beside the luff sleeve.

With your extension inserted into the mast, make sure the cleat is even with the bottom of the sail.

Step 3.

Use the included ruler to measure your mast's circumference at both cam locations.

Step 4.

Refer to the charts below and locate your circumference measurement. Read the letter below the number. This letter is the cam pocket you require. The correct cam is listed on the right-hand column on the same row as the cam pocket letter. Example: If the mast circumference at your upper cam position is 14.0, you would look at the chart labeled "UPPER CAM" and find "14" along the top of the chart, then under the 14, the chart indicates you would use pocket "F" and looking all the way to the right we see the cam marked "MEDIUM". If the circumference at the lower cam measures 16.5, you would refer to the chart labeled "LOWER CAM" use pocket "D" and the cam marked "STANDARD".

Step 5.

Once the correct cam pocket is found, insert the cam arms into each side of the cam pocket.

Step 6.

Insert the cam and cam pocket into the sail by holding the guide flaps and sliding the cam arm into the openings on either side of the batten stopper.

Push the cam all the way until it is fully seated in the sail.
Your cams are now set and you are ready to rig your sail. Note: If you ever get a new mast with a different diameter, you will need to follow the above instructions again in order to fit the cams properly.

How to tell if your cam pockets are the correct length:

**For more information email us at [email protected].


  1. Adjusting the Cams to the Mast

  2. Snapping the Cams onto the Mast

  3. Setting the Downhaul

  4. Setting the Outhaul

  5. Tensioning the Battens

  6. De-Rigging the Lion

Note on Ezzy Masts

Ezzy Sails work great with the Ezzy Mast system, but also work with a variety of other brand masts (RDM and regular diameter). You could contact your mast maker and see if the bend of your non-Ezzy mast is compliant.

Ezzy mast bend curves are tip: 75% to 79% and base: 62% to 65%

Note: this is not carbon content. This is percentage bend relative to the midpoint bend.

For further info on Ezzy Mast sizing, please refer to our Mast Configurator Tool

Our removable, 316 stainless steel tack pulley can be replaced with our 316 stainless D-ring for those who prefer a grommet with a pulley hook.

  • Every Ezzy Lion is rigged and fine tuned in our factory before shipping.
  • At Ezzy we offer unmatched customer service. Email us at [email protected] and you will get a personal response within 12 hours.

Ezzy Lion Testimonials

"This was the first outing for the 8.5 Lion. Conditions were perfect - wind was NE around 18knots, sea state slightly choppy and best of all...the sun was out. I was sailing a JP Super Sport 74 and the combo was flying.

I have to honestly say - this sail rocks. It is very tune-able, light downhaul / outhaul giving loads of power. As the wind picked up, some tweaking of the downhaul to the strong wind marks, really "freed" the sail up. I couldn't find the top end - it was the sea state that slowed me down! The Lion is also very very stable - no sign of getting back handed as the wind picked up.

This is such a contrast to the old NP slalom 8.4 I had - 4 cams, heavy and very back handed (a real pig!). The Lion definitely made me sail faster!

Well done to the Ezzy Team for designing such a fantastic sail! "


  • Tom

    A 6.5 on a 430 mast – plus you can use it with your “bigger wave” booms. Fantastic!

  • Knox

    How will 6,5 behave on 460 SDM ? CC (75 kg)  I’d like to avoid buying a new mast.

    • ezzysails

      thanks for asking. The 6.5 will still work great on a 460. The 430 will allow a few advantages. The rig will feel lighter (weight of mast reduction) and it will rig with less downhaul tension. That being said the 460 should work great.

  • Blueplanet_dreamer


    • bartek

      hi there, what is a  size of  Lion you use and what is a board you sail. thanks.

  • Aus784

    Would anyone be able to comment on the wind range of the 7.5 Lion, Futura111, 82kg rider. How have the Lion’s changed in terms of feel & performance over the 2011 Infinities? Thanks.

    • ezzysails

      Thanks for asking. I will forward your message to Kevin Pritchard for further performance comment. I do know the Lion is much lighter than the Infinity.

    • John Jahr

      Futura 111 and Lion 7,5 m2
      I have the Futura 111 and my biggest sail for that board is the Ezzy freeride 8.0 m2 (2008). (Yes it do exist). It is the most powerful of the Ezzy sails ever done I think. It is functioning very well with the Fytura 111. Then the question is if iys pssible to use the Lion 8,5 with that board, I think so.

      With regards,
      John J. (Sweden/Norway)

  • Luca

    hi there, would the 8.5 work on a 4.90 RDM Loft Brico mast? Thanks, Luca

  • ezzysails

    I think an 8.5 would work!

    • Aus784

       Thank you all very much!
      I don’t want to go much bigger than 7.5m on this board however. I may be looking into a bigger board and sail to suit. Much appreciated everyone.

      • John Jahr

        Hi AUS784.
        I do not now which boards you can buy in your country, but I can recommend The Lorch boards.
        As a norwegian I´m programmed to have some Starboards from small waveboards and up to the Futura.
        But I have also bought 2 lorch boards; Offroad 102 and the breeze which sials with 9,4 sals.
        I think that the Lorchboards are very good boards. Try one, You will not get dissapointed. (I have nothing to do with the Lorch company).
        with regards,

  • ezzysails

    thanks for asking. I wish I had some data on the Loft masts.
    There are some useful website with mast specs (for example

    Our 490 is
    Our bends are:
    MCS 26.6
    IMCS 30.2
    1/4 % 63.0%
    3/4% 76.0%
    KG 2.21

  • Aus784


    Would you be able to give some specs on your weight and what wind strengths you are sailing in. Also, what type of conditions do you normally use your Futura111 and 8m Ezzy in. Thanks.

    • John Jahr

      Hi Aus784.
      My weight is aprox 80 kg/180cm.
      Board Futura 111, Sail; Ezzy freeride 8,0 m2 (2008). It is very powefull, but I´m still sailing While others are using smaller sails. I cannot give you the exactly windstrenght.
      I use a curtis weedfin carbon 40 cm for my 8,0 sail. Smaller fin; Orca (curtis) weed 36 for my Ezzy freeride 6,5 m2.

      Type of conditions; Inside a sandreef; smooth water and max velocity.
                                     Outside the reef;   Small waves 0,5-1 meter, but very choppy conditions.
      As the Ezzy expertise has written me that the Freeride 8,0 (2008) is very powerful and I´m agree, I think it will funtion with a 8,5 sail. But; I do not think it will be as powerful as the old 8,0 (2008).

      I´m complitely relaxed with the Futura 111 and the 8,0 sail; relaxed mind = velocity, when overpowered.
      When overpowered I put the mast a bit forward aprox; 1-1,5 cm and a bit lower boom to get control. It´s a bit more difficult to start, but the control is better.
      Remember the outhaul when overpowered.
      This will help the board to stay in the water (choppy). The Futura is a relatively “flat board”, but I have never been catapulted.
      With regard,

      • Aus784

         Thanks John! I am very similar to you in height and weight so this all sounds promising. I may not have to go bigger in board size after all.  I’m trying to get as much out of the bottom end of my gear as possible but would also like to keep control in higher winds (20+ knots) and rough conditions. The 7m Infinity and 111 is perfect for that. Thanks for your advice!

  • James Brace

    Hi guys,  I’m using my 8.5 Cheetah on a 490 Tushingham SDM- it’s okay, more than okay, but I’ve been advised I’d get far more out of it on the Ezzy RDM.  I’m also likely to get a 9.5 Lion at some point, and just wanted to check is the RDM still the most recommended- Iots of folks are telling me I’m mad to consider an RDM on anything greater than a 6.5/7.0… I just wanted to double check before making the change across from SDM.

    • ezzysails

      Thanks for the message James. If you are stoked with the SDM, I don’t think you need to purchase our 490. 490 and 460 RDM masts are very difficult to engineer. Truthfully, many SDM long masts have some engineering advantages.

      • James Brace

        thank you for your honesty and integrity.  Jimbo

  • Yoyo

     Hello Ezzy,

    Can you explain why you did not choose to produce a 5.5 m² Lion ? I’m a light sailor and i use often 0,5/1.0m² smallest sails than the others, i’m interested with your Lion 6.5 but i found the gap with your 6.0m² too near for me, so i can’t buy a lion for sailing in the 20/25knots wind range on my 90liters board.
    Furthermore, can you explain me why you put an exception in the sails range with the 6.0/6.5 that have only 0,5 m² gap than 1.0m² for the others?
    Last, can you tell me where are located your dealers in france?

    Thank you very very much


    • ezzysails

      thank you for the email Yoyo. I greatly appreciate you reaching out. Regarding the 5.5, we found so many sailors were more happy with 5.5 Freeride (or Cheetah for ’12) over the cambered design, so we provided customers with less options. In the US market we were only selling a small handful of 5.5 cambered sails. Do you feel there is more demand in France? Regarding the distribution, our current importer isn’t pushing the sails. We are really unhappy about this. I suggest you contact Seasprite Sports in the UK, and they can probably help you out. I will copy them on a message.

      Our philosophy with Ezzy is “less is more”…so many other companies over produce their offerings and complicate the market. One very big improvement with our sails is range, so we are encouraging sailors to have bigger jumps between sail sizes.

      Kind Regards,

      • Yoyo

        Thanks for this quick answer!

        I don’t think there is more demand in france,  but it’s very hard to tell it, maybe more in south on mediterran sea (leucate) where wind is very strong on flat water and where all guys run with cambered sails. So i think i will forget unfortunately the Lion  for my 20/25kts range, but it’s often like that when you have a “non standart” body! 😉

        I like your philosophy and me (and also my wallets!) like bigger jumps between sail sizes, but my question is why the Lion 6.0/6.5 surfaces make an exception on those philosophy (that’s why i can’t understand there’s no 5.5 that will respect also 1.0m² gap)?

        Indeed your current importer forget you! in my country it’s almost impossible to find Ezzy sails, it’s sad because you loose an interesting market of sailors, and especially freerider’s sailors whose like unbreakable freeriding sails like your Lion and Cheetah!


  • With all due respect guys, but will it hurt you so much to give some advice and quiver suggestion on your product pages instead of all the cliches and vague promises? How about: “A combination of 6; 7.5; and 9.5 will make for a nice blasting quiver for your shiny new freerace boards on the flat-water venues you dear costumers like to chase your buddies. Same with 5.5; 6.5 and 8.5…oops we don’t make 5.5″…aaargh!
    I like my Infinity a lot, can’t wait to try the Lion!
    Have a great season!

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the email. I’m glad you are bringing this up. Here is my attitude on the topic. Windsurfing currently is and always should be connected to a local retailer. It is so difficult to answer many questions about range/ideal sizes via email without knowing someones physical condition, skill, board/fin combinations and most importantly their local conditions. We are always available for more one on one communication on the telephone or via email, but in the end working these things out with a local dealer is probably the best way to get the most out of your potential purchase!

  • SF bay rider

    Could you explain the differences between Lion and Cheetah, say in a 6.5?  Does one or the other have a better low end or top end or upwind or downwind, or is mostly about ease of use/feel?

    • ezzysails

      thanks for the message! The Lion pulls harder than the Cheetah and I also feel the Lion goes up wind/down wind with more ease. To me, it feels like the Lion allows you to foot steer the board more and the rig generates more lift. The Cheetah is a spunkier and lighter feeling in your hands. The big test comes in the jibes. The Lion pulls really hard out of turns where the Cheetah is a bit lighter in the rotation and power-up transition. Sailors who like aggressive jibes tend to like the Lion where people who are either more tentative or creative with their turns prefer the Cheetah. Hope this helps!

  • Ian

    Hi Guys,

    Yet another mast question for you. I’m looking at getting either a 7.5 Cheetah or Lion. It will be my new light wind sail. I currently have a 460cm North Drop-Shape SDM 35% carbon mast, which I think has the right bend curve and length for either of the above sails, but is a pretty low carbon content. It’s getting a little old too, but seems still serviceable. I had initially thought I would get an Ezzy 460 RDM mast too, but seeing as this would be my only sail requiring a 460 I wondered if you could comment on whether there would be strong advantages in getting the Ezzy 460 over the North 35% SDM for these sails?  I’m a middle weight sailor 75-80kg (depending on how much exercise I’m getting 🙂 ).  I have other Ezzy masts and like them a lot.

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the message Ian. I think a low carbon content mast is going to make any sail feel a bit on the heavy side. Lower carbon content masts also have less responsive feel. One very nice thing about going with a 460 Ezzy mast would be that you could potentially mix and match the 460 with other mast parts you may already own. Do you have a 430 or 400? If so, you can use the shorter bottom and 460 tip to get other acceptable masts for our sails.

      The North mast is a workable solution, but a bit of a compromise when considering your goal is to get out and get moving in the lightest wind possible.

      • Ian

         Thanks heaps for this. It sounds like good advice to me. Cheers!

  • Steve

    I am thinking of the Lion 8.5 for my light wind sail on my Futura 133. I have 460 SDM and RDM masts and wonder if I could get away with using a carbon extender rather than having to buy a 490 mast as well. Slowley changing over to an all Ezzy quiver, love them!

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the message Steve. I would strongly suggest you try to get a 490cm for the 8.5 Lion. The 460 will be a bit too soft for ideal performance.

  • Ts

    Hello Ezzy,

    is ist okay to use a 490 on a Lion 7.5? Rider 92kg

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the message. The 490 will rig up the 7.5 okay, but it truly works better on a 460. If you are using the Ezzy Mast system, you can use a 490 tip and a 430 bottom to get to a 460cm mast length that works great.

  • Dbrauer

    Can I use a Lion 7.5 with a Powerex Z Speed 4.60 SDM?

    • ezzysails

      absolutely. Should work great!

  • Adam B.

    What are the differences between the 2011 Infinity and new Lion?  How would they feel different to me?  How big of a difference between the two models does it make for the 9.5m2?  I already own the 6.5, 7.5 and 8.5 and can’t rave enough about all aspects of these sails.  
    I wish you made even larger sail sizes.


    • ezzysails

      thanks for the inquiry Adam.
      The Lion is an evolution forward from the Infinity. The Lion is lighter. David figured out a new slimmer batten and batten pocket concept, and the weight savings is considerable. Also, there is some alteration in the profile and shape of the head. The same tried and true feel is there, but the Lion should feel lighter in your hands. Hope this helps!

  • Nreadereye

    Sailed my new 9.5 lion today on my gusty lake with my JP xcite ride 145l. I had previously sailed on 8.1 and 6.6 sails from another manufacturer. The day started with a light breeze – I had worried a sail this big would feel heavy but it really felt fine. I definitely planed earlier and through lulls much more easily than with my 8.1. As the wind picked up I was really flying but felt under better control than I’ve ever felt at speed and even managed to do some gybes which is still rare for me. At the end I was way overpowered and went in to change to my 6.6. Well the 6.6 was a disaster by comparison to the 9.5 Lion overpowered as far as control. I will be looking to ditch my old sails as I’m now considering a 7.0 or 7.5 lion or cheetah. Great day, great sail.

  • FG

    7.0? Are you planing to develop a 7.0, 2-camed sail fitting on a 430? Just like the Naish Indy? It would be a nice format, the biggest sail for light wind on a 100 L board and thereby avoid buying a bigger board.

    • ezzysails

      sorry, most likely not. The 7.0 size for our cambered sails has typically been a very light seller. We have much higher demand for our 6.5 and 7.5

      • Aw, nuts. I have a 2008 7.0 Infinity that I just love. I go 8.5-7.0-6.0(Cheetah) that covers 95% of my days. (Not that I’ll need to replace the 7.0 anytime soon.)

      • john

        I also think 7.0 on 430 mast would be awesome, something like Simmer 2XC 7.1

        • ezzysails

          I think a 7.0 on a 430 is a little too short/soft for us at the moment.

  • Charlie


    I’ve been acquiring Ezzy sails since last November – love them.  My two largest sails are 2011 Infinity 6.5 and 8.5, which have enough overlap in wind range.  I’m thinking about selling the 8.5 to a friend and getting a Lion 9.5.  Will there still be some overlap between the 6.5 Infinity and the 9.5 Lion?  I’ll carry the Inifinity 8.5 up into the low 20kts.  For me, the low end of the Infinity 6.5 is around 18kts.  I’d like a 7.5 as well, but I’m just a recreational sailor …



    • ezzysails

      thanks for the message Charlie. The jump from 6.5 to 9.5 is a rather large jump. There is a bit of overlap if you have both the 6.5 and 9.5 set up with the ideal mast and are well familiar with our tuning. Of course a big part of this decision depends upon your local sailing conditions, your boards, and your sailing skill. The absolute best place to go for input on this is your local windsurfing shop!

  • Yan

    Would the Lion 9.5 be happy with a 520 34 Constant Curve Mast from Powerex?

    • ezzysails

      yes, this mast is a great 2nd choice option

  • Lion 7.5 Forever

  • Andrew

    Hi – I have two Infinities 2011, 9.5 and 8.5 for light wind sailing on my Ultrasonic 147. I love the 9.5, it gets me going in a breath of wind, which is absolutely incredible. Clearly the 8.5 is also a great sail, but I feel the overlap in wind range between the 8.5 and 9.5 is substantial, to the point where I hardly use the 8.5. I’m thinking that a 7.5 Lion would be a better buddy for the 9.5 – what is your view – is there a workable overlap between the 7.5 Lion and 9.5 Infinity sails (assuming I work on my tuning abilities and fin selection)? If so, what size would you advise as a step down from the 7.5 – when I would need a bump and jump sail, so a Tiger, 6.3m or can I go smaller? Many thanks, and thanks to Ezzy for all those awesome days of sailing…

    • ezzysails

      thanks for reaching out! I believe sail range has improved radically over the years. I suggest pushing the gap between sail sizes whenever possible. Less is more! I find that fine tuning the sails allows for huge tuning range, and also making adjustments to your fin selection can radically improve range.

      From a 9.5, going to a 7.5 should be perfect. Down from a 7.5, I’d consider a 6.0. Smaller than 6.0 it is best to begin tightening the spacing a bit…say to a 5.2.

  • Evan

    First sail on my new 7.5m Lion on the weekend. 14 to 16 knot gusty conditions. Sail felt so balanced and plenty of power to get planing easily on my 107 Isonic. Rigged it to medium setting so still had a bit of adjustment to play with. At first impressions this is the best “freeride” sail I’ve owned.

  • Hi,
    When are you expecting to launch 2013 Lion?

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the message. The Lion is going to continue unchanged for ’13. The ’12 is the ’13.

  • Chris Schillinger

    I have been sailing a 2009 Ezzy 9.5m Infinity – love the sail and am looking for another one. Because of it’s downhaul/outhaul range I wanted to go for an 8.0m Lion next however I notice you don’t have an 8.0m. Is this not the next logical step if I can rig down one size? Does Ezzy plan to ever offer an 8.0m in a 2 cam sail?


    • ezzysails

      thank you for the message Chris. Great question. We feel the Lion and Infinity sails are so rangy that we started to eliminate some sizes to encourage people to try out bigger jumps between sizes. I think you can go from a 9.5 to a 7.5 without difficulty. I don’t see an 8.0 on the horizon from us anytime soon. Hope this helps!

  • Michael Marzolf

    couple quick questions:
    1) SDM or RDM for a 9.5 Lion? I love the idea of upgrading to an RDM, and would love to buy one of yours, but which is better at that sail size?

    2) what are the differences between the Infinity and the Lion? small tweaks? or more significant?

    3) Lion colors the same for ’13 vs ’12?



    • ezzysails

      thanks for reaching out Michael.
      Good question about the mast. Truthfully, there are some 100% carbon 490 masts out there in the market that are lighter than our RDM 490. It is really difficult to engineer an RDM 490. We’re stoked with our mast, but you might find some 100% carbon content masts might offer a slight performance enhancement.

      The Lion is the next step in the Infinity. It is the same core sail, but with “colorfilm” and a slightly different #2 batten profile. Small tweaks only really.

      The ’13 Lion is the ’12 Lion. We aren’t changing a single thing on it!

  • George Turner

    I consider buying Lion or Cheetah 8.5m. I have a carbon PowerEx 460cm mast with IMCS:25 and a Chinook 48cm aluminum extension. The Lion luff size is 506cm. Is it possible to rig it with my mast and extension set to the maximum? What about using a 40cm fixed carbon extension (like powerex extendo or north sails CARBON XTENDER) and then adding a medium extension on top of it? What are the negative consequences of such setup (breaking mast, pure performance)?
    I’m a novice sailors and below is my rant about this mast non-sense:
    If you really want to make people happy you should design Ezzy sails to accept only one or two mast lengths (say 400 and 460) and rely on fixed carbon extensions 40-60cm and vario tops to accommodate all luff lengths. This is certainly possible, because North sails have done it. I don’t have space in my car for anything longer than 460 and I don’t have money, storage space or energy to haul a bunch of masts. I guess you would hurt your mast sales, but since other companies have done it already you should compete by adding a line of sails with two masts or risk loosing my business

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the message. I’m not a big fan of an Xtender. The problem is you begin to mess with the bend curve characteristics and compromise the performance of the sail. It is very important, particularly on a bigger sail, to get it set up on the right mast. A 460 with a 48cm will work, but you will compromise the performance of the sail. The best way to go is to try it out on a 490, or the Ezzy 490 tip/460 bottom. Otherwise, a 460 will work but the rig will not have the ultimate range we intend.

      Regarding your comments about masts in general, we address the problem very differently than North. For over 10 years we have promoted our “Mix and Match” mast system which allows a very economic solution to people who don’t want to spend a ton of money on masts. We’ve been way ahead of the curve on this. We have been keeping a very steady path with our mast recommendations. We base our designs on the standard Fiberspar mast bend curves that have been around for decades. Lots of other brands have been altering the bend characteristics while we have been keeping the mast bend consistent. We’re not trying to extort more money out of you, believe me! At some point if you want to focus on high performance you need to put a sail on a longer or shorter mast. The 8.5 just happens to work best on a 490 if at all possible.

      • George Turner

        Thank you for replying. I don’t like to buy a new mast, but I don’t like to compromise the sail range either. I think I’ll buy a 8.5m sail with a shorter luff designed specifically for a 460 mast (I found very few, but they exist).

        The “mix and match” system is not good enough for me for two reasons: I like to keep only one mast in the 6.0-8.5 range and I already have a powerex mast, that I cannot combine with Ezzy top or bottom. I like my ezzy sails (i have 4.0m, 6.5m, 7.0m), but I’ll experiment with something different for 8.5m.

        Masts are a perfect opportunity for a second hand deal, because they do not age quickly and the technology is not rapidly evolving compared to sails/boards. I got my 75% carbon 460cm SDM PowerEx from craigslist for $40. The money I saved I put in new sails.

        • ezzysails

          ok, good luck with the hunt.

  • schtefan

    Dear Ezzy Team,
    I´m going to get a 9.5 Cheetah or Lion. Do they work on a NP X9 490 mast from 2009 90%C ?
    I also own an excellent Carbon Boom.
    When would you prefer riding the Cheetah that big? Lighter, more manouverable?
    Many thanks in advance. Aloha from munich

    photomontage 🙂

    • ezzysails

      Both sails would work great on a NP mast.
      For low end power, the Lion is awesome. For a lighter and more free feel, I’d go with the Cheetah!

  • Hilary Li

    Hi, I know the IMCS system before with only one IMCS i.e. 460/19 but now all sails are marked two digit 460/19/25 but I can’t find any information on it, may I know what does the two digits mean, thanks a lot.

    • ezzysails

      the first of those two sets of numbers refers to MCS. The second to IMCS. You can google MCS and IMCS and get the details.
      Sailworks has a very nice explanation here: