The 2012 Panther Limited

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Color Choices - Based on Head Color

Yellow/Green | Orange | Red

Introducing the Panther Limited series. Our new color fusion process makes every sail uniquely beautiful.

The “Panther Limited” is the lightest and most advanced sail David Ezzy has ever built.

Performance Highlights:
  • More power.
  • 200 grams lighter.
  • Even easier handling.
  • Increased wind range.
  • Better balance and stability.
  • New designer sailcloth called "Color Fusion Tri-Lite" that makes every sail unique. No two sails are exactly the same...but each is gorgeous.
  • New head profile gives unparalleled control, even when grossly overpowered.
  • New innovative tack strap ruler, for insuring pinpoint accuracy for base extension settings.

The Panther Limited is built with our legendary quality and high-tech materials like Technora, Spectra X-film, Color Fusion X-Ply, and our removable stainless steel tack pulley.


A portion of every sail we sell goes to help schools in Sri Lanka.
Click on the image to read more about the Ezzy Foundation!

Rigging the Limited
Limited Action Video


Ezzy Panther Limited Luff Luff Boom Boom Suggested Mast Suggested Mast Ezzy Mast No. of Weight
Size (sq.meter) Min Max Min Max 1st Choice 2nd. Choice Base/Top Battens Kgs
2.9 317 318 127 131 340/28/15 370/27/17 340 / 340 5 2.550
3.3 339 340 137 141 340/28/15 370/27/17 340 / 340 5 2.698
3.5 353 354 142 146 340/28/15 370/27/17 340 / 340 5 2.838
3.7 364 365 147 151 370/27/17 340/28/15 340 / 370 5 2.915
4.0 372 373 150 154 370/27/17 400/25/19 370 / 370 5 2.974
4.2 382 383 154 158 370/27/17 400/25/19 370 / 370 5 3.078
4.5 393 394 157 161 370/27/17 400/25/19 370 / 400 5 3.166
4.7 406 407 161 165 400/25/19 430/25/21 400 / 400 5 3.26
5.0 418 419 166 170 400/25/19 430/25/21 400 / 400 5 3.374
5.2 425 427 169 174 400/25/19 430/25/21 400 / 400 5 3.458
5.5 435 437 172 177 430/25/21 460/25/25 400 / 430 5 3.54
5.8 443 445 176 181 430/25/21 460/25/25 430 / 430 5 3.65
6.0 451 453 179 184 430/25/21 460/25/25 430 / 430 5 3.748
6.3 456 458 185 190 430/25/21 460/25/25 430 / 430 5 3.844
6.9 485 487 187 192 460/25/25 - 460 / 460 5 4.098

Note on Ezzy Masts

Ezzy Sails work great with the Ezzy Mast system, but also work with a variety of other brand masts (RDM and regular diameter). You could contact your mast maker and see if the bend of your non-Ezzy mast is compliant.

Ezzy mast bend curves are tip: 75% to 79% and base: 62% to 65%

Note: this is not carbon content. This is percentage bend relative to the midpoint bend.

For further info on Ezzy Mast sizing, please refer to our Mast Configurator Tool

Our removable, 316 stainless steel tack pulley can be replaced with our 316 stainless D-ring for those who prefer a grommet with a pulley hook.

  • Every Ezzy Panther Limited is rigged and fine tuned in our factory before shipping.
  • At Ezzy we offer unmatched customer service. Email us at [email protected] and you will get a personal response within 12 hours.


Graham Ezzy talks about the Panther Limited from Ezzy Sails on Vimeo.

  • Jack

    Do you know when Panther ltd. gonna be in Poland?

    • Anonymous

      I will ask our importer to contact you.

  • Jack

    Thanks, Ezzy importer has informed me very quickly, that new Phanters will be in Poland in 3 week time.
    Can you tell me what is the weight of 4,7 and 5,5 Phanters ltd.?

  • Anonymous

    sure thing!
    The 4.7 is 3.26 KG
    The 5.5 is 3.54 KG

  • Aus784

    Hi All,

    I have a question regarding outhaul. After watching the latest videos on tuning the panther limited I noticed David uses no tension at the clew to set his boom/outhaul using the coloured strings. Basically the sail rests on the boom and he adjusts the boom to the end of the string. I seem to remember a previous tuning video, probably around 2009/2010 sails, where David does lightly pull the clew end outwards to set his boom length. I have found it does make a slight difference to tuning depending on which way you do it. Just wanting to know, is this now the preferred method from the Panther Limited onwards. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    good eye! Yes, the Panther Limited sets up a bit differently with the outhaul gauge.

  • Noshuzbluz

    The LTD’s look sweet! So they’re a little lighter, a little more twist off the top. Anything else performance wise? More power?

    • Anonymous

      thanks for the comments. The Limited does have more power, and increased overall improved stability and balance.

  • gbu

    Yesterday I changed my Ezzy SE 2008 for the new Panther LTD and I immediately tried the 4.5, incredible feeling, the sail is so light and smooth but very powerful. I have a question about 5.2, recommended mast is 400/400 but what you think about “classic” 400/430 with less extension? Thanks

    • Anonymous

      thanks for asking! Congrats on the new purchase. The 5.2 works great with the 430/400 combo too.

  • Upali

    PANTHER 2012 !!! The most powerfull & lightest sail Mr: David Ezzy ever build. Thank you SIR.

  • Thank you so much for adding these additional and useful videos.
    I have a Freeride 5 with Ezzy mast and I struggle a little bit to find the looseness in the sail but this set of videos came out really useful to me!

  • Richard Sayers

    I am waiting for the arrival of a 6.9 Panther Ltd, I want to get another couple of smaller sails for use on UK south coast,I weight about 118kg and am looking to use them with a Fanatic freewave 115 Lt. Was wondering which way to go size wise 6.9, 5.8,5.2 / 6.9, 6.0,5.2 / 6.9, 6.3,5.5 or any other combo I might be missing. Also are Panther LTD running alongside Tigers or are they superseding the Panthers if so when will the Tigers be available.
    Many thanks

    • Anonymous

      hi Richard,
      thanks for the message. Sizing is really personal…but I sure encourage people to use the biggest jumps between sizes as possible. It helps you to learn how to tune the sails, makes choosing which size to rig easier, and allows you to spend more time on each sail and get to know it better. That being said I would encourage you to consider the 6.9, 5.8, 5.0 option.

      Tigers are going to be in the collection right along side the Limited. The Limited features technora and our color-film. The Tiger is a more cost effective version of the Limited in a nutshell. Hope this helps!

      • Maurys Stuff

        Last year I bought the 2011 6.9 and 5.8. I use these, my biggest sails, mostly on flat water but love the softness of the wave line for maneuver oriented sailing. The spread is really OK but this year I am adding a 6.3 Panther or Tiger. I will reserve the 6.9 for those really light or fluky 120 Liter freeride days and use the 6.3 whenever the wind is solid enough for steady planing on my smaller 95 Liter freestyle-wave board. That should avoid the rigging dilema. If I mis-judge and rigged too small I just switch to the bigger board!
        There seems to be a big dimension jump between the 6.3 and 6.9. Am I right in thinking the 6.3 will feel a lot more like the super light 5.8? Not that the 6.9 is heavy. It feels lighter than the 6.5 SE it replaced! I love that sail!

  • Chesapeake

    I’m sure this question has been asked before: Are Ezzy sails compatible with Nolimitz masts?  Are there any considerations with Nolimitz in terms of rigging?

  • Anonymous

    thanks for the message. I’m not a big fan of the Nolimitz bends in our sails. Our mast is more closely modeled after the original Powerex bend. Nolimitz tends to prefer a stiffer tip/softer bottom then our mast.
    There are two schools of mast bend:

    1) Standard constant curve:
    – ezzy
    – powerex
    – north
    – pryde
    – simmer

    2) stiffer tip:
    – gaastra
    – maui sails
    – severne
    – nolimitz

    • William

      I rigged a 6.0 Panther 2012 on a 430 Nolimitz mast and couldn’t get downhaul dots to line up correctly.  The section between batten 1 and 2 dropped significantly but batten 2 and 3 (where the dots were located) barely had any looseness.  It looks like I’ll be shopping for a new mast.  The sail is so nice!

  • Robo

    Hi there,  this has been my first year on Ezzy’s, I tried a Wave Panther early in the year and was very impressed with the range and feel of the sail, so I bought a 6.3 ltd and have to say it has been excellent, I use it on my RRD Firemove 110 and it just flies in hardly any wind, its so light and powerful that it just takes off, can’t believe its so fast for a wave sail.  Due to the range of the sails I have now been able to drop one sail from my quiver, going from 4.7, 5.3, 5.7, and 6.5 to just 4.7, 5.5, and 6.3., less choice, more sailing. My favourite though is the 5.5 ltd in tangerine and black, it just looks awesome on and off the water. I’m now going to get me a new Cheetah, think a 7.0 will fit the bill nicely, but what colour, now that going to be tough. Keep up the good work guys, Robo in the UK

  • Pareia

    HI Mr Ezzy,

    I´m eager to use my 6.3 panther ltd. i didn´t received it yet, does it com with a adjustable head? it is already mounted?

    • Anonymous

      thanks for the message. All Ezzy’s have adjustable head caps and removable webbing pieces to allow maximum mast accommodation! Everything is ready to rig once you receive the sail for the optimum mast. hope this is good news for you!

      • Pareia

        Don´t worry i´m sure i´ll enjoy it !!! Jericoacoara here i go !!!

        • Pareia

          The sail worked great !!! really powerfull and under control on even over conditions !!!!

  • Daniel

    I’m very happy with my 2006 wave se. I have tried to tear these sails apart during 6 years of sailing, but it seems to be impossible…so I gonna change them anyway.
    This year it seems to be a big news that the sails got much lighter. My old 5,0 is 3,48 kg and the new Panther ltd 5.0 is 3,37 kg. Lighter yes, but will i notice this difference??
    As I said, I realy likes my old sails and I’m just curious how Panther/Tiger would feel compared to my old darlings. Please tell me..

    • Anonymous

      great question Daniel! The ’06 SE was a great design…in many ways the peak of our “SE” years. We moved to a much different design in ’07 and have spent the last several years tweaking the design for ultimate performance. I can honestly say you WILL feel a weight difference. The head of the newer sails is substantially lighter on a scale and more importantly in your hands. With that weight savings being so far away from you, the swing weight of the rig is quite substantial. I also think you will notice major improvements in overall sailing and tuning range. The new sails are nicer…just a marketing gimmick, but a reality. Perhaps you can demo one from your local shop?

      • Daniel

        Thank you. I’m sure you’re right. /Daniel

  • Ask

    Hi, I have some nice ezzy SE 2005 sails, but I would like to change them for the new Panther Ltd’s but I wonder about the size combination.
    Now I have the 5,8  5,2  4,7  and 4,0.

    Would you recomend the same combination with the Panter Ltd ?

    • Anonymous

      thanks for the message! My philosophy with sail sizes is as follows. One major improvement in sail design over the years is sail range. Take advantage of this, and push the jump between sail sizes. You will find that you can get away with less sails, spend more time on each sail, and get to know each individual sail better. Most sailors have a key size they build their quiver around. You might find for example that the 5.2 or 5.8 is a size you rig the most. I would build around your “key size” that is most comfortable for you and your existing mast and board.
      An example of a quiver I might suggest for you would be 5.8, 5.0, 4.2….or 6.0, 5.2, 4.5, 3.7.

      • William

        This answered my question.  I just picked up a 6.0 Ezzy Panther as my primary sail and looking for a smaller size. 5.2 or 5.0.  I primarily sail a SUP and it doesn’t take much to get a big board going.  The new sail looks so nice, I’m going to need to get a new board to match it.  Great colors! 

  • dimitar

    Hallo,my name is Dimitar and I’m from Bulgaria.
    I’m thinking to buy  Wave Panther 3 or Limited/ first time Ezzy sails buyer/ and I have some questoins about.So I need to now,do that sail is power wave?I’m asking because in our country the wind are not steady,quite gusty and we need every HP of our sail.
    I’m using 105L and 85L boards,weight 80 kg and I’m wondering between size 5.0 and 5.2.My other sails are 6.1 and 4.2.Could you give me some help?

    • Anonymous

      hi Dimitar,
      Great to hear from you. If there is one thing Ezzy’s are known for (besides incredible construction) it is ample low end power. Ezzy’s are great sails with range. I would suggest if you wanted to fill the gap between your 6.1 and 4.2 with just one sail, I would suggest a 5.0.

      • Dimitar

        What is the diference between Wave Panther and Wave Tiger/except weight/?
        I have mast Arrows Ultimate move 400 75% SDM.Is it ok?

        • Anonymous

          thanks for the message Dimitar. Are you referring to the Panther Limited, or a different year? The Panther Limited and the Tiger are very very close. The differences really are cosmetic and the slight variation of materials (Limited has colorfilm and technora, Tiger has white trilite and xfilm). The Arrows masts should work okay in our sails.

  • Juan Ignacio

     I am planning to buy my third Ezzy sail to complete my quiver, a 4.5 Panther 2012 LTD in this case. I would like to know if it will work well on a new 400cm Powerex 85% rdm mast.
    Also I have the following quesion: my largest sail is an Ezzy 2008 6.3 SE and my middle sail is an Ezzy 2010 Wave Panther 5.2. How would a new 6.0 work in replacement of the 6.3 in terms of power? I would like to reduce weight and boom/extension length without loosing power.

    • Anonymous

      thanks for the inquiry Juan. The 4.5 does work quite well on a 400cm mast. It also works great on a 400 tip/370 combo should you ever consider getting a shorter bottom Ezzy mast.
      The Powerex bend is great however.

      A 6.0 would work nicely in terms of scaling against a 5.2/4.5 quiver. I feel confident that the Panther Limited 6.0 will cover the wind range of the ’08 6.3 if you are mindful of tuning. You should find the 6.0 to be a nice replacement!

  • ezzysails

    thanks for the message. I agree with you that there is a big difference in feel between the 6.3 and 6.9. The 6.3 rigs on a 430 now. The 6.9 needs the 460.

    There is big differences between some sizes of sails in the scaling. The 6.3 and 5.8 probably do feel more similar than the 6.9 to 6.9.

  • Wojtek

    Hi, I am an intermediate with 80 kg of weight using mostly Gaastra matrix 8.O. currently I’am looking for an Ezzy sail 6,0 -6.5 size for stronger conditions. What would be better to choose? Panther 6,3 Cheetah 6,5 or panther/cheetah 6,0? 

    • ezzysails

      thanks for the message Wojtek. I would suggest a 6.5 Cheetah for you. I think the scaling between an 8.0 and 6.5 is a nice spacing. It should be fairly easy for you to decide which sail to rig when you look out at the water. The 6.5 will allow you to then go down to perhaps a 5.2 for your next smallest sail. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Wojtek

    Thank you for the answer. But there is one thing I would like to know: why would you recomend the Cheetah? I have to admit the Panther is the one that I like the most  (in terrms of appearance, of course). I know that the cheetah is recomended for flat water sailing but as far as I know the Panther works as a freeride sail also. Can you explain it to me?

    • ezzysails

      the Panther is a great freeride sail, but the Cheetah has a fuller and more powerful and stable profile. You will notice the Cheetah has more battens, and two battens for power and shape below the boom

  • Jan_absolon

    just both the patther limted.
    ime the hero off the beach here in belgium.
    tis is the best and most beautiful sail i ever have .
    thanks mister ezzy
    grts jan

  • Burste25

    How do Ezzy Sails rig and perform with Fiberspar QT4800 430 cm masts, either looking at the Panther Ltd 6.3 m2 or Cheetah 6.5m2. I have found that the Fiberspar mast does not perform too well at all with sails cut with Constant Curve masts that are more oriented towards Flex Top curves (rather than Hard Top). That may not be the primary mast I use (Powerex RDM 90% carbon) and it would be for Freeride andBump and Jump use, no Wave action.

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the inquiry. Ezzy’s work great on Fiberspar bends. The key is getting the right length mast and tuning to specifications. our masts tend to have softer tips than many other sails, but we like to rig the shortest mast possible in many cases to get the proper set up. Does this help?

      • Burste25

        Thanks for the quick answer. If I look at 458 cms for the 6.3 m2 sail, then the 430 should be ideal as it will be extended and as such be “softer”. It will be an option that I can strongly consider while keeping this mast, as well as the Cheetah which uses the same exact luff lenght.

        • ezzysails

          yes, you have it right. The 430 is the ticket!

  • israeli wave ride

    I intend to order the 5.2 and like to add another smaller sail.what do you think is better to a wide range of winds 4.5 or 4.7?

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the question. Many people like to select 4.2, 4.7, 5.2, etc…but I feel like one thing that has improved with sail design over the years is range. I’d suggest you consider a 4.5.

  • EIJI

    In crowdedI’m Japanese, male, 42 years old, is 69 kilograms.Using the current Gasutora 2008.5.8WAVE 2005 3.7 4.2 4.7 5.3.2005 3.7 4.2 4.7 5.3 Gasutora use. We are planning changes to the PantherLTD the change.Possible? ① 5.0 4.0 cover new plan?About the old days, the situation can not go to sea.

    • ezzysails

      thank you for reaching out Eiji. I think you should consider a 5.0/4.2/3.7. This three sail quiver will give you a very big wind range. Hope this helps!

  • Wilanz

    I’d like to get a 5.2 -2012 Panther. Already have a 6.0 and loving it.

    What is the range of the adjustable head strap? I noticed with the 6.0 it comes with a short and a long strap. The long one measures 50cm.

    I’m trying to have both the 5.2 and 6.0 rig with the same mast and extension.

    West Palm Beach, FL

    • ezzysails

      thanks for the message William. We try to package masts out of the factory with a headstrap that works for the optimum masts. There are also additional pieces of webbing strap included in the sail bag pouch (located where we print the size of the sail on the bag). I also have extra head straps if you need one.

      The key here I feel is to try and rig both your 5.2 and 6.0 on a 430. If you are trying to rig both on a 460, then you will find the 5.2 isn’t going to set up and perform up to our expectations. Try to get them both going on a 430, and you should be delighted!

  • Martin

    Best sails ever – thank you Ezzy for your commitment. Changed from wave 2000 (yes 12 y.o.!) to Panther ltd.

  • MF

    I have read a couple of things about 4 batten sails! They are probably wrong but keen to see your view!

    1) they are more suited to the lighter sailors & smaller sizes.  I am about 90 kg, and do sail the 5.7/5.8 size regularly.
    2) some 4 batten sails offer more power than the 5 batten so you can get up and going sooner or select a size smaller than you normally would.  My spread is usually the 4.0, 4.7, 5.3, 5.7 with 5.3 being the most commonly used sail. Would you still stick to the usual sizes on the new Panther (I did read your advice about the increased range so I could probably drop a sail too…)

    • ezzysails

      thanks very much for the comments on the new up and coming 4 battens. We are really excited about it.
      The Elite is designed for all sailor sizes, not just lighter sailors.

      Initial feedback is that the Elite can be tuned to have the same or more power than the 5 batten ’12 wave sails. You might consider a 5.3, 4.7, 4.0, as I think 5.3 to 4.5 might be just a touch too big a jump depending upon your local conditions.
      Hope this helps!

  • Federico

    Hi, I bought a panther limited 5.5 and I’d like to use this king of mast: Challenger FSW99 400 IMCS 19 (99% carbon)
    Can I use it?

    • ezzysails

      thanks for the message. The ideal mast for the 5.5 is our Ezzy 430 tip/400 bottom combo, which would give you a 415cm mast. A 400cm mast is a little short and soft. It will work, but it isn’t the ideal set up.

      • Federico

        I used my new panther limited 5.5 for the first time today…it’s amazing…it’s handy like a sail 4.0…I’m in love.

  • Craigo


    would you recommend using the elites for someone around 95kg who normally sails with sails 1/2 m2 bigger then most other people on the water. Can you rig the 4.7 elite on a 400 mast or will it effect it to much?



  • wintersailing

    want to add a bigger sail to my quiver, choosing between 6.3 panther and 6.5 freeride or cheetah. currently have ezzy se 4.0,4.5, 5.0 and panther 5.5. The 6.3 panter would let me use my existing boom and would be lighter, but would the extra power of the freeride or cheetah be worth the cost of a bigger boom?. Riding in bump and jump conditions, would go with my 93 litre jp board. Any comments?

    • ezzysails

      thanks for reaching out. I do believe the 6.5 Cheetah would deliver more power than a 6.3 and would also sail differently. The principal difference between the 6.3 Panther or Tiger and a 6.5 Cheetah is that second batten below the boom. The Cheetah is going to deliver more low end power and sail with more overall power and pull than the wavier cut Panther or Tiger. That being said the 6.3 does pull nicely and if you are into wave slashing or tricks in anyway you might find the 6.3 offers some lightness and freedom to help!

  • JTomo

    Ive just brought a set of panther ltds (4,2 4,7 and 5,5) what would be the best wind range for each one as its forecast to pick up to 25 knots do I use the 4.7 with less down and out hall or use the 5.5 with more down and out hall Thanks

    • ezzysails

      thanks for the message. Though call. I think sail size is very personal and it depends upon your weight, your board and fin, and your skill. If you are tentative and unsure, I suggest the 4.7 to begin.

      • JTomo

        thanks cant wait to use them

  • John

    I’ve got a 6.3 Panther Ltd, 5.5 Wave SE, 4.7 Panther 2 and a 4.2 Panther 3. I use th 6.3 and 5.5 om my 110 ltr board and the 5.5 – 4.2 on the 80 ltr board. Now I want to replace the 5.5 and don’t know what to do. I’ve got an offer for a 5.2 Panther Ltd or get a new Panther Elite 5.7 of 5.3 or the Lion 5.5. I sail in small to moderate waves. Is the gap 6.3 – 5.2 too large and 5.2 – 4.7 too small? And what about the new Elites? Can you help me making a choice?

  • ezzysails

    hi John,
    thanks for reaching out. I would recommend the 5.3 Elite to replace your 5.5 SE. The scaling from 6.3 to 5.3 is a larger gap, but you can really flatten the 6.3 out to manage the over powered conditions. I’m sure you know it is a pretty rangy sail already. The 5.3 Elite is going to have similar range to your 5.5 SE without a doubt!

    We are going to put the Elite info up on our web page very shortly and you will see some great testimonial we have been gathering. Also, your importer in the Netherlands can help you possibly by letting you try one.

    Hope this helps!

    • John

      Indeed the 6.3 has a stunning range. Thanks fot the information. I’ll wait for the Elite.
      I made a mistake it was not the Lion 5.5 but the Tiger 5.5.

  • Giovanni Tedeschini

    I am looking for the best largest sail for my new Quatro Quad 85 Lt. I don’t have bigger boards than that.I have Panther III in 4,2 and 4,7 then as biggest sail an old Arrows Impact 5,3. I weight 157 pounds (71 kg). I tried bigger sails and I cannot decide if I want anything bigger then my 5,3 … I am looking for early planing.

    What would it be the wisest choice between a new Panther 5,3 or 5,5 or 5,7 in order to cover the light wind conditions?

    Thank you for your attention,


  • ezzysails

    thank you for the message Giovanni. Great question.
    First, I suggest you consider putting a bigger fin on your 85 l board. You will get more lift and range from that board if you have a larger fin.
    I’ve seen people use 5.8 Tigers on 84 l boards, but it does take a bit of skill. I’m sure a 5.2 Tiger or 5.3 Elite would feel great.
    I would suggest you play around with different fins using your current 5.3 one or two times and see how that changes things.

  • Fergus

    I have a Panther Ltd 5.2, Panther 2 6.3 and Freeride 7.0. I have just sold y old 5.7 and want something to replace it. I am thinking either a Panther Ltd 5.8 and keep the 6.3, or a Panther Ltd 6.0 and get rid of the 6.3. What would you suggest? Thanks

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the message Fergus. Good question. It would really depend upon your local conditions and what boards you might have. I am a big fan of larger jumps between sizes. It is nice to have less gear. It also makes it easier to choose what to rig! An added benefit is that you spend more time on the fewer sails and really get to know how to rig and tune them. That being said I might suggest you go from 5.2 to 6.0, then straight to the 7.0 as you mention. You might have a difficult time finding the 6.0 Limited. Instead, you might hold out for a ’13 Wave Tiger…they are going to look really beautiful.
      Hope this helps.

  • Ralf

    Hi Ezzy-Team.

    I am a former Ezzy customer back in the late ’90 when Ezzy Direct Sails was entering here in Germany.
    I was very satisfied with the sails that time and used them for almost 4 years and then went back to the NP Combat that I drive until today.
    Now, I think about giving Ezzy a try again.

    So, my question is concerning the range to choose for a resonable equipment with as less sail as possible to cover all my wind range.

    My weight is around 91 kg with a height of 189 cm,
    My Board is a Quatro KT Custom Quad with 85 L.
    My main-spots are Capetown (mostly Sunset for Waveride, Big Bay and Melkbos for Jumping) and Gran Canaria (Pozo & Vargas).
    My current NP-Combat-range for Capetown and Pozo is 3.7 / 4.0 / 4.5 / 5.0, with a Windrange mostly from 5 to 10 Bft.
    My most used sails in Capetown are the 4.5 and 5.0, in Pozo (summer time) the 3.7 / 4.0 / 4.5.

    I use Maverx LTD 1000 masts with 370 and 400 cm and an AL360 140-190cm boom

    I am interested in a set of the 2012 Panther LTD and, because I have to fly to my favorite spots, I would beg for an advice what sizes to choose for a best coverage of my conditions and, if possible, only 3 sail sizes as I always have to fly to my destinations and therefore am limited in the weight of my stuff.



    • ezzysails

      thank you so much for the questions! Because of the many issues in your message, I think I will send you a personal reply so that I can more clearly address every point. Please check your messages for a reply.

  • dbrauer

    Which is the best mast option for a Panther Limited 5.8, an Ezzy rdm 4.00+45 cm extension, an Gaastra100rdm 4.30 or an North Gold 75 sdm 4.30 ?

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the message.
      I would rank them this way:
      1. North gold 4.3
      2. Ezzy RDM 400+45
      3. Gaastra 4.3

      Gaastra bends are a little too stiff in the top and soft in the bottom to David’s taste.

      Another great option would be for you to purchase just an Ezzy 460 tip. Combined with your Ezzy 400 bottom, this would get you a fantastic 430cm length mast. Hope this is helpful.

  • diego brauer

    Which mast works better with an Ezzy Phanter 5.8, an Ezzy rdm 4.00+45 cm ext., an Gaastra rdm100 4.30, or an North Gold 75 sdm.

    • ezzysails

      hello Diego,
      We’ve answered this question for you now a few times. Have you not been receiving our email back?
      The Gaastra bends aren’t the best for our sails. They prefer a stiffer tip/softer bottom than we like. North masts are pretty goof. Best option would be to get a 460 Ezzy tip and use the 400 bottom you already have.

  • Christos

    I have three Panthers Ltd (5.8, 5 and 4.2). Great sails and would like to obtain an additional 3.7 for stronger wind.

    My smallest mast is an Ezzy 370. Would that be a good enough match for the 3.7 or should I invest in a 340 base piece as suggested in the sail’s specs?

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the message Christos. Where do you live? There are a few Panther Limited 3.7’s in the US market available and I could point you towards a dealer that can give you an excellent price. An Ezzy 370cm mast is a very good choice for the 3.7. If possible, I’d like to convince you to pick up just a 340cm bottom section to use with your 370 tip. That would give the rig just a little bit nicer performance.

      • Christos

        Thanks for the prompt reply. I leave in Europe and have found a good price on a 3.7 Ltd. I understand how important a mast is on the performance of the sail so I will try to also purchase a 340 bottom section.

  • Just back form an all morning session on new Panther LTD 5.0… amazing. Sold on my 2008 wave se’s and wasn’t expecting how much better this sail is!!! Thanks Dave awesome. Felling a big smug at having swapped my whole 2008 quiver for a bunch of lions, cheetahs and panthers if they are all as good as the Panther 5.0 ( and i think they just might be) I’m one very happy man 🙂

    Dave thanks for the no bullshit, bombproof approach. If only more kit was like this!

  • Klemen Gerbec

    As much as I am very satisfied with my brand new Panther Limited and it is by far the best sail i have ever had, I was quite dissapointed when it broke already the third time on the water. One fall on the sail with harnes and it got two holes in the logo area.

    • ezzysails

      Thank you for reaching out to our forum Klemen. I’m sorry to hear you are having problems with your sail.
      We’re here to help. Have you contacted anyone about these problems? Where did you purchase the sail? Can you supply photos?

      I await your reply.

      • Klemen Gerbec

        Thank you very much for your answer!

        I have bought my sail in Slovenia, in the shop Funsports in Ljubljana ( I havent contacted anyone about that, and i can provide pictures – but the sail is taped with ducttape, to prevent braking more. Should I take it of for photographing or i can leave it on and send you pictures of taped sail?

        thanks for your answer, Klemen

        • ezzysails

          lets start with a photograph of the sail with the tape on there. Do not remove the tape.
          Please email to [email protected] Regards, Tim

  • Jan Chadaj

    I’m a recent convert to Ezzy as I inadvertently bought a ’12 Panther Ltd 5.8 and ditched my Severne Gators as a result. I now have 4.7, 5.2 2010, 6.9 2009 panthers and 6.3 Tiger. I sail with my 15 year old son who is 70kg and I am 98kg which puts us on different sizes which is great. I have 2 430 masts a Severne blue and YES 100% RDM. I like to have a 3rd sail rigged and thus need ideally a 3rd 430. My cheapest option is to pick up another YES 100%rdm. Would I see a benefit of switching to the Ezzy masts? In th UK they are more than double the YES. I note no real difference between the YES and the Severne masts in use, as our conditions vary so much and I’m too busy sailing to try a back to back! FYI I also have Cheatahs 2012 7.5 and 2013 6.5 now! Maybe time to replace my North S-type 8.4? 🙂

    • ezzysails

      thank you for reaching out Jan! Ezzy mast bend curves are tip: 75% to 79% and base: 62% to 65%. I’m not 100% familiar with the YES brand percent bend curve. If they are within these tolerances, then the YES mast would be a good option. The nice thing about sticking with Ezzy Masts is that you can mix and match different length tip and bottoms together to economize your mast needs. You can configure your quivers using this handy application:

      Hope this is helpful!

      • Jan Chadaj

        Many thanks for the fast reply.
        I’ve tried your mast configurator and its great except I managed to get it to give an error if I added all of my sails! Looks like a memory error. 7 sails breaks it.
        My need is being able to rig three sails at once rather than minimal masts as I hate wasting sailing time re rigging! 🙂
        By the way – love the Wave sails as they have improved my sailing by giving me control and confidence. The Cheetahs are also great as they are so easy to blast with. Finally – love the rigging guides on the sails as it makes it so easy to set them.

        • ezzysails

          hi Jan,
          I just tried it with 7 sails, and it worked for me. Perhaps try again? You might want to use a different browser?

  • Mark

    I have a Wave Panther 2, 5.8 m. I can purchase a 2012 wave panther in 5.0 or 5.2 size. Which do you recommend as the best spacing?

    • ezzysails

      great question. I’m a fan of having bigger jumps between sail sizes. I’d go with the 5.0 personally.

  • Sammy

    I am in the process of choosing my ideal sail quiver and would like your guidance.

    My weight is 72kg (without wetsuit and kit) and I sail flat water on a Tabou Rocket 135L and Goya One Pro 116L in 13 to 21 knot winds.

    I currently use two sails: Goya Nexus 6.4m and Severne Convert 5.4m which I am replacing with Ezzy sails. ATM I avoid 22+ knot winds as I find that I am waaay overpowered!

    I have already purchased an Ezzy Legacy 7.5m and an Ezzy Panther Limited 5.8m recently from my local shop and would like to buy an Ezzy Panther Limited 4.7m for high winds (22+ knot). This would leave me with a three sail quiver run on Unifiber 460 and 430 Constant Curve masts. Any thoughts on the choice of the third sail and sail spacing? Many Thanks.

    • ezzysails

      thank you for reaching out Sammy. In the future you can also reach us direct at [email protected] or at [email protected] as well. I think scaling from your 5.8 down to a 4.7 is perhaps just a little too big of a jump. It all depends upon your local conditions and skill as well, but I think going to a 5.0 might be more comfortable. The 5.0 works best on a 400cm mast, and will have more overall range and power if it is rigged on an ideal mast. I believe the Unifiber masts work great with our sails, but you might think about a shorter (400cm) to rig up your 5.0 or 4.7. I hope this is helpful!

  • Erwan Couëdelo

    I’ve just bought a 2012 Panther Limited 5.0.
    Do you reckon that the Ezzy mast 430 that I’m already using for my Legacy 5.8 and for my Cheetah 6.5 would also work (well) for my Panther 5.0?
    Thanx for your reply.

    • ezzysails

      hello Erwan,
      the 430 length mast is okay in the 5.0 Panther Limited. We would really encourage you to try it out sometime with a 400 Ezzy mast, as you will find the sail rigs with less downhaul tension and feels better.

  • Sergio

    Hi guys,
    i own a Panther LTD 5.2 which I love. Cause of the use some panels with Spectra® X-Film are worn out. I would like to change those however I cant get the same film here in Spain. Do u know of somebody here in Spain that would sell me some of it to replace them ???
    An answer would be much appreciated. Tx !

    • ezzysails

      It might be a good idea to email pictures of your sail to David ([email protected]). He can comment on if it is good to repair, or perhaps replace the whole sale.
      You can try our importer in Spain for materials too:
      San Sebastian,2011380-Tarifa-Cádiz
      C.I.F. B-11792744
      Phone: 00 34- 956 68 11 88
      Email: [email protected]

  • Hal

    Hit there,

    Just bought one of these second hand, can’t wait to try out.

    It’s 4.0, to go with my 4.7, 5.2 and 5.8 wave panthers. Will it work ok with a 400 rdm mast?


    • ezzysails

      congrats on the purchase Hal. The way we see it, your sails are like beautiful little sports cars. The mast is like a good set of tires. You can certainly make things work with marginal tires, but you greatly limit the sail range if you make big compromises with the masts.

      Here is the recommended specs for the Panthers:

      If you are using the Ezzy mast system, you could pick up some Legacy (60% carbon) RDM mast pieces to really improve the range and performance of all of your sails.

      4.0 – recommended 370 tip/370 bottom
      4.7 – 400 tip/400 bottom
      5.2 – 400 tip/400 bottom
      5.8 – 430 tip/430 bottom

      I would encourage you to pick up a 370 Legacy mast, and a 430 Legacy mast if you really want to make the sails shine.