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ezzy_lion_logo Inspired by 8-time world champion Kevin Pritchard, the Lion is the new king of cambered freeride sails.
It’s a predator that is bred to hunt down other sailors and devour them.

The Lion is fast flying over the water, and fast to get on the water--easy to rig with Ezzy cams.

The Lion is also easy to waterstart and uphaul with a narrow mast sleeve that doesn’t hold excessive heavy water. With a wide wind range, you need fewer sails, meaning less time deciding what to rig.

The Ezzy Lion is light, making jibes snappier and more consistent. Unparalleled Ezzy build standards guarantee the Lion is strong, using the latest high-tech fabrics (like Technora, Spectra, and Color-Fusion Trilite). Without a single speck of monofilm, the Lion has the same Ezzy construction developed to survive years of use and abuse.

And of course, like every Ezzy, each Lion is rigged and tuned in the factory so that it is ready for you right out of the bag.

Sail longer, stronger, faster, and more competitively with the new Ezzy Lion.

A portion of every sail we sell goes to help schools in Sri Lanka.
Click on the image to read more about the Ezzy Foundation!

Lion Rigging Video
Action Video


2013 Lion Luff Luff Boom Boom No. of No. of Ezzy Mast Base Weight
Size (sq.m.) Min Max Min Max Battens Cams . Extension Kgs
6.0 446 448 185 190 7.0 2.0 430/25/21 18 cm 4.34
6.5 456 458 194 199 7.0 2.0 430/25/21 28 cm 4.55
7.5 479 481 209 214 7.0 2.0 460/25/25 21 cm 4.93
8.5 504 506 223 228 7.0 2.0 490/26/29 16 cm 5.29
9.5 515 517 241 247 7.0 2.0 490/26/29 27 cm 5.65

The Ezzy Lion Cam Info

The Lion’s removable and user-friendly cam system fits any mast made within the past 15 years, including RDM masts.


Instructions For Custom Fitting Ezzy Cams To Your Mast

The Ezzy Cam System will fit any mast. Before rigging for the first time, follow steps 1 through 6 to learn how to find the correct cam and cam pocket for your mast.

**Note to Ezzy Skinny Mast owners: You do not need to measure your mast diameter. We have listed the correct Cam and Cam Pocket combinations in the chart at the bottom of this page.


Red plastic camber inducers, which sit inside the luff sleeve, behind your mast. The cams come in three sizes which are marked: "Standard", "Medium" and "Skinny".

(click to enlarge image)
Cam Pocket:

A spacer made of sailcloth. The arms of the cam fit into the cam pocket. There are 9 different sizes of cam pockets, marked "A" to "I". Having the correct length cam pocket allows you to set the right amount of sleeve tension for the sail at the cam. If the mast sleeve at the cam is too loose you would change to a shorter cam pocket. If the mast sleeve is too tight you use a longer cam pocket (see the bottom two diagrams on the back page).

(click to enlarge image)

Note: In addition to the cams and cam pockets that are in your sail, you will find an assortment of cams, cam pockets and a measuring ruler in the velcro pouch of your sail bag.

Step 1.

Lay your sail on the ground and open the velcro slots that are located in the sleeve at each cam. Notice how the arms of the cam and the cam pocket go on either side of the batten stopper (this will be important to know when it comes time to reinsert the cams back into the sail).

Remove BOTH cams AND cam pockets from the sail.

Step 2.

To find where your cams will sit on your mast: check the luff length that is printed on the foot of your sail.

Adjust your base extension to this amount.

Then, line up your mast beside the luff sleeve.

With your extension inserted into the mast, make sure the cleat is even with the bottom of the sail.

Step 3.

Use the included ruler to measure your mast's circumference at both cam locations.

Step 4.

Refer to the charts below and locate your circumference measurement. Read the letter below the number. This letter is the cam pocket you require. The correct cam is listed on the right-hand column on the same row as the cam pocket letter. Example: If the mast circumference at your upper cam position is 14.0, you would look at the chart labeled "UPPER CAM" and find "14" along the top of the chart, then under the 14, the chart indicates you would use pocket "F" and looking all the way to the right we see the cam marked "MEDIUM". If the circumference at the lower cam measures 16.5, you would refer to the chart labeled "LOWER CAM" use pocket "D" and the cam marked "STANDARD".

Step 5.

Once the correct cam pocket is found, insert the cam arms into each side of the cam pocket.

Step 6.

Insert the cam and cam pocket into the sail by holding the guide flaps and sliding the cam arm into the openings on either side of the batten stopper.

Push the cam all the way until it is fully seated in the sail.
Your cams are now set and you are ready to rig your sail. Note: If you ever get a new mast with a different diameter, you will need to follow the above instructions again in order to fit the cams properly.

How to tell if your cam pockets are the correct length:

**For more information email us at [email protected].


  1. Adjusting the Cams to the Mast

  2. Snapping the Cams onto the Mast

  3. Setting the Downhaul

  4. Setting the Outhaul

  5. Tensioning the Battens

  6. De-Rigging the Lion

Note on Ezzy Masts

Ezzy Sails work great with the Ezzy Mast system, but also work with a variety of other brand masts (RDM and regular diameter). You could contact your mast maker and see if the bend of your non-Ezzy mast is compliant.

Ezzy mast bend curves are tip: 75% to 79% and base: 62% to 65%

Note: this is not carbon content. This is percentage bend relative to the midpoint bend.

For further info on Ezzy Mast sizing, please refer to our Mast Configurator Tool

Our removable, 316 stainless steel tack pulley can be replaced with our 316 stainless D-ring for those who prefer a grommet with a pulley hook.

  • Every Ezzy Lion is rigged and fine tuned in our factory before shipping.
  • At Ezzy we offer unmatched customer service. Email us at [email protected] and you will get a personal response within 12 hours.

Ezzy Lion Testimonials

"This was the first outing for the 8.5 Lion. Conditions were perfect - wind was NE around 18knots, sea state slightly choppy and best of all...the sun was out. I was sailing a JP Super Sport 74 and the combo was flying.

I have to honestly say - this sail rocks. It is very tune-able, light downhaul / outhaul giving loads of power. As the wind picked up, some tweaking of the downhaul to the strong wind marks, really "freed" the sail up. I couldn't find the top end - it was the sea state that slowed me down! The Lion is also very very stable - no sign of getting back handed as the wind picked up.

This is such a contrast to the old NP slalom 8.4 I had - 4 cams, heavy and very back handed (a real pig!). The Lion definitely made me sail faster!

Well done to the Ezzy Team for designing such a fantastic sail! "


  • Bullitt

    Hi Guys

    What sail size should i pick to be sure to plane by 10 kt average (i.e. 8/12 kts range) and still ok with 14kts gust? 9.5 or 8.5?

    The weight 150 lbs
    The board: Starboard Ultrasonic or JP Superlightwind
    The spot: lake michigan, choppy condition
    Thanks for your help.

    • ezzysails

      thanks for the message! I would suggest our 9.5 Lion for the best power. It would truly depend upon the mast and boom constraints you might have.

      • Bullitt

        Thanks for the answer. No boom or mast constraints. I want to reduce the weigth as much as possible while being comfortable is the lull and not overwhelmed in the gust.

        • ezzysails

          I would certainly go with the 9.5 Lion with an Ezzy 490cm RDM mast (or other brand high carbon content 490cm if that is hard to find)!

          • Wojtek

            Please let me add something to the above: Is SDM better the RDM for such a big size like 9,5?

          • ezzysails

            there are some SDM 490s that are lighter and have higher carbon content than our RDM. They can provide some performance advantages. I still love the convenience of RDM masts and the mix and match capability is most certainly a valuable added feature.

  • Hi,

    Would a Neil Pryde X65 SDM 490 mast (65% carbon) be suited to the new Lion 9.5?

    Also I’m looking to use this sail on my Kona One longboard (220 litre), is the Lion a good sail choice for this board.

    Thanks for your help.

    • ezzysails

      thanks for the question Peter! The Pryde 490cm mast will have the right bend for the 9.5 My only issue with the X65 is that it is heavy. If you can live with the weight, you will be totally fine!

  • dododuzzi

    i am 1-2 years away from having to get a new “freerace” 6.5/6.6 sail and
    the Lion is an obvious contender. Just curious: are you considering
    following the by now pretty universal,trend toward cut-outs at the
    boom? I know very little if anything about sail making but cut outs do seem to make for a …
    shorter boom that is always welcome …

    • ezzysails

      thanks for the question.
      David has checked out the latest craze in cutting out the clew, but his testing shows the trend doesn’t improve sail performance one bit. It is actually a very old idea and never really provided any performance enhancement except for the fact that you could use a shorter boom. The boom length has shortened a bit over the last few years on all of our sails in a more natural and balance design capacity. hope this helps.

  • greg


    I am about to replace NS warp III 6.8 with Lion but I am not sure about the size. 6.5 or 7.5? Ideally I would go for 7,0 (e.g. Infinity 7,0).
    Would 7.5 fit on 103 Lt. slalom/freerace board or is it better to err on smaller size? With 7.5 I am concerned about the weight & boom length.
    Could you please advise the 6.5 vs 7,0 Infinity low end power.

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the message Greg. Where do you live? i think the best way to make the decision is to inspect what masts you either have now or are prepared to invest in. The 6.5 rigs up great on a 430, and the 7.5 really calls for a 460. What length and brand mast do you intend to use on this sail? Where do you live?

      • greg

        The mast will be by all means Ezzy RDM (e.g. 460). Location Europe
        (Mediterranean). The concern is partly with low end since this is where
        6,8 does not shine (but I like the 200 cm boom) & if it fits to my
        103 lt board (ahd gt special 62, 2004, I have 165 lbs). I need something
        to get me through gusts in 4 to 5+ conditions, from there on I usually
        switch to ezzy wave panthers. I am not very inclined to very big sails, but then again I do want to end up with wrong size. As I said, ideally I would pick 7.0 no questions asked. The idea is to leave off straight race sails but not to sacrifice speed too much.
        I hope this helps. Thanks.

        • ezzysails

          hi Greg,
          I think the 7.5 will work great for you. One nice thing is that you will find the overall range (especially when over powered) is incredible! I am confident you will love it!

          • greg

            So 6,5 is going to be too small and no improvement vs warp 6,8?

          • ezzysails

            hi Greg,
            I guess I’m not exactly following you. It is hard sometimes to follow questions on this forum because of the way the formating works. Please either email direct at [email protected] or [email protected] and we can really focus on your questions, okay?

  • Arnold

    I have the full range of Lions and fortunately have kept my 7m Infinity which is still my most used sail.
    I think the gap between the 6.5 and 7.5 Lion is too big, it maybe OK in theory, but when you get those gusty 12 to 22kn days with big chop I can’t handle the 7.5 and end up bogging in the lulls with the 6.5 while all my mates are using 7m race sails my AGING 7m Infinity is perfect for me and just as quick as their fancy cumbersome racesails

    • todd

      I reckon there needs to be a 7.0 Lion too.

      7.0 is, without a doubt, my personally preferred size for freeriding. It’s big enough to power up in the light but small enough to be still be quite nimble, maneuverable and throwaroundable.

      I find that 7.5 and above are perfect for freerace blasting, but that’s about it.

      6.5 leaves me wanting for a bit more power, especially on gusty inconsistent days.
      I like that little bit extra stability and glide through the lulls that cams provide so would not go camberless.
      I’m super impressed by your brand by the way! I really appreciate the transparency and honesty in your operation. I’ll be upgrading my quiver over the next year and Ezzy Sails is definitely in my top three.

    • guest

      Hi guys, to make a long story short … I also had the same feelings about necessity to have 7.0 (since my old saol was 7.0), but now, since I have 7.5, believe me, no need at all! Great low and high end. Glad that I was “forced” to take 7.5.

      • ezzysails

        the 7.5 is awesome, and should easily be able to sail with the high wind range of your older 7.0!

  • Michael Marzolf

    Quick question — I am considering the following SDM masts for a Lion 9.5 and need some advice

    1) NP X100 490 —

    2) Sailworks Lightstick 490 —

    3) Any other mast recommendations?

    I am wondering which is best for bend geometry, durability

    I am 180lbs, and it will be on a Futura 131

    Thanks very much!


    • ezzysails

      thanks for the message Michael! I’d love to see you consider our Ezzy 490cm mast. I think the NP mast would be a good second choice. The Sailworks mast isn’t a great option. David feels the Sailworks masts have too stiff a top and too soft a bottom to really bring out the best in our sails. Let me know if you have other questions!

  • Martin

    I am looking to buy the 2013 Lion 9.5 and 8.5 sails. I currently own a Maui Sails SRS 100 490cm mast. Will this mast be ok with the sails?
    Thanks Martin

    • ezzysails

      Thank you for the message Martin.
      Ezzy mast bend curves are tip: 75% to 79% and base: 62% to 65%. I believe Maui Sails masts have a bit stiffer tip and softer bottom than what we prefer. You might check with Maui Sails and see what their bends are for your SRS mast.
      I’m sure the Lions would “work” on the Maui Sails mast, but I’m just not sure if you’d enjoy 100% of the performance we intend. Hope this is helpful!

      • Martin

        Thanks for the quick reply. I think I am going to go with the Ezzy mast for the lions. Will be the best match.

  • Martin

    I am looking to purchase the 7.5 Lion. I have a SDM Simmer SC-8 460cm mast 25/25. Would this mast be adequate for the sail.

    • ezzysails

      thank you for asking Martin.
      Our desired bend characteristics for Ezzy Sails are
      tip: 75% to 79% and base: 62% to 65%. I am not aware of the Simmer bend characteristics, but you might reach out to them and ask.

      Hope this is helpful.

  • Mike Summers

    I agree with Arnold, I too wanted a 7.0 Lion, instead I have had to order a 7.0 Cheetah, I hope it doesn`t disappoint !

  • Chris Schillinger

    Any plans for a 10.5 on a 520 mast? I’m big on light wind!

    • ezzysails

      afraid we don’t have any immediate plans to bring the 10.5 back.

  • Chris Schillinger

    I’ve been rigging with an adjustable outhaul on my 9.5 Infinity… any thoughts on using the upper or lower clew hole?

    • ezzysails

      hi Chris,
      thanks for asking. I’d suggest shooting this question directly to David at [email protected]


  • Uroš Ocepek

    On Wednesday was a big day…..I bought a New sail….I mean, I usually buy them second hand, but now it was different…I bought a new one….and it is Ezzy Lion 2012 8.5…… and my friend rigged it (I love the guides – they work 🙂 ) and then we were silent for couple of minutes….just rigged sail on green grass and the light of the setting sun…..need to say more ?
    Now I am waiting for the wind …..

    • Uroš Ocepek

      On Sunday I had a chance to try it……I was allways wondering when people were describing what a difference was surfing with Ezzy…is possible to see such a difference ??

      Yes, it is !!! When coming into stronger gust, there is no bump or sudden force on the sail, just smooth tip on a shoulder……
      I guess friend of mine was kind of annoyed at evening, because I was all the time just saying how satisfied was I with my new Ezzy Lion 8.5…
      Allread looking for 6.5….Any sellers ? 🙂

  • todd

    Hi Guys,

    The time has come to look at 2014 purchases. My cammed 7.0 sail need replacing first. I’ve been with another brand for the last 6 years but had real troubles with their 2013 incarnation and i’m not happy with how they have handled it. I would like to give Ezzy a go. Are you going to be releasing a 7.0m Lion in 2014?

    Can you give us any hints on the improvements that you’ve been aiming for in the 2014 Lion?

    Thanks heaps

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the question Todd. I am afraid I don’t have specific info on the ’14 Lion quiet yet. I do plan on having some finer points and images in about 3 weeks. If you shoot me a direct email at [email protected] mid October, I can fill you in!

      • todd

        Awesome stuff. Will do.

      • guest

        Hi, shall I regret my purchase of 2013 Lion since a month ago? My local shop told me no need to wait for 2014, 2013 & 2012 are exactly the same sails and in 2014 will likely be the same. Any comment?

        • ezzysails

          thank you for the message. We certainly hope you don’t regret any Ezzy purchase! David Ezzy’s design concepts are typically smaller modifications done from year to year as opposed to major changes. Occasionally we introduce a big alteration, but for ’14 our Lion enhancements will center around incorporating our precision downhaul system (already used on our Elites series). The actual sail design will be very similar to the ’13.

  • zilvis


    I would like to know what are your thoughts about using Lion 7.5 and 8.5 without cams (which should be possible according to rigging instructions).

    –>Is that good idea at all? 🙂
    –>Would you need different down/out-haul settings compared with default?
    –>How it will compare to Cheetah then?

    Regards, zilvis

    • ezzysails

      thank you for reaching out Zilvis.
      I don’t think using the Lion without cams is a good option. The Lion, at the very least, needs to have the bottom cam in to properly shape the profile.
      If you are interested in a no cam option, then go with the Cheetah.

      The Lion feels more powerful, goes up wind a little bit better, and feels deeper. The Lion does have a deeper pocket, making turning a little more aggressive.
      The Cheetah has come a very long way since we originally launched it (first called the Freeride). Many sailors prefer the camless feel and find that the Cheetah gives them more than enough power and range.
      Hope this is helpful!

  • Thanasis

    Please advise whether any details for the 2014 Lion are available,
    With respect to sizes , seeing that a lot of Ezzy Lovers are asking for a 7,0 m size,
    Is this going to happen for 2014?
    Finally, I have a Simmer RDM 430 / 100% ca, is it going to fit in the Lion 6,5?
    If you make a 7,0 for the coming year what will be the mast size?
    Athens, Greece

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the inquiry Thanasis. The ’14 details are just getting out to our importers. The Lion series isn’t going to see a 7.0 unfortunately. The Simmer mast should work great on the 6.5 Lion!
      Hope this is helpful.

  • john

    Hi guys,
    I ordered Lion 7,5 2013 one week ago. How, I can identify that it’s 2013 and not one year (stored) older 2012 model. The shape, design and colors are absolutely the same.

    Thank you

    • ezzysails

      hello John,
      The ’12 and ’13 Lion are absolutely 100% the same sail. We receive many deliveries a year, and the factory shipped all but one delivery of the Lions that had “2012” printed on the box end. There was no modification made at all. Hope that answers your question. You are welcome to email me directly too at [email protected]

  • todd

    Hi Ezzy team and any Lion owners out there,

    I am curious about the top end of the 7.5 Lion and how it’s performance and handling is going to compare when rigged on an rdm or an sdm.

    I have never wanted nor needed a sail bigger than a 7 but with a recent shuffle of sail sizes in my quiver my biggest is now a 6.6 tr9, which rigs flat and is just not quite big enough at times. Hence i am toying with the idea adding in a 7.5m. From what i’ve experienced i’m not really a fan of sails bigger than a 7, but if i do choose to go big then I figure that if there is any 7.5 out there that is going to feel smaller than what it actually is then the Lion is probably it.

    With this in mind i’d like to know peoples thoughts on mast choice. I have no experience with any sails with such a long luff being rigged on an rdm, but i would imagine that it is going to give the sail a particularly light and springy feel, which is probably going to tick my feels-like-a-small-sail box. My guess is that this will be awesome for its bottom end ability to pump on to the plane. But what does an rdm do to a 7.5 Lion’s performance in fully lit to overpowered conditions? Would we see any reduction in the extreme limits of the sail’s stability or top end speed if it is rigged on an rdm as opposed to and sdm?

    As an advanced sailor weighing in at about 70kgs the bottom end of this sail is of little concern to me. What is important is how it is going to handle the jandle when things get really hairy. It would be great to know how people find this sail’s top end in general. How does it handle when maxed out?

    Any thoughts or recommendations would be awesome. Big winds to you all 🙂

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the message Todd. To begin, I want to encourage you to work directly via email with either myself ([email protected]) or David ([email protected]). Answering inquiries can be a little clunkly on the forum due to formatting limitations. I’ll do my best however to answer you.

      We do the majority of our testing on RDM masts. We find they set up awesome using our Ezzy brand masts. We’ve gotten used to the ease of rigging/de-rigging as well.

      We’ve been delighted with the 7.5 Lion on a 460cm Ezzy RDM for both low end and high end rage. We don’t see the sail suffering because of the mast. I think you will find the Lion is easy to manage when you are “hauling the mail” in overpowered conditions!