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ezzy_panther_logo Our 4 batten, no-compromise wave sail. The Elite is the lightest and most stable wave sail we've ever developed.

Our Precision Calibrated Downhaul System takes all of the guess work out of rigging, allowing you to get the downhaul setting perfect every time.

The Elite is designed for our most demanding high-performance customers. This sailor is seeking the ultimate sailing experience Ezzy Sails can deliver.

"Hello Ezzy!
I got on the 4.2 and 5.0 (Elite) the past two days....they feel so good!!!

For starters, the sails look insane .... They're beautiful! Its amazing how easy they rig. On the water I never had so much control in a sail. Amazing up wind abilities and they handle overpowered conditions with ease.

I honestly feel the sails are no doubt going to improve my sailing!"

Ryan Logan


A portion of every sail we sell goes to help schools in Sri Lanka.
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Elite Rigging Video
Elite Action Video


Ezzy Panther Elite Luff Luff Boom Boom No. of Ezzy Mast Base Weight
Size (sq.m.) Min Max Min Max Battens Base/Top Extension Kgs
3.7 361.0 362.0 144 149 4 340 / 370 6 cm 2.78
4.0 370.0 371.0 148 153 4 340 / 370 15 cm 2.87
4.2 383.0 384.0 151 156 4 370 / 370 13 cm 2.96
4.5 392.0 393.0 155 160 4 370 / 400 7 cm 3.05
4.7 404.0 405.0 159 164 4 370 / 400 19 cm 3.14
5.0 417.0 418.0 163 168 4 400 / 400 17 cm 3.22
5.3 427.0 428.0 170 175 4 400 / 400 27 cm 3.33
5.7 439.0 440.0 175 180 4 400 / 430 24 cm 3.50

Note on Ezzy Masts

**We recommend using the 1st choice Ezzy Masts top and bottom with all Elite sails whenever possible for uncompromised performance.

2013 Ezzy Panther Elite Ezzy Mast Bottom Ezzy Mast Top
Size (sq.m.)
3.7 340 370
4.0 340 370
4.2 370 370
4.5 370 400
4.7 370 400
5.0 400 400
5.3 400 400
5.7 400 430

David Ezzy explains Mast Theory

Our removable, 316 stainless steel tack pulley can be replaced with our 316 stainless D-ring for those who prefer a grommet with a pulley hook.

  • Every Ezzy Elite is rigged and fine tuned in our factory before shipping.
  • At Ezzy we offer unmatched customer service. Email us at [email protected] and you will get a personal response within 12 hours.


  • Tommaso Petitti

    I would buy a quiver (3.7-4.2-4.7 and 5.3) of Elite sails. Can I use them with 370 and 400 simmer mast (rdm 9 2010, not mixed to each other)? Especially is 370 correct with 3.7 and 400 with 5.3?
    I have seen some pics of 3 battens sail: is it a project for next year Elite or in 2014 the sail will remain the same?
    Thank you.

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the message Tommaso. I’m happy to hear you are interested in our sails. You could use the Simmer masts but you would have to re-adjust all of the sails a little bit. There is instruction with the sails that shows how to do this. It would be great if you could consider getting the correct Ezzy Masts for the sails. We have spent a great deal of energy getting the sails perfectly balanced for our masts. The Elite only has 4 battens and the sails are very mast sensitive. For the best performance and satisfaction you should consider Ezzy Masts. We also have the new Tiger available that is less mast specific if you do not want to change masts.

      The 3 batten prototypes were just a test. We have no plan to release a 3 batten wave sail.

  • Tommaso Petitti

    Hi! Thank you for the replay. Which are the mast options to consider?


    • ezzysails

      thanks Tommaso. The ultimate mast set up for the Elite is our Ezzy RDM masts. We’ve been thrilled with the durability and performance now for over 10 years. We just recently shipped a larger order of masts to our importer in Italy as well.
      Have a look at the “specs” link on this page, which will show you exactly which combination we like.

  • I am using the ezzy elite in sizes 3,7-4,2-4,7-5,3 with new Powerex mast 85% (340-370-400) using the top and the base like ezzy mast with stremlined extensions and I think that the sails work well.I would like to know if Dave has experiences about this mast with ezzy elite.

    • ezzysails

      I will forward your message to David.

      • ezzysails

        if you can email me directly at [email protected] then I can forward David’s reply. Regards,

  • Might be a good idea to make a video on how to do the setup with the no ezzy masts!

    • ezzysails

      thanks for sharing this! We do have this video for all of the ’13 sails except the Elite. The Elite video is coming soon. The rigging guide with the Elite shows how to re-calibrate the system for a non-ezzy mast. I do feel strongly that the Elite is going to work as designed simply by using the Ezzy Mast. We work long and hard getting the sail to work perfect on the Ezzy Mast, and if you want it to work the best it can work, then please consider the investment!
      Here is a helpful video.

  • Wind Spirit

    With regret I must admit that I have not received any response and I think it’s simplistic advice to buy only ezzy mast… for my Elite quiver (3,7-4,2-4,7-5,3) I should buy 3 masts. In the logic of the products ezzy any advice or compatibility test I would have expected. But that’s okay!! good work the same …

    • ezzysails

      thank you for making the post. You have not received a response from us? I’m very sorry if that is the case, as I haven’t record of a question.

      It is very important on the Elite that you rig the sails with the recommended ezzy mast combination top and bottom. The Elite is a 4 batten, and is more sensitive to what mast you use with it. A 5 batten sail is more tolerant of different masts.
      3.7 – 370 tip/340 bottom
      4.2 – 370 tip/370 bottom
      4.7 – 400 tip/370 bottom
      5.3 – 400 tip/400 bottom

      required mast pieces:
      340 bottom
      370 complete
      400 complete

  • Evan

    I realise the Elites are Wave/Freestyle Wave sails but am curious to know how they perform as a freestyle sail? Do they have the bottom end power to get up and planing quickly, do they go light in transitions, etc. Would the Tiger be a better option? Thanks!

    • ezzysails

      great question Evan. I think the Elite is the sail of choice here. The first feedback I heard about the Elite was about the flatter feel, easier rotation,and remarkable power. The key is to get the right mast set with each Elite. If you aren’t in a position to use the recommended Ezzy mast tip/bottom with the elite, then the Tiger is more flexible with regards to mast selection. The Tiger would be a better choice with the “wrong” mast than the Elite with the wrong mast. Hope this makes sense. If you wish to continue discussing I’d be happy to work directly via email with you at [email protected]

  • Ralf Klostermann

    Hi Tim,

    I am using now the Elite in the sizes of 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0. since the beginning of this year.

    I already had the 4.5 and 5.0 in Capetown this year, today I used the 4.0 for the very first time here in Pozo’s rough conditions.

    The Elite are by far the best sails for waveriding I have ever used, much better than any other brand.

    Especially for Capetown’s clean down-the-line conditions, they are the perfect choice.

    Here for Pozo, they work also great, especially because of their wide wind-range each sail covers.

    Yesterday, I could easily handle the 4.5 where lighter people had already switched from 4.0 to 3.7 because of increasing wind-force.

    I would say that the advantage of your sails compared to other brands is more obvious in clean down-the-line conditions like Capetown than in rough side-onshore conditions like here in Pozo, but overall, the Elite perform excellent wherever I go so far.

    As already discussed with Dave, I readjusted all sails for my Maverx masts (370 and 400) and they perform excellent with them.

    So, I think that the Elite is not soooooo critical to use with Non-Ezzy masts as long as the curve and stiffness is mostly right and the trim is done as Dave shows in the video by pulling the downhaul only so tight that the top-wrinkles just disappear.

    They might still perform better with your masts, but for your customers who likes to use Maverx masts (RDM 1000 Limited, 100% Carbon) with them, I can confirm that they work with them very well.

    Best Regards,

    Ralf Klostermann

    • Tommaso Petitti

      Hi Tim
      I rig my Ezzy sails with a lot of different masts (reptile, new powerex, amex, simmer) using the indications of the video, but i was not satisfied regarding shapes or performances. I decided to buy new masts and the doubts were between Maverex x1000 and Ezzy. I choosed Ezzy. I can say that, also with an Ezzy mast, I had to downhaul the sails (till the sign) more than only the wrinkles disappeared on the top. So, if anyone would use not Ezzy masts, the best thing would be to rig the sails first with Ezzy and after try to obtain the same shape with another brand’s mast

  • Jo


    i am about to buy an ezzy elite 5,3. I would like to know if my old extension (chinook 28cm) would be a good combination with the 4m mast. It seems as if it would be a very short part of the extension remaining in the mast. I wonder if i should rather buy the bigger extension so the mast or extension wont break….

    Thank you for your answer…

    • ezzysails

      hi Jo,
      thank you for the email. I’m glad to hear you are thinking about picking up a 5.3 Elite. The sail has been extensively tested on our 400 Ezzy RDM mast and a 28cm extension from Chinook. You should be just fine rigging it up on that combo! It is okay to use the Chinook extension, even on the very last hole. Hope this is helpful.

      • Jo

        Hey Tim,

        thank you for your answer….! Good news for me :)…..

        Have an nice day


  • Robert

    Hi, Any details or teasers on the Elite 2 ? I’ve just pre-ordered my upgrade quiver and wondered if you made any tweaks / changes apart from the colour schemes. Must be hard making the Elite better, certainly the best 4 batten sail I’ve ever used.

    • ezzysails

      2014 Elite Changes:
      1) Reduced shape above the boom gives better balance and control.
      2) New radial panels at head provide better control in strong wind.
      3) New calibration gauge gives a wider rigging range.
      4) New downhaul indicator system allows the Elite to be used with non-Ezzy masts.
      5) New 3.4 Elite.
      6) New 6.1 Elite.

      • Robert

        Cool and thanks, looking forward to trying a 6.1 !! Are the Ezzy Mast top / bottom combinations the same on the 2014 as on the 2013’s ?


        • ezzysails

          I believe so…awaiting further details.
          Coming soon!

  • SouthFlorida

    lightest sail I have owned…

    I upgraded to the ezzy rdm’s from my older sdm’s

    sailing the 5.7 is a cakewalk…. I once tried it on a 103 liter 1997 mistral screamer ( nostalgia kicked in ) … I couldn’t be happier

    Its good if you have puny little t-rex arms (like myself) and are trying to uphaul… its strangely very easy

    Went with a unifiber boom with 28 inch harness lines and waist harness, also tried it with an old seat harness…

  • ezzysails

    thank you for the inquiry Nino. You can rig the 4.5 with the Powerex 370, but the sail will not perform to 100% capacity. The Elites, with just 4 battens, rely more than a 5 batten sail upon the mast for performance. By compromising the mast you will limit the sails performance a bit.