2015 Ezzy Tiger

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Last years 5 batten Tiger moves forward into '15 completely unchanged. The Tiger comes with color fusion film, a beautiful graphic layout, and both our Calibrated Downhaul System and our standard leech downhaul gauges.

The Tiger has been designed to fit a wide range of masts, and most importantly, it comes with a tested and proven design that is sure to please the more traditional sailor looking for the classic power, stability, and durability of an Ezzy sail.

“Late yesterday afternoon I had a chance to take the Ezzy Tiger out to test the upper limit of its range (4.7). Several guys my size were on 4.2, so I rigged the 4.7 for high wind and went and played in the swells with them. Wow was that an eye opener for all of us. I was not expecting the control, balance and how relaxed I was being on “too big” of a sail. The range of the Ezzy Tiger is amazing…and it was the talk of the beach at the end of the day.”

Gary Morris – Baja, Mexico

Color Choices - Based on Head Color

Purple | Aqua

A portion of every sail we sell goes to help schools in Sri Lanka.
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2015 Ezzy Tiger Luff Luff Boom Boom No. of Ezzy Mast Base Weight
Size (sq.m.) Min Max Min Max Battens Base/Top Extension Kg
2.9 315 317 127 132 5 340 / 340 6 cm 2.55
3.3 336 338 137 142 5 340 / 340 6 cm 2.71
3.5 349 351 140 146 5 340 / 340 11 cm 2.84
3.7 359 361 146 152 5 340 / 370 6 cm 2.92
4.0 369 371 150 156 5 370 / 370 16 cm 3.01
4.2 380 382 152 158 5 370 / 370 12 cm 3.08
4.5 390 392 155 161 5 370 / 400 7 cm 3.17
4.7 403 405 159 165 5 370 / 400 20 cm 3.28
5.0 416 418 163 170 5 400 / 400 18 cm 3.39
5.2 422 424 166 173 5 400 / 400 24 cm 3.46
5.5 432 434 171 177 5 400 / 430 19 cm 3.57
5.8 440 442 173 180 5 430 / 430 12 cm 3.67
6.0 450 452 177 184 5 430 / 430 22 cm 3.78
6.3 455 457 183 190 5 430 / 430 27 cm 3.86
6.9 485 487 185 192 5 460 / 460 27 cm 4.12


1. Tiger Quick Rig

2. Tiger Calibration System for Non Ezzy Masts

3. Tiger Rigging for Ezzy Masts

4. Threading the Pulley

5. Batten Tension

6. Derigging

Note on Ezzy Masts

How To Choose The Perfect Mast Combination For Your Quiver:

  1. Pick the top and bottom that fits the sail you use the most.
  2. Use a longer top for your bigger sail.
  3. Use a shorter bottom for your smaller sail.
= Best Combination
= Good Combination

   2015 Tiger Mix-Match Mast Chart

The Ezzy Hookipa Mast

   Ezzy Sails work great with the Ezzy Mast system, but also work with a variety of other brand masts (RDM and regular diameter). You could contact your mast maker and see if the bend of your non-Ezzy mast is compliant.

Ezzy mast bend curves are tip: 75% to 79% and base: 62% to 65%

Note: this is not carbon content. This is percentage bend relative to the midpoint bend.

For further info on Ezzy Mast sizing, please refer to our Mast Configurator Tool

Our removable, 316 stainless steel tack pulley can be replaced with our 316 stainless D-ring for those who prefer a grommet with a pulley hook.

  • Every Ezzy Legacy is rigged and fine tuned in our factory before shipping.
  • At Ezzy we offer unmatched customer service. Email us at [email protected] and you will get a personal response within 12 hours.


  • Chris

    How much downhaul can I keep on my sails while storing them hanging clue first for long periods of time. When I release the downhaul 5cm passed the mast foot I start to get quite a bit of crinkling around the boom slit. I’m easing the downhaul because everyone has been warning me that I will stretch the sail out if I leave the downhaul set at the sailing marks? Thanks for your feedback on this.

    • ezzysails

      hi Chris,
      if you are going to store your sail for long periods of time then we strongly suggest you back off all the downhaul and outhaul tension on the sail. Keeping the sail tensioned isn’t great for the sail for long periods. It also isn’t great for the mast.

  • Israela Gilat

    Hi, Is it OK to use EZZY 4.5 Tiger with mast 4.00 RDM (not skinny) of North-Sails. Thanks

    • ezzysails

      hi Israela,
      You can use the 400 North mast with the 4.5 Tiger. It is a very nice mast for the sail. It will feel a little nicer on an Ezzy 400/370, but the North 400 is a good 2nd choice mast.

      • Israela Gilat

        hi, i have new ezzy mast 400. and a new 4.5 ezzy tiger sail. what length shuld i use in the cup and what length in the extender? (the extender first hole is 6 cm)
        thanks in advance, israela

  • kris

    Hi! I have three questions: (Question 1) I’m thinking of buying an Ezzy Tiger 2014 4m2 or an Ezzy Panther 2 4m2. Is there any serious differences between the sails except the fact that the older Panther 2 is 150grams heavier? (Question 2) Can I use the sails with my 400 Ezzy Mast for this season by extending the head cap? Will it work? (I cannot afford at this moment to buy a 370 mast too…:-) (Question 3) Does the size of the extension affecting the curve of the mast? I use a 50cm Chinook extension for my Ezzy Panther 3 – 4.7m2 that needs only 5-6cm of extension… Thanks! Best, Chris

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the message Kris!.
      The Elite is lighter, and has a bit different rotation. The Tiger is a little “snappier” on rotation, where the Elite is a bit softer. To me, the Elite is more sensitive to mast seleciton. If you are going to go with the first choice recommended mast, I would go with the Elite. If I were to stray from the first choice mast, I think the Tiger would be better. Unless you have a 370 Ezzy mast, I think the Tiger would be smarter for you. The Extension shouldn’t effect mast curve enough to cause a problem.

      • kris

        Hi! Thanks for the answer! I wanted your opinion concerning the Panther 2 (2010) which has 5 battens and is ‘comparable’ to the Tiger, not the Elite. But I understand…It’s an old sail 🙂 Best, K.

        • ezzysails

          the older Panther 2 is very very similar to the Tiger!

          • kris

            Thank you!

  • Martin

    Need advice on the best choice for going down in sail sizes. I currently own the lion 9.5, 8.5, 7.5 and 6.5. I am looking for smaller sizes and was wondering what would be the next logical choice. Start with a tiger at 5,5 and then go 1/2 m (or is the 1/2 m too small of a jump with 0.7 being better) sizes down to the 4.5? Or the cheetah at the 5.5 and then the tiger starting at 5.0? Most of my sailing is on the great lakes in Ontario Canada with very little wave sailing. Mostly chop with the majority of my high wind sailing in the 6.5 to 5.0 range. Thanks

    • ezzysails

      great to hear from you Martin. For Great Lakes sailing, I would think a nice step down from a 6.5 Lion would be a 5.5 Cheetah, then to a 5.0 Tiger. Another alternative to consider would be a 5.8 Tiger instead of the 5.5 Cheetah. Things can start to get a little bumpy when it gets that windy in the Great Lakes, and the 5.8 might be a bit looser feeling sail for swell riding and jumping for you. If you are more concerned about stability and low end power in that range the 5.5 Cheetah is a good way to go. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

      • Martin

        Thanks for the reply. I think I am leaning towards the 5.5 cheetah. Will be a nice fit to my quiver.

  • 林妍涵

    Hello! I want to ask what is the 2016 Tiger sail’s color,thank you.

    • ezzysails

      thank you for asking! The ’15 Tiger and the ’16 Tiger are the exact same. The colors are the same as well.

  • 林宏澤

    thank you for your answer:The ’15 Tiger sail’s color. May I use the Elite 5.3 and Elite 4.5 to replace the Tiger 5.2 and Tiger 4.5 to play free style?

    • ezzysails

      Yes, great thinking! The Elite will rotate a little softer and easier for freestyle than the Tiger.

  • Tom

    Dear Mr. Ezzy,
    do you think a tiger 3,5 will fit with a fanatic triwave 77 in Pozo Gran Canaria? I am 73 kg. Maybe Graham will know, because he sailed here very often.
    Regards Thomas

    • ezzysails

      absolutely! It would work!

  • ezzysails

    thanks for asking. Great question. I used to sail Little Traverse Bay, so I know the situation you are in. When it gets windy enough for a 6.0, the water texture can get really interesting in the Great Lakes. The Tiger has a higher foot, and it can be a much easier sail to swell ride with. The power of the 6.0 Cheetah vs Tiger is not really an issue. They are about the same low end power. If you are standing more upright and looking for swell to turn on, then the Tiger will be balance better. If you are straight line blasting, then the Cheetah will support a more “slalom” stance a bit better. I would think the 6.0 Tiger would be a really fun sail in the Great Lakes!

    • CT-Rex

      Thank you! And would my Fiberspar 95% 430/25/21 RDM mast work o.k. with a 6.0 Tiger?

      • ezzysails

        yes, absolutely. Great mast for the Tiger 6.0

  • ezzysails

    hi Nat! The 2016 Ezzy Tiger is the exact same sail as our 2015 Tiger. The colors, sail bag, and entire collection is unchanged. A new Elite series is coming soon however. The new Elites will have expanded sizes available, and might be an interesting alternative.

  • Fabio Bernardino

    Hello. My newest sail is from 2000, a North Sails Voodoo 4.7 used mostly for high-winds and bump’n’jump conditions. I am coming back to windsurfing after a 3-year break recovering from some shoulder problems.

    I intend to replace my 2-cam 6.0 with the Tiger 5.8. My mast is some Neilpryde 430/21. Does this mast fit perfectly this sail or do these new sails require much more tension that I need a skinny mast so it performs as it should ?

    Thank you.

    • ezzysails

      thank you and welcome back Fabio! I think you will find rigging and sailing the 5.8 Tiger will be very nice when compared to your old sail. The North masts work great with the Tiger, so no problem at all if you want to use it with the new sail. Please reach out to us for rigging and tuning help if you have any questions!

  • ezzysails

    hello Dom! Thank you for asking.
    The Elite and Tiger have very similar power and performance. The Elite is lighter and it rotates with less “pop” or camber like feel. The Tiger is much more accepting of different length and style masts (because it has an extra batten for sail stability and performance). If you want to use older masts that are not the 1st choice recommended Ezzy masts, then i would select the Tiger. If you intend to switch over to Ezzy RDM masts, then select the Elite!

  • Rush1111

    I am considering a quiver of Ezzy Tigers. Will my existing masts(Naish RDM 90’s) be suitable?
    Many thanks.

    • ezzysails

      thank you for asking! Naish masts have stiffer top, softer bottoms than our ideal bend. The Tiger, being a 5 batten sail, does have a much more tolerant design for masts that are a little different thank our recommended bend…so it will work well…but not as great as it could.

  • Rush1111

    Guys. Thanks for your prompt response. Guess I will trade in my Naish masts for some Ezzys.

    • ezzysails

      that would guarantee your satisfaction!

  • Bill Randall

    I bought a new 4.5 Tiger yesterday. I haven’t tried to rig it yet, but I notice the recommended base extension is 7 cm, which doesn’t seem compatible with my Chinook RDM base, which has a minimal extension of 14 cm. Do I need to buy another brand of base extension just to rig this sail with a 370/400 mast? I know I could use a 370/370 mast with a longer extension. Am I missing something?? I admit my IQ is low.

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the inquiry Bill.
      The recommended base extension if you use the 400 tip/370bottom is 7cm of extension. I’m not aware of an extension that has a “minimum” setting of 14cm. Could you provide an image and email to [email protected]?

  • Bill Randall

    Folks, Looks like minimal extension on my Chinook RDM base is 10cm, not 14 cm. Sorry. Looks like I’ll have to live with that. (Unless I am wrong again.) I would like to know, though, how you could extend by only 7cm. Thanks. (Also a comment: it is really difficult to see the looseness at the calibration dots on the smaller Ezzy sails.)

    • ezzysails

      hi Bill,
      Please snap a shot of your extension and email it to me if possible. [email protected]

      I can help you figure this out if I know exactly what extension you are using.

  • Huw Roberts

    Hi can i rig a 5.5 tiger on a 430 ezzy mast? or is it better with a 400/430 combo which i dont have.

    • ezzysails

      thank you for asking Huw. You can certainly rig the 5.5 on a 430. You will want to re-set the calibration system on the sail. Easy as pie. Check out the videos on our Tiger page, or go here:

      The video to watch is #2, called “Tiger Calibratino system for non Ezzy masts”

  • Dennis Grootaers

    I can’t decide between the Ezzy Tiger or Elite. I will use the sails mainly on flat/bumpy water on lakes or the North See. Boards I use: the new Goya One 105 and a Quatro Thruster 82. I sail on slalom gear untill my 7.1 slalom sail gets to big. I am much more a slalom sailer than a wave sailer so maybe I have to take that into account. I have bought a 370, 400 and 430 Ezzy masts recently. What sails would you recommend?

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the email Dennis!

      I believe the Elite is the way to go. The Elite offers some performance advantages that really come thru after a few uses. The sail rotation is really smooth. The sail also feels lighter in your hands. The biggest hurdle for most people is the mast situation. I would go with the Elite if you are commited to getting the recommended mast set up for the sails. Otherwise, if you are using a different brand or configuration of mast, the Tiger is a more forgiving design (because of the extra batten). For sizing, you might go from the 7.1 you own down to the 6.4 Elite. From there it really depends upon your local conditions and your most used sail size.

      It can be easier for us to help if you send direct email. This way I can copy David in on the conversation too. Feel free to email [email protected]


  • John Robinson

    Hi there, l see the new Elite range for 2016 has been expanded to 6.4 and 6.8, does this mean the end for the Tiger or will run into 2016, and if so will the design change ?

    • ezzysails

      it is too early to tell. The larger Elite and Tiger designs do feel differently. A big part of our decision moving forward will depend upon customer feedback.
      Many sailors seem intimidated to test the Elite because of the four batten design. Once they test the Elite, sailors seem to prefer it over the Tiger!

  • John Robinson

    Thanks for that, I have a 5.8 Tiger which I love, it’s great for where I sail, inland and gusty, it has loads of drive and is very stable. I also have a 5.0 Elite 3, which is good, but I would look to replace with a Tiger next year, so I’m hoping it will still be in the line up next year. Thanks.

  • Drorke Borke

    Will the tiger 5.5 work ok with a neilpryde x3 4.30 rdm mast?
    Same question for the 4.7.
    If I decide to buy later on an Ezzy mast for these two sails, will a 400 Ezzy mast will be good for bothe of them?
    thanks 🙂

    • ezzysails

      yes, the Tiger 5.5 will work great on a Neil Pryde 430 RDM. The 4.7 will work, but it would really work much better on a 400cm. You can rig the 4.7 Tiger on a 430, but it is rather stiff.

      it is difficult to suggest one mast for both sails. The 5.5 requires about 32cm of extension on a 400. It isn’t easy to find an RDM extension that will go that far.

      We truly suggest you consider either a 430 and a 400 cm mast for the two, or ideally the proper Ezzy RDM mast set up. Please note we are coming out with a 60% RDM mast that will be less money in the very near future…

  • Drorke Borke

    will a neilpryde X3 4.30 rdm mast work fine with a 5.5 tiger?
    same question for the 4.7.
    if later on i get an Ezzy mast for both of them, which one will you recommend (I can get only one mast)?

    • ezzysails

      take care of yourself, and get the right mast set up! The sails will work better.

  • ezzysails

    Thank you for reaching out Mr. Brooker. Stoked to hear you are enjoying your 5.8 Tiger. I’m from Northern Michigan, and I am sure that is a fun sail for Great Lakes sailing…just when the water texture starts to get pretty exciting! A 5.0 or 4.7 would work nicely for scaling. If you were to make the jump to 4.7 I think it would be important to set the sail up on the first choice mast so that you can take advantage of the full tuning range of the sail. The 4.7 would really feel dialed in on a 400 tip/370 bottom. If you went with just a straight 400 or 370cm mast, you might cut off some of the possible range.

    An alternative scaling idea that has worked great for me is to go from 5.8 (rigged on a 430) to a 5.0 (rigged on a 400). From there, I go down to a 4.2. This would offer you an enormous range for tuning.

    If price is an issue with the masts, you might be pleased to hear we are going to launch a 60% carbon mast series this winter. These mast sections will work with our existing mix and match system perfectly…so you could mix a 90% 1/2 with a 60% 1/2. Something to consider! Hope this helps.