2016 Ezzy Tiger

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Last years 5 batten Tiger moves forward into '16 completely unchanged. The Tiger comes with color fusion film, a beautiful graphic layout, and both our Calibrated Downhaul System and our standard leech downhaul gauges.

The Tiger has been designed to fit a wide range of masts, and most importantly, it comes with a tested and proven design that is sure to please the more traditional sailor looking for the classic power, stability, and durability of an Ezzy sail.

“Late yesterday afternoon I had a chance to take the Ezzy Tiger out to test the upper limit of its range (4.7). Several guys my size were on 4.2, so I rigged the 4.7 for high wind and went and played in the swells with them. Wow was that an eye opener for all of us. I was not expecting the control, balance and how relaxed I was being on “too big” of a sail. The range of the Ezzy Tiger is amazing…and it was the talk of the beach at the end of the day.”

Gary Morris – Baja, Mexico

Color Choices - Based on Head Color

Purple | Aqua

A portion of every sail we sell goes to help schools in Sri Lanka.
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2016 Ezzy Tiger Luff Luff Boom Boom No. of Ezzy Mast Base Weight
Size (sq.m.) Min Max Min Max Battens Base/Top Extension Kg
2.9 315 317 127 132 5 340 / 340 6 cm 2.55 kg
3.3 336 338 137 142 5 340 / 340 6 cm 2.71 kg
3.5 349 351 140 146 5 340 / 340 11 cm 2.84 kg
3.7 359 361 146 152 5 340 / 370 6 cm 2.92 kg
4.0 369 371 150 156 5 370 / 370 16 cm 3.01 kg
4.2 380 382 152 158 5 370 / 370 12 cm 3.08 kg
4.5 390 392 155 161 5 370 / 400 7 cm 3.17 kg
4.7 403 405 159 165 5 370 / 400 20 cm 3.28 kg
5.0 416 418 163 170 5 400 / 400 18 cm 3.39 kg
5.2 422 424 166 173 5 400 / 400 24 cm 3.46 kg
5.5 432 434 171 177 5 400 / 430 19 cm 3.57 kg
5.8 440 442 173 180 5 430 / 430 12 cm 3.67 kg
6.0 450 452 177 184 5 430 / 430 22 cm 3.78 kg
6.3 455 457 183 190 5 430 / 430 27 cm 3.86 kg
6.9 485 487 185 192 5 460 / 460 27 cm 4.12 kg


1. Tiger Quick Rig

2. Tiger Calibration System for Non Ezzy Masts

3. Tiger Rigging for Ezzy Masts

4. Threading the Pulley

5. Batten Tension

6. Derigging

Note on Ezzy Masts

How To Choose The Perfect Mast Combination For Your Quiver:

  1. Pick the top and bottom that fits the sail you use the most.
  2. Use a longer top for your bigger sail.
  3. Use a shorter bottom for your smaller sail.
= Best Combination
= Good Combination

2016 Tiger Mix-Match Mast Chart

The Ezzy Hookipa Mast

Ezzy Sails work great with the Ezzy Mast system, but also work with a variety of other brand masts (RDM and regular diameter). You could contact your mast maker and see if the bend of your non-Ezzy mast is compliant.

Ezzy mast bend curves are tip: 75% to 79% and base: 62% to 65%

Note: this is not carbon content. This is percentage bend relative to the midpoint bend.

For further info on Ezzy Mast sizing, please refer to our Mast Configurator Tool

Our removable, 316 stainless steel tack pulley can be replaced with our 316 stainless D-ring for those who prefer a grommet with a pulley hook.

  • Every Ezzy Legacy is rigged and fine tuned in our factory before shipping.
  • At Ezzy we offer unmatched customer service. Email us at [email protected] and you will get a personal response within 12 hours.


  • nayrand


    je voudrais savoir si la tiger est aussi bonne dans les grandes tailles que dans les petites tailles malgré les 5 lattes puisse que la mode est à la baisse du nombre de lattes.
    quelles différences svp…
    je suis très tenté par les tigers pour la série entière depuis que j’ai acheté la 5.8 / 2016.

  • Fabio Bernardino

    What’s your recommended highwind sail around 6.0 for a freeride board ? The tiger ?

    • ezzysails

      my first choice would be the Cheetah. From there, the Tiger if I like to do tricks or wave sail.

  • ezzysails

    the bend curves of the chinook masts are similar to ours. You might want to take time to measure the length of the mast and works correctly with our calibration system. The Chinook masts do not work with our mix-and-match system unfortunately. They are okay, but our masts offer some practical advantages we hope you can consider down the road. We are launching a 60% mast this spring too.

    • Pat

      Thank you! Appreciate the info.

  • Alex

    Is it possible to put a 370 mast on a 4.7 ezzy tiger ?

    • ezzysails

      a straight 370 is a bit soft for ideal performance. If you are using an Ezzy mast, we suggest you use your 370 bottom with a 400 tip if possible. A 370 will work, but the sail will not have full range.

  • Carlo Piscitelli

    Hi, is it possibile to use a 400 rdm North Sails Gold mast with a Tiger 5.5?

    • ezzysails

      the North bends are really close to ours. Should work great!

      • Carlo Piscitelli

        Ok thanks. Just another question. For a 5.5 tiger, will the 400 North mast work great, or it is way better to use a 430 mast? (my weight is 92 kgs). Thanks again

        • ezzysails

          thank you for writing back. I would try both! We have heard cases of people using both options with positive results.

  • ezzysails

    thank you for the message Stan. We appreciate you reaching out.
    First off, I think it is important to try and set up our sails with the recommended top and bottom if/when possible. David spends so many hours toiling over the combinations and we try to squeeze every last bit of performance out of the sails.
    We put out the 60% Legacy masts in an effort to help people justify the mix and match system. You can use a 60% mast section with a 90% mast section no problem.

    So, with regards to your 4.5/4.7 question…it sounds like you should go with the 4.7. It will scale more comfortably with your size and local conditions based upon past experiences. If you outfit the sails with the right masts, then you will enjoy extended sail range and better performance too! Hope this helps!

  • Jake

    Am thinking of getting the Tiger 4.2 but I only have a 400 Ezzy Wave mast. Will the sail fit/work on a 400? I see 370 is recommended.

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the question Jake. The Tiger is a 5 batten design, and it is the most stable sail we offer on an unconventional or non-specific mast. The 4.2 will rig okay on a 400cm mast, but it is a little stiff and more challenging to rig right. It will take more downhaul tension to get set correctly. We offer the Legacy 60% carbon RDM mast in an effort to give you a cost effective way to get the sails rigged on the best possible mast for highest performance.

      • Jake

        Thanks very much. Does the same hold true for the Elite 4.2 on a 400 RDM Ezzy Wave mast?

        • ezzysails

          The Elite is more mast sensitive than the Tiger. The Elite 4.2 on a 400 would not be recommended

      • Eric L. Mihelbergel

        I have 6 Tigers, all the way from 2.9m up to 6.9m. I have found that if you use a longer mast the sail feels WAY too stiff and cannot be downhauled properly. It’s worth getting the shorter mast. I even cut 30cm off the bottom of a 340 Ezzy mast to fit my 2.9m Tiger better. It made a WORLD of difference. Definitely go shorter if you are debating.

  • Jake

    Will a 6.3 Ezzy SE Wave 2005 rig OK on a 2016 Ezzy RDM Legacy XT C60% 460?

    • ezzysails

      the Legacy 460 is a great second choice mast. The Legacy 430 would be a lighter and easier to downhaul option, but the 460 works great.

      • Jake

        Thanks! But isn’t the 430 too short? The 2005 6.3 is unusual in having a 472 luff.

        • ezzysails

          sorry, I was looking at the 2016 Tiger specs!
          Yes, the 460 Legacy mast is perfect for the ’05 6.3!

  • Eric L. Mihelbergel
  • Bernard Kan

    Will mixing a 370 Legacy bottom with a 430 Hookipa top for a 400 (to be used in Tiger 5.0) work?

    • ezzysails

      hello Bernard,
      yes, the 430 tip + 370 bottom will work. It is okay to mix Legacy and Hookipa mast parts together too. The ultimate set up for the 5.0 Tiger is a straight 400 tip/400 bottom. The 430 tip/370 bottom is within the tolerances for the sail however.

      • Bernard Kan

        Thank you.

  • marc

    hi guys
    I am considering a tiger or zeta 5.8 but my mast is 4.30 platinum sdm:does the sail work with sdm good or rdm necessary?
    thank you

    • ezzysails

      great question Marc. The North mast bends work quite nicely in our sails. You should be happy with either SDM or RDM North masts in the Zeta.

  • Eric

    Hey There,
    I realize that the ideal mast for the Tiger 5.8 is a 430, but can it be rigged on a 460 powerex mast? The sail appears to have a luff extender strap to suit a bigger sail.

    • ezzysails

      great question Eric! You can rig the Tiger 5.8 on a 460cm powerex mast. It will work well. The 430 would be easier to downhaul and the overall rig would feel lighter and more responsive….but the 460 is within our tolerances. All of our sails have adjustable head straps, so you can rig the 5.8 to work on a 460. Hopefully you can give the 5.8 a try with a 430 sometime, and really compare how the sail feels with the perfect mast.

      • Eric

        Awesome, thanks for the reply. I just bought 2016 tiger 5.8 and that’s the answer I was hoping for. I will eventually pic up a 430 mast but it’s nice to know I can rig on my 460 in the mean time!