2017 Ezzy Elite

2017 Ezzy Elite

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Ezzy Zeta

Every year, for over 30 years, David Ezzy worries about what he can do to improve his sails. He describes sail design as crawling around a pitch black room, trying to figure out what the furniture looks like - a painfully slow process, requiring patience and science.

For 2017, the Elite has gone through some fundamental improvements. The new sail inspires us to sail better and to rig up quicker to get more time on the water. The new luff panel makes the Elite more maneuverable without sacrificing overall performance. The biggest change though, is perhaps the new construction process, with makes the Elite feel lighter, allowing it to plane more quickly.

The Elite's philosophy is to be the perfect all-around sail - we use the Elite for flatwater fun to bump-n-jump to high-performance onshore to radical down-the-line. It's our go-to sail, so we need it to be easy. The wide wind range allows us to carry fewer sails which makes packing the car less of a headache. And the calibrated rigging system means we can have perfectly accurate tuning in seconds so we can spend less time rigging and more time on the water.

A portion of every sail we sell goes to help schools in Sri Lanka.
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Ezzy Elite Sail Luff Boom Boom No. of Ezzy Mast Base Weight
Size (sq.m.) Med Min Max Battens Base/Top Extension Kg
2.7 coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon 315/340 coming soon coming soon
3.0 337 131 140 4 315/340 24 cm coming soon
3.4 349 135 144 4 340/340 12 cm coming soon
3.8 362 140 149 4 340/370 10 cm coming soon
4.0 371 143 152 4 370/370 6 cm coming soon
4.2 377 146 155 4 370/370 10 cm coming soon
4.5 389 150 160 4 370/400 6 cm coming soon
4.7 398 154 164 4 370/400 16 cm coming soon
5.0 410 158 168 4 400/400 12 cm coming soon
5.3 422 163 173 4 400/400 24 cm coming soon
5.7 434 169 179 4 400/430 22 cm coming soon
6.1 447 173 184 4 430/430 20 cm coming soon

Note on Ezzy Masts

How To Choose The Perfect Mast Combination For Your Quiver:

  1. Pick the top and bottom that fits the sail you use the most.
  2. Use a longer top for your bigger sail.
  3. Use a shorter bottom for your smaller sail.
= Best Combination
= Good Combination

**We recommend using the 1st choice Ezzy Masts top and bottom with all Elite sails whenever possible for uncompromised performance.

The Ezzy Hookipa Mast

David Ezzy explains Mast Theory

Reviews are coming!


  • Hendrik

    Miss the size 4,0 in Elite 2017! If you sail a 4,5 then 4,2 is too close and 3,8 ist too far…

    • ezzysails

      Thank you for the email back Hedrick. I’m glad you bring this up. Here are some points:
      1) Graham, Kevin and David, agree that the 4.0 size is no longer needed.
      2) We think of the 3.8 as the “new” 4.0.
      3) The new 3.8 Elite is as powerful as the older 4.0.
      4) Jumping from the 4.5 to the 3.8 is perfect.
      5) Having less sails in one’s quiver is a good thing.
      6) From all my customer emails that I do, I find most people want to get one small sail to cover them for when it is really windy. The 4.0 NEVER comes up, because they want 3.7-3.8 range.
      7) I encourage you to make a test. Is it possible to use the new 3.8 Elite?

  • ezzysails

    we’re re-considering…

    • Rein

      would be great – reason is what sails do you choose when you are a dedicated wave sailor (and if you only go out in good conditions) and if you have to minimize your quiver??
      4,7 is THE classic size and the taka is perfect especially because of its low end -> don’t need anything bigger. then 4,0 is the only one making sense in addition and it really works great ! if 4,7 gets too big always 4,0 did it’s job and you still can handle a lot of top end wind


      • Lisa

        I have to agree with Rein. I have been building a Tiger quiver over the last few years and purchased the 5.5 and 4.7. I recently bought the 4.0 (just a few weeks ago ) when I realized that you dropped the 4.0 size from the Zeta line. Going from a 4.7 down to a 3.7 is just too large a jump (I think). Now I have my eye on that 6.4 Zeta ….

  • FP

    Any particular reason for letting out two biggest Elite sizes in 2017?

    • ezzysails

      yes. The two biggest sizes are actually 5 batten designs. We decided it would be smarter to categorize these two sails as “Zeta” models, which also have 5 battens

      • FP

        Thanks for the answer. Did you change a lot 6.4 and 6.8 before releasing them as Zeta line?

        • ezzysails

          The 6.4 and 6.8 Zeta compared to last year’s Elite 6.4 and 6.8 are very similar. They have the same incremental changes that David applied to the 3.4 to 6.1 2017 Elite.

          Which are:
          – Scrim luff panel smoothes out the pull.
          – Lighter feel.
          – Wider wind range.

          The reason I nixed the 6.4 and 6.8 from the Elite line and added them to the Zeta line was that I found people who wanted a bigger 5 batten sail did not feel comfortable “crossing over” to the Elite. People perceived the Elite to be more of a radical wave sail and they wanted to stick with a “designated” 5 batten sail. So, it seemed logical to put the 6.4 and 6.8 into the new five batten Zeta line and stop the four batten Elite at 6.1

  • alba

    I just bought Elite 4.5.2017. Very happy about. I have the mast from my previous sail, an old Powerex wave/freeride 400cm, with MCS 27 and IMCS 20. If I well remember it’s a contanti cure. I will be able to rig the new ezzy sail on it or it will be too long and stiff? How many cm of extension I need as I would not like to enlong the top. At the end, if it turns that I cannot use it, can I at least mix one of the two parts (base or top) with an ezzy must? Thanks for the advises, Alba

    • ezzysails

      congrats on the new sail! The best mast to use with that 4.5 is the Ezzy 400 tip/370 bottom. The Powerex 400 would “work”, but it would compromise the intended shape and performance of the sail. The older generation Powerex masts do interchange with Ezzy Masts, but it all depends upon the age of your powerex mast. When they were produced in Salt Lake City, Utah, they were interchangeable.

      You might consider having a look at our Legacy mast series. They are 60% carbon, perform great, and are priced very aggressively. This might be a good way to get the intended performance out of your sail without breaking the bank.

      • Clarence

        I have mostly Ezzy sails. I didn’t want to spend the $ for a hookipa mast, so bought a legacy mast. The improvement in performance of the sails was pretty extraordinary. I thought David Ezzy’s bit about using Ezzy masts being a “life changing experience” was just marketing hype- but they really do work that well with the sails.

  • stan

    I’m about to replace 5.2 & 4.5 Panther 3’s. Love them a lot and ONLY sail at the Delta (bump and jump with a fairly wide range of wind on any one go-out). I’m willing to commit to new masts of the proper length but can’t decide between going with Elite’s or Zeta’s. I almost pulled the trigger last year and was going to go with the Legacy’s because a couple of friends were disappointed with the Elites. Have Elites changed much for 2017 (friends liked the lightness but thought they weren’t lively enough)? Also, because I weigh 195 and want to use my new 85 liter board more often, I thought I might go with a 4.7 instead of a 4.5. I don’t really need low end, I like slightly over down-hauling for gusts, and am happy to pump to a plane. Comments: Legacy or Elite or Zeta? Reasons?

    thanx in advance–stan

    • ezzysails

      hi Stan,
      Thanks for the inquiry. The Elite’s continue to get better and better every year. The key to the Elites is that you really should use the specified masts to get the most out of the sails. If you are thinking of using a different configuration on the mast, then you might consider the Legacy or better yet the Zeta. Having 5 battens makes the sail more tolerant of imprecise masts. It really all boils down to masts in my book. If you use the perfect mast combo, then the Elite is the way to go. If you compromise on the mast, then the Zeta is the way to go. If you compromise on the masts and want to watch your pennies, then the Legacy!

  • Andrew

    Hi – I currently have and enjoy a quiver of 2014 and 2015 Elites in sizes 6.1, 5.3 and 4.5 – for anyone reading this, the jump between these sail sizes works perfectly as the Elites are so tunable. I now need to complete the quiver with a 3.8 for use as high wind bump & jump and small waves/swell (85kg rider, 85l board). Question is do I continue with the 3.8 Elite or try out the 3.8 Taka 3? While I’m a big fan of my Elites, I’m also keen to try out the Takas. I would be running either 3.8 sail on the Ezzy spec. mast. Thanks.

    • ezzysails

      the 3.8 Taka is probably a bit more powerful than the Elite. The other consideration is that the Taka doesn’t have the framework to serve as nicely as a bump and jump style sail…so depending upon your local conditions you might find there are benefits to having an extra batten for a high wind sail.

    • stan

      Andrew…. thanx for the comment on spacing between sails. could you say something about your weight, conditions, and board volume.. This would help me in evaluating your experience with the spacing.

      • Andrew

        Hi Stan – I sail high wind bump and jump mostly at Lake Arenal in Costa Rica, which gets pretty hectic in 25+knots, with some extreme chop/waves and nice swell/waves forming. I’ve been riding either an 86l Fanatic Freewave stubby or a 96l Tabou 3S. I weigh 86kg. I do like to sail overpowered, so for this reason I’ve been able to take my 5.3 well into 4.5 territory, and the 4.5 well into 3.8 territory, using the max downhaul settings of course. Cheers.

  • ezzysails
  • Ofir Pesso

    I just bought the Elite 5.7 sail. I have two parts of the Ezzy 430 60% mast. Do you think it can do the job or do I have to buy half of 400 mast and use an extension? What would be the difference?
    Thanks 🙂

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the message Ofir. The 430 tip/430 bottom is a good choice for the 5.7, but the 430 tip/400 bottom will give just a bit better performance.
      You will need to recalibrate the downhaul settings for the sail if you are going to use on a 430 tip/430 bottom. Let me know if you need any assistance with that. You can email myself ([email protected]) or David ([email protected]) for specific help.

  • Neil

    Hi, you put me in touch with your UK importer a few months back to discuss sail size gaps. He is UK, South Coast based, Shoreham I think. Unfortunately I have lost his contact details. Could you provide them again please or ask him to contact me.

  • ezzysails

    thank you for the inquiry Roman. The Elite series in 2016 is a 4 batten sail except for the two biggest sizes (6.4 and 6.8). The bigger sizes are 5 batten sails. We decided it made the most sense to move the Elite 6.4 and 6.8 over to the Zeta series which is all 5 batten designs.

    It is difficult for us to make a 6.4 and 6.8 in a 4 batten configuration that we are really happy with. We were really happy with the Elite 6.4 and 6.8 last year (as 5 batten designs), but just simply moved them over to the Zeta collection. You should check them out!