20 year old Ivan Newmark is loving his new sails!

by / Monday, 28 February 2011 / Published in Latest News

Thanks to Ivan Newmark for sharing his picture and answering a couple questions that David had for him.

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1) how long you have been windsurfing
Started about 7 years ago when my father got me onto his equipment.

2) favorite spot to sail
My best overall spot near Cape Town South Africa I would say is Melkbos , but normally I go for a morning wave riding session at Sunset Beach or Haakgat. Then in the evening when it normally picks up to 30+knots I go for jumping at Big Bay.

3) favorite move
Goiter, but enjoy a nice big Push Loop as well!

4) what are your goals for windsurfing?
My goal is to completely rearrange the mindset of the local windsurfers and make them see that what foreigners make look impossible on the water is very much possible, and to get more local juniors into this sport, because they don’t know what they are missing.

5) anything else you want to say?
Just want to thank Brian from Suntrax for supporting me with these super strong Ezzy Sails and Long Ocean for supplying me with their radical custom wave boards. Without them it wouldn’t be possible for me to sail as hard and as reckless as I do. Also Harry Vogelezang (Ezzy Sails) for challenging me to push the limits further and further. Thanks for your interest Ivan