A 4th of July Report from Sherman Island

by / Friday, 10 July 2009 / Published in Submitted Pics

David and Tim,

Here is a little update on the July 4th weekend at Sherman Island out on the
Sacramento River. We got started on Thursday afternoon and sailed 3.5 to 4.5
for the next four days. I think I got about 18-20 hours of time on the water
and had to pass on sailing on Monday the 6th from just being spent.  Lisa
sailed Monday too.

First, thanks to JD for taking time off from sailing to take a bunch of
pictures while the rest of us just sailed and sailed.

Our buddy Andy (two shots below) sailed all weekend and then took off and is somewhere in Gorge this week.

There are a few shots of me and then Lisa (wife) and I. We spent a couple of
hours on the 4th sailing in tandem. When I turned Lisa turned, when I fell
Lisa fell. I think we figured out a new sport. “Pairs Windsurfing” or
“Synchronized Sailing”. I’m a lucky guy with a wife that is totally stoked
on sailing and is weeks if not days away from showing me how it’s done on
the water.

The Sunday morning flood with 3.5 winds served up a “river wave’ at a shore
break on a small island upwind about 1/2 mile. Real breaking waves (knee
knockers to thigh high) with side shore wind. You could actually bottom turn
and then hit the lip. Not exactly Maui, but waves none the less. A rare
treat on the river, just a couple of us sailing it and unfortunately no way
to get photos but the Panthers got to wave sail (at least a little)

The last couple of shots are of our camp spot at the park on Sherman.
(Windsurf Villas” just down the aisle from “KiteTown”). Thursday night was a
retirement party and pot luck dinner for Osh (he and Karen and moving to the
Gorge this week), Friday was a birthday party for Michael (he is vacationing
in the Gorge now), and Saturday night was another party for the 4th. With
25k to 35k winds every day and every night for four days and parties
continuely, a good time was had by all.

The Panthers are awesome. We both love sailing them and have had many days
at Sherman, Crissy, 3rd, Berkeley, Treasure Island, Alameda, Waddell, and
our local spot near the house “The Rock”. I love hearing comments as I’m
walking to the launch like “nice looking sail” or ” is that the new Ezzy
Wave Panther”.

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