a letter from Tom O’Connor

by / Friday, 19 June 2009 / Published in Testimonials

I am celebrating my 25 year anniversary as an Ezzy Sails customer.

I purchased my first Ezzy Sail while living on Maui in 1984. It was a 57 sq. ft. wave sail. I recall the sail handled extremely well for such a “big” sail. That sail allowed me to get out onto the water while others sat on the beach.

What followed has been a succession of various models and sizes of Ezzy designed sails, from the Wave Spyders and Zeta wave sails, to Prisma race sails, and the original Infinity freeride sail. The Wave SE models and the current generation of the Infinity have been my sails of choice in recent years.

I continue to be an Ezzy Sails customer for many reasons. The paramount reason is David Ezzy’s commitment to provide the windsurfers of the world a very high quality product. I am very impressed at the way the sails continue to improve in power and ease of handling, as well as the attention to detail of the sail’s components. The easy to understand rigging indicators on the sails and rigging videos that can be found on the website make it simple to get the best performance out of each sail are other reasons I am a still an Ezzy Sails customer.

In closing, I hope to enjoy windsurfing with Ezzy Sails for many more years to come.


Tom O’Connor

Writing to you from Michigan