Big day in the Gorge by Dennis Raffelson

by / Wednesday, 11 July 2012 / Published in Latest News
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July 9th

“Had a huge day of sailing at Swell City in the Columbia River Gorge. I was sailing a 4.2 meter sail for the day until I was blown off the water. People were down-sizing to 3.7’s or 3.3 meter sails. One of the really good women sailors came in at the same time I did screaming “UNCLE!” I said, “I think the river won this round.” She was sailing a 2.5 meter sail. The swells were very large because the current is running strong. Jill took some pictures from the parking area which is about 20 feet above the water. This has a tendency to make the swells look much smaller and flatter. This place can really make you feel your age. Maybe someday I will grow up. Dennis”