Do you trust your sail? Thoughts by Thomas Hasch

by / Monday, 21 May 2012 / Published in Latest News
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“Do you trust your sail?

No really I mean it. Do you trust your sail?

We all have different reasons for why we purchase a particular sail. For some it is color and design, for others it is price, maybe a certain feature or a picture in the magazines or because our buddies at the beach told us to. Or maybe because we ‘always’ buy that brand.

In 20 years of windsurfing I have been guilty on all charges – multiple times.

I have been very fortunate to able to sail a large variety of conditions. Cold NorthSea and Atlantic, windy Canary Islands, warm Caribbean, brutal Australia and the legendary North Shore of Hawaii.

During those years…

I spent more time “swimming” than the US Gold medal swim team.

I walked more miles upwind than a marathon runner.

Spend more times underpowered and overpowered than I remember having fun.

Was so frustrated that screamed at my gear.

Seriously considered never to windsurf again.

Raked up a bill of broken equipment in the upper $30.000 range.

Any or all of those things sound familiar?

About 4 years ago I returned to live on Maui’s North Shore to “complete” my personal windsurfing to do list. Since then I did do a little swimming and the occasional rock-climbing … the Maui kind of rock climbing when you screw up at Hookipa. I raced in nuking winds and was up to my knees in the water waiting for a gust to fill my sail.


I haven’t de-rigged the same day a single time.

I simply adjusted my outhaul and downhaul.

I haven’t broken a single mast.

I have less sails that cover a larger wind range than ever I have fun every day when I am out there.


What has changed you may ask?

I trust my sail. And my sail is made by Ezzy.”