Five Things Andy Tomlinson loves about Ezzy

by / Thursday, 02 June 2011 / Published in Five Things About Ezzy - Testimonials
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#1 Aesthetic …Looking a fully rigged Ezzy at rest on the beach or seeing one in full flight across the water is a beautiful sight indeed… simplistic and distinctive from a distance and a detail freaks delight up close, the sail is a Designers dream!

#2 Association with the Brand …Feel good brands are few and far between, but we love to have a piece of them when we can – Innocent Smoothies, Howies, and on a grander scale, Apple are all brands that are associated with a good company doing good work, and in our case for the windsurfing community and for the good folks in Sri Lanka.

#3 Players use Ezzy! …Just stand at your local beach, look out at the action and the dudes and gals that are doing it, having it and loving it are all using Ezzys! Sailing an Ezzy gives you wings!

#4 Connection with the Source …It’s nice to know that you are moments away from the main man and that Ezzy Sails means the big man himself, not just a Marketing Executives great idea. Where else are you hard wired to the Source, other than in church?

#5 The little things …sure the sail rigs great, feels great, looks great and gives you that warm rush when you sail it, but I love that fabric sticker – it looks great on the back of my van!