Five Things Bouke Becker Loves about Ezzy

by / Tuesday, 06 September 2011 / Published in Five Things About Ezzy - Testimonials
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In any given order:

1. Low end wind range without losing on the high end

2. Weight

3. PVC window, no peering around to mast to see where you are going and going blind up to the lip

4. durability

5. The way all the details have been done, the exchangable variotop and pulley, the endobattens, the mast protector.

6. customer support

7. The sails practically sell themselves, all advantages are easy to point out and even more so after a demo.

8. Quality control. A neighbouring shop had a delivery of sails of another brand with an obvious profile error once rigged…….

9. The lack of marketing lead sail optics which usually have a negativ effect on the performance and quality.