Five Things Cliff Carson likes about Ezzy Sails

by / Friday, 05 August 2011 / Published in Five Things About Ezzy - Testimonials

Who doesn’t like a 6.9? Focus. People. I’m talking about a 6.9 meter Ezzy Panther Wave sail (2011). I’m sailing on Maui and use a 6.9 m sail most of the time. I’m 240 lbs. (most definitely not all muscle) and 60+ in years. I use a 9 ft. Retro board. -This sail is just fun to sail. -The new cut and lighter weight make the sail feel like a 5.5 but you have incredible range. -I sail it from 14-28 knots comfortably. -It is stable and easy to handle for someone over 6 ft. -So my question is “Why don’t I see more of you out there with an Ezzy 6.9?”