Five things Ian Wilkins loves about Ezzy Sails

by / Tuesday, 20 December 2011 / Published in Five Things About Ezzy - Testimonials


The first thing I noticed about these sails was a softer, lighter feel than I had experienced before, along with amazing stability in the sail’s centre of effort. Instead of working away at a sail where the CoE is subtly changing, you have super-stable sail that feels very light in your hands. The soft, light feel seems to translate to the entire setup. There is more time to react to gusts, and an enhanced feeling of security on the water. Once I had experienced it I wanted that relaxed feeling all the time.



The sails combine beautifully with the Ezzy masts to make a harmonious rig. Like the sails, the masts seem to be produced to very high quality and feel reliable and dependable because of that. They have an awesome reputation for durability. The ease of handling was a revelation when I tried them after years on SDMs. Gybing, jumping, waterstarts, even carrying the gear around on the beach, are all easier.


I use my Wave Panthers for bump and jump freeriding in really rough conditions. There is no down-the-line wave-sailing where I live, just big onshore swells and chop; yet the sails suit my spot perfectly with plenty of low down grunt when it gets light, great handling and gybing characteristics, and the ability to help iron out the bumps. I also love the way these sails gybe. Adjusting the outhaul to suit the conditions can really turbo charge your sail when the wind drops and steady it down when the wind switches on again.

Customer Service

In my experience this has been second to none. The Ezzy team absolutely stands 100% behind their products and the people that buy them. It genuinely is a great feeling, and unlike any customer experience I have encountered before.

Ezzy Production Practices

This last point may be the most important. How can we enjoy our wonderful first-world sport if the craftspeople making the products are hard done by? In my opinion the Ezzy team is doing things the right way in Sri Lanka, crafting great products and supporting the aspirations of their employees and local community. The Ezzy Foundation is an impressive initiative I am more that happy to support through my sail purchases, and I really hope they persist with it.