Graham Ezzy Wins Cabo Verde Super Session!

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image courtesy John Carter/PWA

“The Cabo Verde PWA World Cup – Super Session Saturday

The 2009 Cabo Verde PWA World Cup – 02/21 from on Vimeo.

EVENT STATUS >> Super Session Results Announced!

1st Graham Ezzy – Taka (Dakine)

2nd Ricardo Campello- Backloop off-the-lip (JP / NeilPryde / MFC)

3rd Marcilio Browne – Air taka (Fanatic / North)

Winning the super session is Graham Ezzy with a perfectly landed taka right in the critical section. Ricardo Campello finished in second with a truely mad back loop off-the-lip. Sadly it wasn’t landed, but it was inches away from being perfect. Marcilio Browne took the final podium position with a smooth air taka, landed back on the wave face before going over the falls. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all the sailors who took part, putting themselves in harms way to deliver an inspirational hour of sailing.”

Here is the play by play:

13.50 Ponta Preta’s churning out mast high monsters and hammering 25-30 knot wind. The super session is going to fully go off. Tune back at 3.00pm to follow all the action of the best move jam.

15.00 Super session format: 1 hour heat free-for-all, the best move wins. The heat has now started.

15.06 No moves as of yet, but there’s some big sets coming through.

15.07 Marcilio Browne attempts an awesome taka right in the critical section, landing it but then going over the falls. Seadi lands a flaka on the wave face. Some decent moves there.

15.11 Guilloul tries a backloop of the lip of a massive set. Balls out stuff, but he gets worked.

15.15 Fernandez lands a really nice air taka, but drops off the back of the wave.

15.19 Campello boosts a monster backloop off the lip, landing it clean in front of the wave, but then getting knocked down by the massive wall of white water behind him. He’s way out ahead with that move, it was epic.

15.29 Nothing new at the moment. Campello leads right now, Browne second.

15.36 Swift and Ezzy go for 360’s in the critical section of a couple of huge waves. Sadly they don’t stomp them, but it was a fine effort from the pair.

15.44 The wind’s dropped down a fair bit now, so nothing to report on at the moment.

15.47 Klass Voget has just broken literally everything, even his boom has snapped. Really impressive kit abuse from him.

15.51 Swift and Porcella go down hard. Swift’s gear is beyond trashed.

15.54 Angulo boosts a properly massive aerial, the biggest of the session so far. Fernandez has also scored a decent aerial with a rail grab thrown in for good measure.

15.56 Ezzy steals the show with a sick taka, landed perfectly on the wave face. Properly awesome. Siver pulls an air taka, but falls right at the very end. Two awesome moves there.

15.59 Lenny lands a flaka on the wave face right on the sound of the horn. A good move, but we’ve had better. Heat ends. Stay tuned for the result.

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Congrats Graham!