Interview with Jesse Brown

by / Wednesday, 29 February 2012 / Published in Latest News

Kevin Pritchard sat down with Jesse this week at Hookipa for an interview.  Kevin also gathered these amazing shots.

Here is the latest from our favorite “rebel yell” rider Jesse Brown!

For the past 8 months, Hookipa has been missing one of the core rippers, Jesse Brown. Ezzy Sails caught up with the Tennessee native to see what he has been up to.

 ES(Ezzy Sails): What have you been up to? Haven’t seen you on the water for quite some time?

 JB(Jesse Brown): Man it has been a rough 6 months for me. I had a pulled muscle in my back, and I have been laid up. I actually don’t know what it was but I have never felt pain like that ever before. It was brutal. I couldn’t move for 3 months with out pain. Couldn’t sleep, couldn’t work, couldn’t windsurf, it was terrible. 

 ES: Wow, that sounds pretty bad, good to see you back on the water. What did you end up doing to get your health back? 

 JB: I did everything I could think of, saw doctors MRI’s, took all the vitamins, and nothing was working. I didn’t want to go down the pain killer route but I just couldn’t go on with it. It kept getting worse and worse and I was starting to freak out. I mean…I had so much pain…it was incredible. Finaly I went to the gym and started working with a trainer, 3 hours a day, just slow moving stretches. Sometimes I would just sit on the floor, laying there, thinking, why is this happening to me. It took about a month of going to the gym every day, three hours a day, to see any sign of improvement. But at least it was improvement. So I went with that. I started improving so I could walk pain free, and from there I just kept building up stronger and stronger. It took 8 months and I am finally back on the water. It was pretty scary for sure.

ES: That sounds scary! 

JB: Yeah, it was a long road and I am happy to be back on the water.

ES: How are you liking the new Panther Limited’s?

JB: Man, the sails are great. I don’t know if I am just happy to be on the water, but the sails feel amazing. I have had these brand new sails sitting in the shed for a while and have been dying to get out on them. I think they are really nice, the power is there, it is controllable and stable in your hands. I am stoked.  I am also pretty happy about still having some sails to sail on, I have been out of the water for a long time and to still have you guys supporting me, means a lot so thanks!

ES: So you have any plans for the summer?

JB: Well, I am still just taking it easy. I still go to the gym 4 days a week and just make sure I keep in check. I don’t want to go back to where I was so I am taking it pretty easy but still doing stuff. I think it is pretty important to keep moving and keep on your day when you get a little sore but right now I am focusing on staying healthy. I would really want to go to Pistol River, to see all the boys, but not sure if I am going to pull that off. For the moment just sailing on the good days here at Hookipa is good enough for me. 

ES: Thanks for taking some time for us.

JB: No worries.

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