More Tandem Ezzy pics from Germany

by / Thursday, 12 May 2011 / Published in Latest News

this is so cool!

“Hi David, The Sailor`s are my son Robin Ferchert (17) and Michael Ferchert (47). We are a Windsurf Club (RTGW) in Wesel, Germany, with 240 members, the lake is the Auesee. The board is a windglider built in 1977 which we have 5 units in the association. We sell our old Ezzy sails to the children of the club, this wasy, we have around 40 ezzy riders We like it even in low winds with tandem surfing so we can expand and talk;-). It makes a lot of fun and is not exhausting. We do regularly races with the tandems with more than 10 boards. Currently in the Netherlands new tandems are designed to promote the tandem driving. With the wind gliders we can take comfort from 1 to 7 Beaufort. Lake Auesee near Wesel. Thanks for the Time, Michi!!!! ”

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