Pistol River Jump Off Video

by / Friday, 25 June 2010 / Published in Events, Ezzy in the News, Ezzy Team, Latest News

2010 EpicSessions.tv/Shadowbox Pistol River Jump Off Official Results


1) Tyson Poor- 30.8ft

2) Timo Mullen- 28.5ft

3) Francisco Goya- 28 ft

4) Nathan Mershon- 27.8ft

5) Kevin Pritchard- 27.5 ft

6) Whit Poor- 27.3ft

7) Jesse Brown- 24.8 ft (Pushloop) TEAM EZZY

8) Kevin McGillivray- 21.7ft (Pushloop)

9) Russ Faurot- 21.1ft TEAM EZZY

10) Zane Schweitzer- 20.3 ft (Pushloop)

11) Skyler- 19.9 (Cheese Roll)

12) Sven Esslinger- 19.4 ft

13) Diego- 11.8ft (Forward)


1) Tyson- 26.3

2) Timo- 25

3) Kevin Pritchard- 24.3

4) Kev Mc- 20.9

5) Jesse Brown- 19.6 TEAM EZZY

6) Nathan- 17.8

6) Russ Faurot- 17.8 TEAM EZZY

8) Whit- 17.6

9) Sven- 17.4

10) Skyler- 17.1

11) Cisco- 15.2

The Jump Off contests are a collaboration between EpicSessions.tv and Shadowbox. On the EpicSessions.tv team you’ve got myself and Jake Miller. On the Shadowbox side there’s Casey Hauser. We’re in the Gorge this summer and getting ready to launch the Jump Off Team Edition which will run from June 28-July 7. After the event, we’ll be throwing a do-not-miss awards party on the evening of July 10. There will also be more individual Jump Off events this summer, so stay tuned here, on our Facebook Page (search for EpicSessions) or on EpicSessions.tv. Want to see how high YOU can go? Visit Shadowbox and order your own Shadowbox today!