Wave Panther 2
Wave / Bump and Jump
2010 Wave Panther 2

Light Air
2010 Zephyr
Freeride 4
Freeride/Bump and Jump
2010 Freeride 4

2010 Freewave
Speed / Freeride
2010 Infinity

Kid's Rig
Fun For Kids!
2010 Kid's Rig
2010 Ezzy Lineup

2 Responses to “2010 Sails”

  1. Evan says :

    Hi All! Sorry if this has been answered before – just curious on when the new sail ranges are normally introduced. I recall some mention of it being early in the new year? As a side note : seeing some of the new 2011 wave sails (prototypes?) recently I have to say they are looking very nice!

    • Anonymous says :

      the new sails will be up on our website just after the first of Jan. Our factory is currently shipping orders, so your importer may be receiving new inventory as we speak!