thanks for making gear I don’t have to think about! :)

by / Tuesday, 07 August 2012 / Published in Latest News

We received this amazing email today from Grayson who sails Plattsburgh Bay near Burlington, VT.

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“I don’t often get to sail my Freewave 4.5 around here, but this past Sunday I spent a pretty epic morning on it (8am-noon with just a couple breaks) in everything from off-and-on gusty to full-on overpowered conditions (see below wind chart), and I really wanted to say thanks for making gear that I don’t have to think about! I just realized today that the whole time I was out there, through some pretty crazy conditions, I didn’t give a single thought to my rig other than the occasional “ok, maybe time to add/ease outhaul a bit”. I so love having the range to stay out and sail rather than wasting time coming in to re-rig, especially since it’s usually a pretty long schlog between the good breeze and my launch. And even after a couple ridiculous high-speed wipeouts that really had me taking a minute to make sure no part of me was broken, it didn’t even cross my mind to consider making sure no part of my rig was broken. So, yeah, thanks for making stuff that’s way tougher than I am, and simple and rangy enough that I spend more time sailing and less time tweaking and re-rigging. Love my whole Ezzy quiver, right down to my seldom-used FW 4.5 & 3.7.

Keep it up! Cheers, Grayson”