Thoughts on camera mounts and leashes

by / Friday, 19 August 2011 / Published in Latest News

We have been so stoked with Gary Morris this summer.  Gary manages our demos in the Gorge, and has also taken to putting together lots of posts and videos for us.  We thought it would be interesting to post his thoughts about GoPro/Contour camera mounts, and his experience. On Leashes “The leash needs to be kite line or similar spectra. I won’t trust the thin nylon leash that comes with the Contour. I’ve included attachment points for each cam that seems to be working well. The boom mount is simply secured by wrapping the leach around the boom. The mast mount needs a longer leash that attaches down around the mast at the top of the cut-out, or running up around the mast cap webbing. Tighten the Flymount (thse things are awesome!) bolts firmly. The mount is well made and I haven’t had it come loose yet.  Occasionally the mast mount will slip because the luff sleeve material will move slightly on the mast while sailing. Graham and I had a little misfortune with a GoPro mounted on the mast top at Doug’s in July, but that was before I switched to kite line for a leash. I quickly realized Graham’s sailing style puts some major torque and loads beyond the average sailor on the rig. The kids at Windance have lost a couple Contours this summer that seem to have failed at the 1/4″ screw mount on the bottom of the waterproof housing. Obviously we’re all learning on the fly the ins and outs of sailing with a video camera attached to our equipment. Windance has ordered a special small fin box that will allow me to mount the cam on the nose of my board. I think the view looking back will be spectacular. I’ll keep you posted on how that works out. Here some pics that I hope help. As always your thoughts and help are appreciated. Gary ” [nggallery id=175]