Mast Overview


Ezzy Mast Theory


  • Our skinny masts contain 90% pre-preg carbon fiber. Pre-preg is the key to achieving a superior weight-to-strength ratio.
  • The fibers are pre-saturated to an exact resin-to-fiber ratio, then hand-wrapped around a mandrel, and then thermally cured.
  • The Ezzy Skinny Mast gets its superior strength from the 50% extra thickness of its walls.
  • The small diameter makes the Ezzy Skinny a dream to sail. You'll notice the improved handling right away in your jibes.
  • Ezzy tops and bottoms are interchangeable and sold individually. You can buy the perfect combination for your sail quiver. That means fewer masts. The general rule when mixing tops and bottoms is: choose a shorter bottom with a longer top.
  • Talk to your local dealer about a skinny dedicated mast extension, or conversion parts to convert your existing mast extension to work with skinny masts.
  • The Ezzy Sails are widely tested on standard and reduced diameter masts, and work perfectly well, but if you are looking for the perfect blend of performance and durability for Wave, Bump and Jump or even Slalom conditions, the RDM mast system is is the way to go. The Ezzy Skinny masts work FANTASTIC on the 2014 Panther Elite Wave Sail!

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Ezzy Sails work great with the Ezzy Mast system, but also work with a variety of other brand masts (RDM and regular diameter). You could contact your mast maker and see if the bend of your non-Ezzy mast is compliant.

Ezzy mast bend curves are tip: 75% to 79% and base: 62% to 65%

Note: this is not carbon content. This is percentage bend relative to the midpoint bend.

We recommend using the 1st choice Ezzy Masts top and bottom with all 2014 and 2013 Ezzy Elite wave sails whenever possible for uncompromised performance.

“It is a life altering experience the first time you use an Ezzy Skinny Mast! You have got to try one out!“

David Ezzy

Mix and Match Chart

How To Choose The Perfect Mast Combination For Your Quiver:

  1. First, pick the top and bottom that fits the sail you use the most.
  2. Second, use a longer top for your bigger sail.
  3. Third, use a shorter bottom for your smaller sail.
Please view the mix and match chart here!

Mast Specs Table


Ezzy Mast Features

Ezzy masts work with any skinny base extension

How to Rig Your Ezzy on a Non Ezzy Mast

186 Responses to “Mast Overview”

  1. Anton says : Reply

    If i get one 430 and one 370, can I mix the 430 bottom with the 370 top to form a 400 mast, what is the difference to a genuine 400 mast? Would there be a problem?

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      Great question Anton!
      You can mix the 430/370 parts. The key is that you can use only the 430 TIP and the 370 BOTTOM together. The basic rule with bend curve is that the tip should be the same length or longer than the bottom with our mix and match system.

      Structurally you are ok.
      The 430 tip and 370 bottom yields a bend curve that is acceptable with Ezzy's.


  2. F Gregoire 3 says : Reply

    I just bought a brand new 490 Hookipa rdm. I'm a little worried about the specs on the mast : 1″/mcs=25/imcs=25. Did I get a soft 490? Is it not supposed to have an IMCS around 30? I have a 8.0 freeride 2008 which seems to be fine on it, but I'm thinking of buying a 9.5 infinity and I'm afraid my 490 is too soft. Could it be a mast from previous years and the technology was not there a couple years ago?

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thanks for the message. The 490 is 26mcs/29imcs. There was a small number of 490's that received incorrect labeling last year accidentally marked 25/25. The rest of the mast is perfect, but the company that prints the labels made a mistake. The 490 Ezzy RDM is perfect for your Ezzy 8.0 and 9.5.


      • Mike says : Reply

        Hi I have a set of ezzy wave se 4.2 to 5.8 but I have a pryde 6.3 for the lighter days. I just snapped 2 masts and am looking to go rdm but I had to fit a different end cap to my last mast to take the pryde conical head cap. Can he ezzy mast accomadate the pryde end cap in any way?



        • ezzysails says : Reply

          thanks for the message Mike.
          Unfortunately, the Ezzy Mast plug is not immediately compatible with the Pryde headcap.
          The best solution is to replace the pryde head cap (in the sail) with one that fits in our tip plug. You might try taking one off of one of your Ezzy Sails to see if it fits on the webbing ok.
          If it does, I would be happy to send you a spare headcap at no charge.
          Let me know!

  3. clint says : Reply

    Hi i purchased a 7.5m freeride a few months ago which i love , and am now looking to change my masts over to RDM , my question is i currently use a 430 SDM and a 460 SDM to cover my 5.4m, 6.5m and 7.5m sails, i am looking to buy soon either an 8.5m or 9.5m infinity so would also require a 490 mast. What is the minimum number of ezzy mast sections i need to buy and what if any would the combinations be? As you can imagine it is a costly exercise when you factor in new extention/base. Do you have a short solid mast piece that i have seen for other mast companies to extend the masts length? i would love to use ezzy masts and sails and welcome your advice.

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thanks for the message Clint. The best thing to do is to plug these sails into our mast configurator pages:

      The third choice will show you the most cost effective way to come up with combinations.
      We don't offer a tip or base extension for RDM's I'm afraid.
      The nice thing is that the mix and match system will allow you to shave a few sections off and save a few dollars!

  4. Maarten says : Reply

    hi, i'm about to buy my first ezzy sail/mast !

    i'm a bit excited about it because it will be my first sail purchase.

    so now few questions: are all the ezzy masts here above RDM? At wat numbers for a 460 mast do i have to look if i want to buy a matching boom? and last : is there a base deliverd with the mast? (connecting board to sail/mast)

    kind regards :)

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thank you very much for the message!
      The Ezzy masts are all RDM. You will need to purchase a boom that fits your intended sail sizes. The Boom length is printed on each sail. You want to find a boom (or in some cases you might need more than one) that will allow the sail to fit properly. Where do you live? I suggest you communicate with a windsurf shop that can help you insure your pieces are all going to fit together okay.
      The masts do not come with a base, but there are many brands (Chinook comes to mind) that offer RDM specific. Let me know!

  5. Oliver says : Reply

    I own ezzy 370 and 400 mast and they fit very nice to my ezzy sails.

    I although notice a small problem : as the base off the mast is “hollow”, the sand can enter from the base extension to the joint beetwen the top and the base. Afterwhat I can't separate the top and the base alone. last time I need the help from 6 guys. I recognize where I sail there is some fine sand particle in suspension.

    In never had these problem with previous mast, which have an “mâle” base, with a cap, while the ezzy mast have “female” base. (sorry I don't know howto explain it clearly in english, I don't have the precise word). i hope you understand.

    But I think there is a solution; I built a cap in a relatively dense foam, and I put it about 15cm from the top of the base.

    So the water can flow by the base, but the sand can't reach the jonction base/top.

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thank you for the message. We do leave the base without any plugs because we find for most beaches it is best of the water and sand can flow out of the bottom of the rig. There are some kinds of sand that cause problems however. I'm glad you came up with a clever solution. Hope it works for you!

    • Krakski says : Reply

      I wanted to add that I have used electrical tape to seal the seam between the top and bottom mast. This helps to keep water and silt/sand from entering the joint and filling the mast bottom, used in concert with plugs can help keep the mast bottom free of water and silt. The electrical tape is quick and easy to apy and remove, you can even leave it stuck to the mast to use the next time. It also leaves no resifue

  6. Rok says : Reply


    Would an Ezzy mast be considered a constant curve mast, for example like the Loft masts, and if so, would it work well with their sail?

    Thank you

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thanks for the email Rok. Ezzy masts are considered constant curve.
      63% / 76% is the percent bend.
      Our mast is essentially the same bend as the Powerex brand. Not sure what Loft calls for.
      Hope this helps!

  7. Evan Fairbanks says : Reply

    I just received a sailboat (still don't know the brand, and I was looking at the mast and it says ZEPHYR sails. It is a 19foot mast on a 11.5ft long sailboat. I was wondering if you have any info on this mast.


  8. Gavin says : Reply

    Hi, I’m looking to get a 9.5 freeride 4 along with a 490 ezzy mast, but I wasn’t sure about the extension. The luff on the sail is 515-518, which calls for a 28 cm extension. The chinook rdm extension I’m looking at comes in both 28cm and 38cm sizes – I was thinking of getting the 38cm extension with the thought that the extra length could come in handy in the future….Which one would work better with the sail/mast, or would it even make much of a difference? Thanks!

    • Anonymous says : Reply

      thanks for the message Gavin. The 9.5 will work great with the 490cm mast and the 28cm extension. The actual luff length of the sail is just about 5 cm shorter than the printed luff if you are mindful to snug up the headcap as tight as possible. You can get away with the shorter extension. Hope this helps!

  9. Cindy says : Reply


    I purchased a 400 rdm Ezzy mast. I am using it with a 5.3 Neil Pryde FireFly. On the top of the sail (inside the mast sleeve) there is a plastic piece that goes inside the mast (inside the tip of the mast). After the session it was very hard to pull the mast out of the mast sleeve. I had to get help from a friend. When I use the same mast with a 4.7 North Ice the mast comes out easily. Do I need to use a different piece (sorry I don’t know how it is called, I hope it makes sense) on my Neil Pryde sail that would be a little thinner so the mast could be pulled easily.

    Another question I have is that it is a bit hard to put the mast inside the North Ice mast sleeve. Before I was using a Naish Firestick rdm mast, I remember sliding it easily. I am wondering if I am using my Ezyy mast with right sails?

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

  10. Mclohessy says : Reply

    I have a 460 rdm ezzy mast that is 5 years old. I just noticed that the extension piece from the top portion of the mast only sticks out 3 3/4 inches ? Shouldn’t it be 6″ and is the extension glued in or pressed ?

  11. Kfrebeck says : Reply

    I currently have a : 430 skinny Ezzy & need a 460 skinny for my 7.5 Infinity , what size skinny can I add to my 430 to make it a 460? Thanks for your help!!

    • Anonymous says : Reply

      good question! You could pick up a 490 tip. The 490 tip + 430 bottom = 460cm mast!

      • Dave says : Reply

        and in analogy, can one put a 370 base under a 430 top?

        • Anonymous says : Reply

          yes! You can jump two mast sizes, but you cannot do three.
          I.E. 340 base + 430 top is not recommended.
          370 base + 430 top is okay

          • Dave says :


            could you elaborate a bit on why that would be bad? (340 base – 430 top)

            Will it affect the structural strength or the curvature, or both ?

          • Anonymous says :

            by nature, the tips are softer than the bottoms on all masts. If you use a really long tip, you end up getting a mast that is much softer. We have discovered that using a combination tip and bottom that strays two lengths apart works within our tolerances quite nicely. Three size jumps creates too soft of a combination.

          • Dave says :

            ok, so I can get a 340 base in my 400 top to use on a 4.5 panther if I am getting this all correctly?

  12. Jere says : Reply

    Borrowed a friends 2003 3.5 Wave SE and used my 370 rdm Powerex Mast. The specs show 1st choice 370/17 2nd choice 400/19 and Ezzy 340/340 15.4 IMCS. Would my Powerex 340/15 with 12cm extension be a better choice for me at 195 pounds or the Powerex 370 with 18 cm of mast sticking out?

    • Anonymous says : Reply

      thanks for the question! I’m very similar in weight to you, and I really liked the 340 combo. The Powerex and the Ezzy bends are almost exactly the same, so I would suggest you run with the 340 Powerex first.
      Let me know how it feels!

  13. Anonymous says : Reply

    yes, this is certainly an option. 400 tip + 340 bottom = 370cm mast length and a bend curve that is acceptable for the 4.5. Hope this helps!

    • dave says : Reply

      Do the various lengths also vary in diameter? I’ve notice a diameter difference between one of my tops (460) and a base (430), the top piece is about a mm thicker in diameter. Is this a problem or normal? The 370 base and 430 top don’t vary that much but you can feel the difference in diameter.

      • Anonymous says : Reply

        thank you for the email Dave. There is some outside diameter variation between different size masts. The inside diameter and ferrule size should be exactly the same however. I don’t think you have a problem with your masts. Hope this helps!

  14. Raf says : Reply

    I have an opportunity to buy off a friend an Ezzy 430 bottom and 460 top = 445 length. I have an ’07 Ezzy 7.5 Freeride which has a 488 luff and requires a 460 mast (280mm extention). Will the additional 150mm = 430mm on my extension present a problem eg. mast curve = stiffer/softer, point load anywhere etc.?

    The reason I want to go with this combination also is becasue it will suit my other 6.5 sail from another brand that requires a Constant Curve (430 mast, luff 470)

  15. Anonymous says : Reply

    thank you for the message. It appears you will need 43cm of extension to properly rig your 7.5 This is too much. We don’t recommend you go over 39cm of extension.

    I suggest you consider buying this mast combination, and then find a 460 tip to use with the 460 bottom. You can then properly rig the 7.5 AND the 6.5 you already own properly. Rigging sails on the wrong length masts will just make performance suffer. Hope this helps.

  16. Rich says : Reply

    Hi – you probably get asked this sort of thing a fair amount….

    I have ezzy panthers and skinny masts which are fantastic. However, I’m getting a NP firefly 6.5 for a bit of freestyle, which should fit on my 430. Are there likely to be any compatibility problems using my ezzy rdm mast with a new NP?


    • Anonymous says : Reply

      thank you for the message Rich. I’m pretty sure the bend curve of our 430 will work just fine on the Firefly. I’m not sure about what Pryde is doing with their headcap these days. You might check with your Pryde dealer to see if Pryde is using a proprietary head cap system that only works with their sails/head cap.

  17. Dmarot says : Reply

     My 370 RDM mast has gotten stuck twice this week requiring four guys to separate it. I noticed that the bottom section has no plug. Should there be a foam plug in the bottom section?

    • Anonymous says : Reply

      thanks for the message. Sorry about your difficulty. The mast bottom is not supposed to have ANY plug so that the mast can properly flush.

      There is a chance your top plug is the problem. Try running a small piece of duct tape around the tip of the mast cap. Where do you live?

  18. Pancho says : Reply

    Please explain MCS and IMCS pancho

  19. Raflafla says : Reply

    I have 2 wave panther 4.2 and 5.5 (2009) , and a wave se 4.7 (2006) and 2 ezzy mast 400 and 4
    .30. Witch extension should i buy to remplace my old 3.7m mast that will fit with my 4.2 panther? 3.7 top with 4 base, 3.7 base with 4 top or something smaller?

    • Anonymous says : Reply

      thanks for the message. For the 4.2, I would try to find a complete 370 mast if at all possible. The sail feels SO great on a 370 mast. If you want to do it with just one piece, then you could buy a 340 bottom and use the 400 tip. This would effectively give you a 370cm mast length. The other (second) option would be to buy a 370 bottom and use it with the 400 tip. Might be a nice way to go considering you may end up buying a 370 tip for the 4.2 down the road. Let me know if this helps!

  20. Edu says : Reply

    I’d like to know the bend curve in 4.30 Ezzy Mast. The reason is that I’m riging it in a Loft Racing Sail and I’d like to know how it could change sails performance.
    Thanks and good winds

    • Anonymous says : Reply

      Here are the specs on the Ezzy RDM 430:
      weights 1.97 kg MCS 25.072 IMCS 21.909
      Percent bend – 63% / 76%


  21. Lorenzo says : Reply

    Hi! My question is: it’s possible mix the top of Ezzy RDM mast with a base of Powerex RDM mast (I’d like to know if the diameter are the same).
    And: could be good idea mix a 100% carbon RDM base with a 85% carbon RDM top (or vice versa)?Thank in advance

    • Anonymous says : Reply

      thanks for the inquiry! yes, you can mix Powerex and Ezzy RDM masts no problem. I think it would be okay to mix different carbon content pieces. I haven’t tried it, but it could be interesting.
      Powerex was recently purchased and is now putting out new products. The new masts are not interchangable with Ezzy unfortunately. I don’t recall if Powerex made a 100% carbon RDM before they were sold.

  22. Jim says : Reply

    Hello, I just bought a lovely new 400 Ezzy mast, and rigged it on my 4.7 Wave Panther. When I put the boom to its usual height (around the 4-5 mark on the sail), I noticed that the boom sits right at the top of the boom height markings on the mast, and overlaps where the mast structure appears to change. Is this ok? I’m using a North boom with it’s in-built RDM attachment. Many thanks, Jim.

    • Anonymous says : Reply

      thanks for reaching out Jim. I appreciate it.
      Our markings are in strange places because we are big advocates for using longer extensions (rather than longer masts) on many of our sails. It is no problem to mount your boom head above or below the markings. The reinforcement section lies far above and below those markings. There is a bit of a structural feel in the marking section that is caused only by the actual graphic.

      Hope this answers your question!

      • Jim says : Reply

        Many thanks for answering my question. I too use a longer extension with my 5.2 and 400 mast which works great (for me at 69kg) and keeps the rig light and responsive. Thanks once again. Jim

  23. kasia says : Reply

    I have Ezzy ride 400 RRD and i used with 4.0 powerglide. but I am planing to buy north sail 5.3 and 5.8. What extension i can use to fit the other sails. I have also other mast RRD Evolution 430. and I want to buy 6.5 gastra pilot sail. What can I do about that?

  24. Lorenz Martinelli says : Reply

    Ezzy (top or base) mast and Powerex (base or top) mast can fit together?

    • Anonymous says : Reply

      yes, as long as it is the “older” Powerex, not the new re-invented Powerex masts which are just starting to come out.

  25. Jon says : Reply

    I’m looking for a 100 percent carbon RDM mast in a 460 to rig with my 6.5 and 7.5 Ezzy Freerides. Any suggestions?  I have looked at GT RDM 100 and Powerex 100.  Thanks

  26. John says : Reply

    Hello, i have got a ezzy wave 5.2m en 4.7m. How important is the bend curve of a mast for a ezzy sail? Because on the ezzy website they say that you need a mast with a tip curve between 75% and 79% and a base curve between 62% to 65%. That is quit a big range. And how does the weight of the rider influences the reaction of a mast? My weight is 87kg. Do I need a other mast than someone who weights 70 kg when using the same sail? 

    • Anonymous says : Reply

      thanks for the message John! We are really tolerant with mast bends. Most mast on the market (Fiberspar, Powerex, North, Pryde) work great with our sails. The best thing to take into consideration is to use the right length mast, no matter your weight. We take the span of weight into account when suggesting our masts.

  27. Bryan says : Reply

    Could some one please advise the most appropriate skinny masts to suit a 6.0 and 7.0 Infinity 

  28. Dan says : Reply

    I am a 64 years old 90 kg sailor with over 20 years experience.  I have 2007 Ezzy 4.7 and 5.5 SE wave sails in yellow sail bags that I use on a Non-Ezzy 430 IMCS 21 60% carbon RDM.  I usually use them on a 85L JP freewave board.  I also use an earlier model 7.0 m Gaastra GTS sail on a very old 460 SDM of unknown IMCS and unknown composition on a 125 L Tabou Rocket .  I find the Gaastra difficult to use and wonder if an EZZY 460 RDM would help.  If I give up on the Gaastra, what sail arrangement would you reccomend to extend my light wind sailing past the EZZY 5.5?

  29. Anonymous says : Reply

    thanks for the message Dan. We appreciate you using our SE’s!
    Hard for me to accurately say what the right bend is for your older Gaastra. I know over the last few years Gaastra has been using stiffer tipped masts (like Maui Sails, Severe, and Sailworks), but their older sails most likely used standard bends. Our RDM series uses a standard bend.

    Regarding your quiver, I think the jump from 5.5 to 7.0 is a very smart way to scale things. I’d suggest you look at either a 7.0 Freeride model, or perhaps a 6.9 Wave sail depending upon your local conditions.

    Perhaps there is a local shop you could work with regarding the mast? It would be great if you could rig up the 7.0 Gaastra and have a look how it sets up on our 460.


  30. Bart says : Reply

    After breaking numerous mast in a relative small time frame (losing an 3.7m Ezzy WP2 in the process) I decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and invest in 3 Ezzy  masts.
    I like to sail with long (32cm) lines with the boom mounted mostly in the top of the sail cut-out. On all my sails (even on my 5.8m WP2 – the mast area for the boom ends at nr.5 on the sail where I like the boom at nr.6) this means that the boom is mounted above the marked area on the mast (and thus without warranty).
    I understand that I can put a couple of cm extra on the extension, but that negates the benefit of the higher boom position.
    Any ideas what to do here? Thxs.

    • Anonymous says : Reply

      hi Bart,
      thanks for the message. Good question.
      I too like to mount my booms right at the top of the cut out. I haven’t had any problem with breakage but I need to stress the importance of using the provided boom shim. If you are using one of those booms heads that encourages you to toss out your shim, I cannot guarantee the mast will last.
      Truthfully, one of the reasons why RDM masts have had excellent strength over the years is because people have been forced to use a boom shim. When the boom companies began marketing heads that encouraged you to stop using the shim we began to see failures because the absorbing nature of the shim went away.

      Any mast is going to really get loaded up and risk breaking if you are popping huge airs. in particular, the jarring nature of a back loop landing is one heck of a load up for the mast. If you are into big power moves like that, then I would say two things:

      1. use the shim
      2. raise the mast on your rig so that you are into the boom graphic (do this by jacking up the extension a bit, and let some webbing out of the head strap)
      Hope this helps.

      • Bart says : Reply

        Thanks for your reply. I did use a smaller shim previously, but my current Aeron boom has a nice ample shim, so that should be ok.  None of my masts came with a shim included though, so I’ll speak with the shop to see where they went :-)

  31. [email protected] says : Reply

    I bought a 2011 6.0 and 7.5 infinity from Windance last winter and a new Ezzy mast. I did not want to use a lot of extension so they suggested that I mix and match a 460 and 490 and the length was perfect but my question is they gave me a 490 bottom and a 460 top. Is this correct? Or should it be the other way around? I am 200 lbs would they have done that because it would be stiffer? Is this ok? Btw I have a Powerex 460 that I use for the 6.0.

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, you got the wrong parts. You would need a 490 tip and a 460 bottom to get the correct bend. Who helped you out at Windance? Sounds like you need to contact them and work out a swap.

  32. D Handy says : Reply

    The guy that helped me last year is no longer there and I can’t remember his name. I received a call from John today and he was very helpful, but I still have a dilemma, should I just swap the 460 base and the 490 top or should I just swap the 490 base for a 460? I already own a Powerex 460 and i was trying to buy a mast just for my 7.5 but I didn’t want 30 something inches of extension, which leaves me with about 3 1/2 inches in the mast, that just makes me a little nervous. Would you suggest the 490 tip and 460 base, or just the 460 mast? Thanks for all your help! Even rigged with that mast I still loved the sail!! Ezzy rules!

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thanks for the message back. John is awesome. Glad to hear you are working with him.
      Believe it or not, the 460 on the 7.5 is an awesome way to go. Using a longer extension is totally fine. The 490 tip/460 bottom is a nice alternative, but the sail is tested on the 460 tip/460 bottom as its primary set up!

  33. Dbrauer says : Reply

    Hello,I recently bought a ezzy phanter limited 5.8 , I want to know if its work with my gaasstra rdm 100 or I must to change the mast.

  34. ezzysails says : Reply

    Thanks for asking. The Gaastra masts are stiffer tip/softer bottom than our ideal masts. Just the same we’ve found that they work okay. They are not the best, but they are okay.

  35. Yan says : Reply

    Hi, I’m trying to find a mast to fit both my current Freeride 7.5 and a incoming Kona 9.0.  The 7.5 should work well with the 490 skinny.  The Kona sail has very similar mast requirements but SDM.  I couldn’t get a clear answer yet by the manufacturer about RDM compatibility.  The sail is camless.  In general, will RDM mast fit SDM sails without problem?

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thanks for the email Yan.

      The sail doesn’t care what diameter the mast is. What matters are the bend curve, stiffness, reflex and weight of the mast.

      Our 490 skinny is more durable than an SDM.

      I am not sure what bend curve the Kona calls for. Our 490 is:

      Length 490
      MCS 26.6
      IMCS 30.2
      1/4% 63.0%
      3/4% 76.0%
      KG 2.21
      You should check with the sail manufacturer on what the correct mast bend needs to be.

  36. can i mix a 370 bottom with a 460 top to use with a 4.7 Wave SE… The SE wants a 400 mast and I am guessing the 460 top with a 370 bottom puts me at 405

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thanks for the message John. We can only push the jumps in the mix and match system to two mast lengths. You could mix a 370 and 430 together, but I think going to a 460 is going to give an un-apporoved mast bend. The good news however is that a 430 tip and 370 bottom will give you a great 400cm mast!

  37. Philip says : Reply

    Hi, I just bought a 3.7 and a 4.2 wave phanter 3. I have a 370 loft mast 75 % c from year 2009. Is this mast good enought for these sails? And what about a Goya mast from 2011 in 370 for both salis or 400 for the 4.2 sail?

    Thank you,


  38. ezzysails says : Reply

    thank you for the message Philip. Congrats on the purchase! Both Loft and Goya masts are a bit softer in the tip than our masts, but according to the overall data, they are okay in our sails. Where do you sail?

    • Philip says : Reply

      Thank you for the answer. In the specs of loft they say 64 % bend base and 76 % bend tip. For Goya 64.5 % base and 79 % tip, it looks to me quite close to ezzy, right? I’m from Mallorca so we have to travel to chase high wind areas, this summer would be my third year going to Moulay (Morocco…). If ezzy is looking for an amateur gear tester in the mediterranean I’m up for it!!!

  39. Jeff says : Reply

    I’m thinking of buying Streamlined booms with the RDM head.  This won’t allow for a shim.  Any reason not too.  I just bought 3.5 new ezzy masts, and I don’t want to break them.  (unless I get really worked and deserve it!) 

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      our mast supplier will warranty masts that use the Streamlined front end without a shim, so I’d say go for it. I do believe that RDM’s have a great track record for durability largely because people have more or less been forced to use shims to make them work for many years. If you are torquing your mast with back loops and/or huge jumps on a regular basis I would feel better if you use a shim in some capacity

  40. Placho says : Reply

    This weekend I was sailing with a 370 and a 400 Ezzy mast. One of the days I decided to wrap the sail on the water to not get it dirty due to all the rain it falled in the parking. Suddenly I realiced that the base of my 370 dived into the water and I lost it. I mark the spot and next day I founded it. I decided to pay special attention to the both parts of the mast and I saw that the interior of the base is completely empty. Is this normal? I took my 400 base and it was also empty. Is there any way I can fix it so that it doesn’t happend the same in the future?

    Thank you very much

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thanks for the message! The Ezzy masts do not have anything inside. The tip section should have a tip plug, and a plug on the bottom (ferrule). The bottom section has no plug at all. Is that what you are commenting about? Kindly confirm.

      • Placho says : Reply

        Yes, but is there any poliespan inside of any of the parts of the mastil? Could I put something inside of it to be floatable? Thank you very much

        • ezzysails says : Reply

          no, we do not use any foam or flotation inside the masts. We plug the tip part of the mast, and the bottom section will quickly drain out if water were to enter.

  41. Zach says : Reply

    I have noticed that all of your masts are very expensive. Have you ever thought of making a cheaper mast, maybe with less carbon?

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      sorry to hear you feel our masts are too expensive. In the US market our masts are priced very well. Where do you live?

      • BenB says : Reply

        The masts are well priced for what they are but I think it would be great if you did a lower carbon content skinny mast which was cheaper because all masts are expensive.

  42. Wilanz says : Reply

    I’m trying to use the Ezzy RDM mast with one of my older sails. The sail doesn’t have a cap on the head but instead a plug that inserts into the top of the mast. I found the hole at the top is almost half the diameter of my previous masts.

    Is there a special accessory available with a thinner mast tip plug for sails that have a strap instead of a cap?



    West Palm Beach, FL

  43. Gary says : Reply

    I am thinking of buying a Ezzy mast for my new panthers 4 4.5 5 m . Could you tell me if your masts are still being produced I can’t seem to find anything about 2013 masts and if they are are they made any different to current year masts .thanks .Gary .

  44. ezzysails says : Reply

    thanks for the message Gary. Our masts will continue unchanged once again. We haven’t made a change to our mast collection in many years.

  45. Gary says : Reply

    Could u tell m if gun sails 100 % carbon rdm mast will be ok for your panther3 s . Cheers. Gary.

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      hi Gary,
      Gun masts will work in our sails, but they are not the best bend option. The Gun masts seem to have a bit stiffer tip and softer bottom than we prefer

  46. Adam says : Reply

    I am interested in buying the tiger 5.0 with 400 mast, 6.0 with 430 mast, and the 7.5 cheetah with the 460 mast. How much extension would I have to have for each one? Can I use my chinook slalom booms on the tigers or is a wave boom really needed? Thanks for the help!

  47. Dominique says : Reply

    I would like to know if the Ezzy masts are compatible with Goya sails and Simmer Style sails ? Thank you.

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thanks for asking Dominique.
      Over the last few years we’ve seen an explosion of different masts entering the market, all commonly referred to as “constant curve”. This has really increased the confusion because in reality there are masts that are vastly different but being sold as the same.

      Our masts haven’t changed in over 12 years. Our bends are based on the classic Fiberspar Bends back in the day when they dominated the global scene. I will email you directly our specs, as they don’t post well here in this forum (excel and the coding language here make the numbers hard to follow.
      The Simmer masts have a very similar “standard bend” that we use. I’m not honestly sure what the bends are for Goya these days, but you will have our numbers and can ask the Goya guys directly.

      Our masts have a ferrule on the tip section. I believe both Simmer and Goya have the opposite, so I do not believe you can use our pieces and their pieces together.

  48. Jazzy b says : Reply

    Just got a set of panther ltd. 4.2, 4.7, 5.2 and 6 m . Have got north platinum 400 and 430 masts. Did notice that the 4.2 has a second choice mast of 400. Do norths work well and would the 400 work ok for the time on the 4.2. If and when I switch to ezzy masts , do I get the 370 and 430 . Or what other combo do you think would work best, … Cheers

  49. John says : Reply

    I bought two Ezzy masts 370 and 430 long in 2007. Can I mix them with a new EZZY mat 400 long (2012 or 2013)

    Thank you

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thanks for the message John. Yes, you can mix! You could use the 430 tip and the 370 bottom together to get a 400. Our mast system allows for interchange up to two sizes apart. You always want to keep the tip section the same length or longer.

      • John says : Reply

        Sorry, i was not clear.

        I’d like to put the bottom of the 370 with the top of the 400 and the bottom of the 400 with the top of the 430, because these configurations are the ones suggested for the 4.5 and 5.2 sails

        So the point is: can i mix some mast parts bought in 2007 with a mast i’m about to buy now, so a mast build in 2012

        Thank you

        • ezzysails says : Reply

          thanks for the message back. You can mix any year Ezzy Mast together. All of our masts are compatible. We haven’t changed the bend curves or ferrule construction at all!

  50. I have Neil Pryde Hellcat 6.7 and Fusion 5.5 and both use 430 masts. Are Ezzy RDM masts compatible with these sails, including bend? thank you

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thank you for the message Ciro. The Pryde and Ezzy mast bends are very similar. You should find that they work well when mixed.

  51. dododuzzi says : Reply

    Are you thinking about introducing a 100% Carbon RDM Mast? They seem to
    offer a significant weight reduction and Severne (RedLine) and Hot Sails
    (Ultra) (and others) offer it. I am asking just because I will
    eventually need a new 400 and it would be nice to get an Ezzy (if not: are Severne compatible with Ezzys?)

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thank you for the message. We don’t have any immediate plans to launch a 100% carbon mast, but we also feel the performance our mast gives to the sails is exceptional. Going with a Severne mast would be a mistake. Their bends are different than our mast bends. This is one concern with the mast market these days. Many sail branded masts have unusual bends and things are not as compatible as we would like.
      I truly hope you consider getting the Ezzy mast for your sail. It works amazingly well and our “mix and match” system allows you some other features you might find useful.

      • dododuzzi says : Reply

        Thank you for the info and good to know the Severne is not compatible. My current Hot Sails 400 has probably a few seasons left in it, maybe in a couple of years you will have a 100% otherwise we’ll see! Love my Tigers 4.7-5.2 by the way!!!

  52. Tommaso Petitti says : Reply

    which are the percent bend curves of your 340, 370 and 400 skinny masts?

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thank you for the inquiry:

      Length 340
      MCS 28.2
      IMCS 15.4
      1/4% 63.00%
      3/4% 76.00%
      KG 1.57

      Length 370
      MCS 26.3
      IMCS 17
      1/4% 63.00%
      3/4% 76.00%
      KG 1.55

      Length 400
      MCS 25
      IMCS 19
      1/4% 63.00%
      3/4% 76.00%
      KG 1.7

  53. Krak Arntson says : Reply

    have there been changes in the masts since 2008?

  54. Tony says : Reply

    Hello, just got a 5.5 ezzy wave panther III sail, love it! Wondering if i can use my fiberspar 400 rdm imcs 19 mast with it??? Thanks!

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thanks for the message Tony. I think the 400 cm is a little short and soft for full performance on the 5.5. I’d encourage you to use a 430 if you can.

      • Tony says : Reply

        thanks for the reply! if i had to go with a mast other than ezzy masts, which brands would be closest?? np, powerex, fiberspar??

        • ezzysails says : Reply

          Good question. Pryde, North, Powerex, FIberspar are all good. With Powerex, it would be best to pick a mast from a few years back before the company was re-formed and their mast bends were altered. I would look at carbon content and try to get a higher blend if possible. Why might Ezzy not be on the list of possible masts for you though?

          • Tony says :

            just bought a 460 ezzy mast for my 7.5 cheetah! wondering if i can
            combine a 400 ezzy base and 460 top to go with the 5.5 panther III, and
            that way i can use the 400 for my 4.7 wave SE??

          • ezzysails says :

            yes, this is a great alternative! The 460 tip/400 bottom combo works great!

          • Tony says :

            Hey there again! just purchased a new legacy 6.5, was wondering if the same combo for masts works! 460tip/400bottom? Thanks!

          • ezzysails says :

            that mast combo should work great in the 6.5!

  55. damel says : Reply

    What is the diameter of the mast cap plug or the inside diameter of the top of mast. I am replacing the one on my mast with one that is compatible with North Sails sail cap plugs.

  56. ezzysails says : Reply

    thanks for the message! I’d pick up a 400cm and a 460cm Ezzy RDM mast. You can use the 400 on the 4.5, and the 460 on the 6.5. The other nice option is that you can use the 460 tip/400 bottom together to get a nice 430cm mast that can work for a sail you might get between the 4.5 and 6.5! Hope this is helpful.

    • kris says : Reply

      Thanks for the answer! It was helpful! Do you think though that the Ezzy Panther 2 – 4,5m2 will be OK for my existing 1,62-2,22 boom because Panther’s boom specs are 156-161cm?… And what about the Tushingham Storm sails? Will they be alright with the Ezzy RDM mast?

      • ezzysails says : Reply

        thanks for the message back. Do you have a local shop that you work with? I can’t speak for how the Tush sail will work with our mast really without seeing it. I’m not an expert on their sails.
        It is okay to have a little too much boom extended out beyond the end of your clew, though most people end up getting a shorter boom to accommodate. I do know some boom companies are able to tailor booms and cut them down a bit in cases like this. Anyway, I truly hope you can go to your local shop and work with them on your situation. Shops are the best!

  57. Alberto says : Reply

    Hi, some monthes ago I bought a new powerex 400 85% carbon mast, than I decided to buy the Ezzy Elite 5.3 and 4.7. Since now I’ve only tried the 5.3 that is great and works perfectly with the 400 powerex. But now I have a problem with the 4,7: can I buy a 370 Ezzy (also as I think that I’ll buy the 4.2 Elite soon) and mix the bottom Ezzy with the top Powerex 400? Are the two connections the same?


  58. Dmitry says : Reply

    I would like to rig my 6.5 Freeride 5 and along with my 7.5 Zephyr on a Nolimitz FAST 460 RDM. How will performance be affected for both of these sails?

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      we’re not crazy about the NL bend curves. They seen to favor stiffer tip and softer bottom curves then we do. Ezzy mast bend curves are tip: 75% to 79% and base: 62% to 65%

  59. ezzysails says : Reply

    great question Pablo.
    The ultimate mast set up would be:
    3.7 – ezzy 370 tip/340 bottom
    5.2 – ezzy 430 tip/400 bottom

    if you are on more of a budget and can’t justify the 4 pieces, you could do this:
    3.7 – 400 tip/340 bottom
    5.2 – 400 tip/400 bottom
    only need 3 pieces.

    Hope this is helpful!

  60. Mark says : Reply

    Will Ezzy mast be compatible with 2010 Naish All Terrain or the NeilPryde Atlas? Both are 5.0 size.

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thanks for asking! The Ezzy Mast should rig up the Pryde sail just fine. The Naish will be a little compromised, as I believe they prefer a bit stiffer top and softer bottom than our bend.

      Ezzy mast bend curves are tip: 75% to 79% and base: 62% to 65%. You can reach out to the folks at Naish and inquire as to what their percent bend curves are and see if we are close.

      Hope this is helpful.

  61. Alexei Bozhko says : Reply

    Can you guys post measures of a both parts 370 and 400 masts?

  62. Alexei Bozhko says : Reply

    and what is the best set up for the 2014 Elite 4.7 if i have EZZY 400 and 340 masts for bottom and top? or should i stay with 400 ?

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      the ideal set up for the 4.7 is 400 tip/370 bottom. If you don’t want to get a 370 bottom, then I suggest you first try the sail with the 400 tip/400 bottom and re-calibrate the sail. We will have a rigging video for the 2014 Elite very soon, and it will show you how to re-set the calibration system.

  63. Andrea says : Reply

    I have North Hero 2013 5.3, is the EZZY HOOKIPA RDM 430 compatible whit that sail?

  64. Bud says : Reply

    Can i buy and rig a Ezzy Hookipa 400 RDM MAST On Simmer sails Iron 5.3 2012 ?
    Is it fit good ?

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thank you for reaching out Bud. Ezzy mast bend curves are tip: 75% to 79% and base: 62% to 65%, which I believe is the same curve for Simmer Sails. You might reach out to Simmer and ask if this percent bend curve works well in their sails. Regards, Tim

  65. Gary Yuen says : Reply

    I want to buy a 2nd hand Gaastra sail (2010 IQ wave sail, 4.7m), can I use my Ezzy 400 mast on it? is it good for the sail?

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thank you for asking. You might need to check with Gaastra on this. Here are some specs on our mast.

      Ezzy mast bend curves are tip: 75% to 79% and base: 62% to 65%

      Note: this is not carbon content. This is percentage bend relative to the midpoint bend.

      Hope this is helpful.

  66. Andrew says : Reply

    For a quiver based on a ’08 4.5 Wave SE, ’13 Legacy 5.2 and 5.7, a ’13 Cheetah 7.5 and an ’11 Infinity 9.5, what is my best mast configuration? I currently have Ezzy 490 and 430 RDM masts, and am looking for the minimum number of masts possible. The 370 seems like a logic step, but would like your advice. Many thanks, Andrew

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thank you for reaching out Andrew. The ’08 4.5 can rig up great on a 370 tip/370 bottom. Another less expensive alternative is to just get a 370 bottom. You could go with a 430 tip (which you already own) and 370 bottom to get an overall mast that is within the tolerances and works great. Hope this is helpful!

      • Andrew says : Reply

        Very helpful, thank you. I meant to type ’05 4.5 Wave SE, but I believe the same applies to the 05 as with the 08 Wave SE. I think interchangeable mast tips and bottoms is an awesome feature. Happy sailing. Cheers.

  67. Sigrid says : Reply

    !Happy New Year!

    I have an Ezzy Panther Elite’13 and a 400 Ezzy mast. I am thinking of getting a 4.7 tiger or panther elite. My question:

    Can I match a 340 bottom with a 400 top and will it work with a 4.7 if I use a mast extension? (This length ( 370 ) would suit my old 4.0 Gunsail as well)

    Thank you :)


  68. Adriaan Van Dijk says : Reply

    Hi, i have sailed with NP powerwave sails all my live and now would-be like to try (panther) elite 5m. Can i use my x9 SDM 4m. What difference can i expect compared to à ezzy mast.
    Can i compare 5m a NP Atlas to 5m elite or do i need to take a 5.3 elite

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thanks for the message Adriaan. The Pryde mast bends work great in our sails, so that mast should be just fine. You will want to take a minute to check the sail calibration settings. There is an instruction handout that comes with the sail that will show you how that works. Our sails have exceptional power and range…not to mention durability. I am sure you will notice more grunt in our sail. Hard for me to compare your sail specifically to ours however. Perhaps you can work with a regional dealer and take a demo out?

  69. Sigrid says : Reply

    Hello :)

    I have just bought a 2013 Panther elite 5.3 as well as the 4.7. I got the Ezzy mast 400 as I ride the 5.3 the most.
    My question: I know that you recommend the 370 base and 400 top for the 4.7. Would it also work with a 340 base & 400 top, and would this combination be better than the 400 base&top (I haven’t tried the 4.7 yet).
    The reason I am looking at the 340 base instead of 370 is that it would suit my smaller non-ezzy 4.0 sail better.

    Thank you!


    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thank you for the message Sigrid. Congrats on your purchase. You could use the 400/340 combo for your 4.7, but you will need to re-calibrate the sail (instructions are included with the sail). The sail will still work great, but you will compromise a little bit of range.

  70. Mark says : Reply

    Wanting to get Panther ltd 3.5 and 4.0. Already have Pather 2 in 4.7 and 5.5 sizes.
    Is 4.0 to 4.7 a reasonable jump in sail size,or is it too big in this sail range and line? I currently go from 5.5 to 6.5 with no issues.
    Ability..advanced, weight 165lb

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thanks for the message. It might be hard to find some LTDs! I did a quick peek at They have some in their “used/consignment” section in A+ condition however. You might get lucky.

      I think the scaling of 3.5, 4.0, 4.7, 5.5 makes perfect sense. Good luck!

  71. Chris says : Reply

    Hello. I have a 370 powerex mast + a 370 powerex base (the old one made in the US). The 370 feels too stiff on my NP The Fly 3.9. I know you recommend longer tip than bottom, but how would feel my 370 bottom + a 340 tip? Is it going to make the top stiffer or sfter (NP recommends flex top). Thank you.

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      wish I could answer that question accurately. I think Pryde and Ezzy bends are pretty similar. For that reason, I would stick with the recommended “top longer than the bottom” approach, and set up the sail with a 370 tip/340 bottom.

  72. Günter Zimmermann says : Reply

    I just bought a Tiger 4.2 and want to use it with a North 400 RDM-Mast. My question would it effect the performance of the sail because I would have to use the head webbing strap and the mast would stick out of the top for about 20cm?

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      hello Gunter,
      Thank you for the inquiry. You can use the 4.2 on the 400 mast, but we suggest you use the 4.2 on a shorter mast if possible, like a 370. The sail was designed and tested on a 370. Rigging the sail on a 400 means you will have the sail supported by a stiffer section of the mast. The overall range will be compromised a bit. For best results, try a 370 if you can.

  73. Fred Hawkes says : Reply

    Why are your 400 and 370 mast so close together in IMCS. This seems to create a lack of separation and good deal of overlap.

  74. Stefano Bonchi says : Reply

    Hi I’ve got a 2008 (maybe 2007…) Ezzy Infinity 7.5. I think it’s still a great and powerful sail. I used it with an old sdm maui mast… No good. Then with a 460 amex 100% carbon dropshape and it was perfect. Now I’m about to buy my own mast and since I’m quite on a budget I’m looking for a good (aka “light” and strong) used alternative. Which one would fit me better? SDM or RDM or dropshape? I’m a freerider, straps ok and starting to waterstart. 76 KGs using a rrd firemove 120 as main board. I know The best choice would be an ezzy mast, but here in Italy they are very rare, and there’s not a real secondhand market… Please help me out!

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thank you for reaching out Stefano. RDM or SDM masts are great with our sails. The important thing is the bend curve. Our sails work best on our masts, because Ezzy mast bend curves are tip: 75% to 79% and base: 62% to 65%. If you can find a mast with specs that fall in that range, you should be okay. Do keep in mind that you should be able to ask any mast producer for these specs. There are too many for us to keep track of these days!

  75. JB says : Reply

    Would an Ezzy mast work with a Sailworks Revolution sail? I have both Ezzy and Sailworks sails and was looking for a mast that would fit both . . . suggestions? I think both type of sails need “constant curve” but they are slightly different in terms of tip flex . . . sailworks recommends a 64% / 77% bend curve – how does this compare to an Ezzy mast (like, what would be the Ezzy 370 RDM bend curve – would it be closer to the recommended stats, or is it different)?

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      thanks for asking JB. Unfortunately, Sailworks and Ezzy have very different views on mast bend. Sailworks sails tend to like stiffer tip and softer bottom masts than we like. Ezzy mast bend curves are tip: 75% to 79% and base: 62% to 65%. Trying to share masts might lead to compromised performance on your sails.

  76. Pablo Lacasa says : Reply

    Hello! Just wanted to know if I can mix and match a Powerex 400 60% 2013 with my 340, 370 and 430 Ezzy mast. My sails are 3.3, 3.7, 4.2 Tiger 2014, 4.7, 5.2 Panther III and a 5.7 Elite 2013. Thank you very much

  77. Leonardo says : Reply

    Hi, is there any way I can know in which year an Ezzy mast has been manifactured?

  78. ezzysails says : Reply

    I’ll forward your inquiry off to David to answer via direct email.

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