2015 Sails

  • Paul Bradley

    i am so pleased with my new sails two cheetahs 5.5 and 6.5 and the lion 3/ 8.5 would love lion 3 10.5 as i am a bigger sailer

    • ezzysails

      thanks for the feedback Paul. I wish we could bring the 10.5 to the collection, but I’m afraid the largest we will be offering next year is 9.5.

  • Paul Bradley

    may i ask why?

    • ezzysails

      10.5’s are really challenging for us to make and to test. Sadly, our past sales history has been fairly thin too…

  • Paul Bradley

    i thought you would say that i know it would ad weight but if the laments was stiffer you probably have tried that? I guess that would make them costly as well thanks for your response i still love your sails

  • Tobias

    Which Ezzy sail would you recommend for blasting over a river with typical windspeeds of ~18 mph steady, 25-30 gusts. Our sailors are low-intermediates that mostly want to plane effortlessly and do power jibes. We have two Ezzy hookipa 90% Carbon RDM masts 460 cm and JP xcite ride 160L and magic ride 118/132L. Thanks! 🙂

    • ezzysails

      great to hear from you Tobias! I think the Cheetah is the perfect sail for this kind of sailor. You might consider a 6.5 Cheetah? I might suggest you ask a local expert or shop about the right sail size for your overall needs. It is always nice to hear from someone who can give you first hand advice!

  • fred

    Hi guys, quick questions for you. I recently tried the Ezzys down in DR and loved them! So I’m about to pull the trigger on a full fleet of sails. I usually like to keep the same model throughout my quiver. So I would like to know which wave sail you would recommend for a heavy rider (200lbs) that rides mostly onshore conditions. I’m an intermediate/advance rider (basic freestyle, forward loop, etc). Also, I know we can tune the Ezzys quite a bit, so for a complete quiver, what sail sizes (between 5.8ish to 3.7ish) would you recommend for someone who wants simplest quiver possible. Thank you!

    • ezzysails

      great to hear from you. Excellent question!
      When you were in the DR, did you use the 4 batten Elite or the 5 batten Tiger?

      The difference between the two is simple. The Elite has a bit softer sail rotation. I think the 4 batten Elite is a little more sensitive to masts selection. If you were prepared to get the exact masts that the sails call for, then I would go with the Elite.

      The Tiger is more tolerant of different masts. It is a super stable and powerful design, and might offer you a bit more grunt than the Elite. We’re here to help if you wish to email direct at [email protected] or to David directly at [email protected]

  • shani rubinovich

    hi Guys
    in the old sails (2012 Ezzy Tiger for example ) there are 3 numbers in the Suggested Mast column , what do they say (400/25/19)
    my guess for 2 of these are the Mast and Extension but what is the 3rd one ?

    • ezzysails

      thank you for asking! the first number is the length. The second number refers to the MCS, and the third the IMCS.
      The MCS stiffness is calculated by dividing the test length by the net mid-point deflection.

      The mast curve is defined by expressing the ¼ and ¾ point net deflections as percentages of the midpoint
      net deflection. The mast curve type is expressed as the difference in the ¼ and ¾ point
      The IMCS stiffness is a mathematical calculation with standardizes the measured MCS stiffness to
      common length of 460 cm. The IMCS coefficient allows masts of different lengths to be compared
      for stiffness. The formula for this calculation is:
      length (mm) x length (mm) x length (mm)
      mid-point net deflection (mm) x 4600 x 4600