2009 Zephyr

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The Zephyr takes us back to our windsurfing roots. Back when you could go out in 10 knots or less of wind and have a really fun time. The idea behind the Zephyr is that you don’t need anything bigger than a 7.5 in light air. The boom length is long and the profile is very deep and draft forward, which gives the Zephyr the power of an 8.5. The Zepyhr is light and easy to throw around, and is a blast to sail on the new Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) boards. It also works great on high volume freeride boards too.

The Zephyr has our new seam shaping profile, which produces a camber-like profile without using cams. This gives the Zephyr a very deep and draft forward foil which is what you want for light air sailing. For stronger wind, apply more outhaul to flatten the profile, and the Zephyr becomes a perfect high wind Freeride sail.

The Zephyr is built to last. It contains no monofilm. The lower panels and luff panels are built with our Spectra X Film.The large leech panel is made with a new light weight cloth, which is similar to our Technora® cloth used in our wave sail. The battens are RBS® epoxy. It has a vinyl window for durability and visibility. The Zephyr is built to the same standards as our wave and freeride sails, which means every Zephyr gets rigged and checked before it leaves the factory.

To take the guess work out of rigging, the Zephyr has color coded outhaul and downhaul indicators.





Size: 7.5
Luff: 485-489
Boom: 215-226
Suggested Mast: 460
No. of Battens: 6
Sail Weight: 4.67 kg.


“Hi David,

I sailed the Zephyr in light wind, it was NE 6-7 mph when I first went out,was not planning, but not slow either. It picked up to 11-12, and I was planning. Without a doubt the Zephyr has as much low end power as an 8.5. It was easy to sail on all points of sail, and in gusts, as stable as a cambered sail.

The Zephyr is an amazing sail! I never thought I would see a camless sail perform like a cambered sail, especially in light wind. I will sail in medium wind next,and lastly strong wind.”


“Here’s my take on the Ezzy Zephyr 7.5:

Rigging is staightforward and the indication marks on
the sail for downhaul tension and outhaul distance are very useful. It’s a pleasure to rig on a 460 mast. The boom is longer than I’m used to as this is a low aspectpowerful sail. I just had to adjust my tacks and gybes to keep the clue end clear of the water—no problem.

I like the fullness of this sail, and even with that, the battens rotated very easily. The REAL JOY of this session, though, was how well I was able to plane in about 12 MPH! The water was not even capping, so I know it wasn’t windy. It was one of those days that I used to talk myself into going out and then be bummed by lack of sailing fun. Not so with the Zephyr. It pulled like a little pony and had me laughing out loud. It gave me confidence to sail anywhere on the lake and know I could get back to my dock without slogging.

A versatile and forgiving sail for cruising. I’ll definitely put one of these on my summer wish list.”


That sail is fantastic for short boarding. It is very light and easy to handle. I hit 38.6 on it in August. I sail it on the Kona RRD 133 JP 116 JP 106 JP 86

Our friends use it on the Formulas. They love how easy it is to uphaul in choppy conditions. I sailed it last night in 17 knots on the JP 106 it was fantastic!