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Why Kilograms?

The reason we like to know your weight in kilograms is that it makes it very easy to see how much floatation you will have. Thanks to our friend Archimedes, we know that in order for something to float, the weight of that object equals the weight of the amount of water it displaces. And, convenient as the metric system is, one kilogram just happens to displace one liter of water, which therefore must weigh one kilogram. So, if you weigh 80 kilograms, you will need a board of 80 liters just to keep you afloat, and if you add another 10 kg for your wetsuit, harness and rig, you need 90 liters to keep you from sinking.

As a rule, most hard core wave sailors will match their weight with their board volume and most slalom and freeride sailors will add about 20 to 30 liters to their body weight.