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The Hydra Pro is a light-weight, low-drag sail designed for high-speed freeride foiling. The Hydra Pro excels in the extreme upwind and downwind angles that make free-ride foiling so much fun.

The unique foot of the Hydra Pro reduces the unwanted turbulent airflow that occurs below the foot of a traditional sail. This extended foot gives the Hydra Pro a smooth and predictable feel when foiling.

For lightwind foiling, you need two sails in one: a deep and draft-forward sail to get up on the foil and a flatter sail to handle the apparent wind as it shifts forward when you get going. At the light wind setting, the Hydra’s ¾-batten above the boom produces an extremely deep and forward profile to get you flying up on the foil— the sail’s profile is much deeper, in fact, than is possible with a full-battened or cambered sail. Once up flying on the foil, the ¾-batten allows the luff to automatically “deflate” (flatten) as the apparent wind shift forward.

For stronger winds, the Hydra Pro can be set very flat—much flatter than a full-battened
or cambered sail—to give the ultimate control for adrenaline-filled runs in winds over 30 knots.

With approximately a 15 cm range of outhaul tuning, each size of Hydra Pro spans a large wind range, meaning fewer sails are needed in your quiver.

The Hydra Pro is a dramatic look for a dramatic new form of windsurfing. Available in 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, and 8.5.

In love with the flying of foiling, David is happy to share the Hydra Pro with everyone already dedicated to foiling and everyone yet to discover its magic.


First off, because the foil can fly through the water with so little drag, the wind angles are different, which means that the apparent wind (the wind created by your movement) shifts forward. Second, you need a powerful sail to pump up onto the foil, but once you’re on the foil, you want a very easy to control, light sail. And third, your board is above the surface of the water when you’re flying on the foil.


The elongated foot on the Hydra Pro takes advantage of the board’s height off the water to create a hyper efficient sail. On a normal windsurfing sail, a long foot like this would hit the water when cruising and simply not work, but when foiling, we can take advantage of this “free” space created by flying above the water. The extra long foot forms an end-plate with the board. This is very similar to how winglets work on a jet wing, and aerodynamic theory tells us that an end-plate like this greatly improves the efficiency of the sail.

The extra long foot provides the needed low-end power to get up on the foil without using cambers or an extra batten below the boom, saving close to a kilo in weight. Being able to ride a smaller, lightweight sail makes foiling more fun by giving you the sensation of flying with nothing in your hands. You want a sail that “goes away.”

The extra long foot also makes the sail more stable. This means that you are less vulnerable to gusts throwing you off balance when you’re flying on the foil, which makes foiling a lot easier. But at the same time, because only the foot is extended and not the entire sail, the pull of the sail remains forward for a more comfortable sailing experience.


The Hydra Pro also borrows the 3/4 batten concept from our hardcore wave sail, the Taka. A 3/4 batten allows the sail to luff, which means that it can easily go from full to flat. This is important for many aspects of foiling. This helps the Hydra Pro to be extra powerful when you’re pumping it but flat and responsive when flying on the foil. And, the Hydra’s 3/4 batten is the reason it can de-power so easily and change its shape for the needs of the foil. When you sail up wind, you want a flat sail, and when you sail downwind, you want a full sail. The 3/4 batten allows both to occur without having to adjust the outhaul.



Hydra Pro Luff Luff Boom Boom Ezzy Mast Base Weight
Size (sq.m.) Min (cm) Max (cm) Min (cm) Max (cm) Bottom/Top Extension (cm) Kg
4.5 374 379 139 151 370/370 4-10 3.05
5.0 395 400 150 164 370/400 10-16 3.29
5.5 413 418 158 173 400/400 14-18 3.53
6.0 435 440 164 178 400/430 20-26 3.68
7.0 453 458 184 198 430/430 24-28 3.99
8.5 482 487 209 223 460/460 22-28 4.50


Note on Ezzy Masts

How To Choose The Perfect Mast Combination For Your Quiver:

  1. Pick the top and bottom that fits the sail you use the most.
  2. Use a longer top for your bigger sail.
  3. Use a shorter bottom for your smaller sail.
= Best Combination
= Good Combination

Hydra Pro Mast Chart

The Ezzy Hookipa Mast

Ezzy Sails work great with the Ezzy Mast system, but also work with a variety of other brand masts (RDM and regular diameter). You could contact your mast maker and see if the bend of your non-Ezzy mast is compliant.

Ezzy mast bend curves are tip: 75% to 79% and base: 62% to 65%

Note: this is not carbon content. This is percentage bend relative to the midpoint bend.

Sailed the Hydra 6.0 yesterday.
Light north east wind 8-17 mph. Starboard formula 158.

I rigged the sail in the shop when I first received it and it looked small for a 6.0. (probably because of the shape). Yesterday, rigged it and was pretty sure I would be right back in for a 7.5 (it really looks small). This sail is extremely light, making it very easy to handle and pumping takes a lot less effort (same with uphauling).

Pumped it up on a plane (which did not require that much effort, much to my surprise). I was able to set the Hydra, lock in, and start driving with my feet and slight body movements. I was able to keep the foil at the level I wanted and sustain it with very little effort.

I think not having so much weight aloft is a hell of advantage (really reduces the pitching moment) for being much easier to handle. Anyone can balance a 6 ft dowel on their nose, add a ½ ounce lead sinker to the end of the dowel and it is impossible.

For beginners like myself, I think this sail is a must have. Because you can set it and concentrate on body movements to maintain foil height and drive the board.

In my opinion after sailing the Hydra, I think the traditional windsurf sail allows way too much sail movement for foiling. The hydra will pretty much set itself and allow you to concentrate on driving with your feet and slight body movements.

-Shawn Kempton, USA

Been using the hydra in Greece. Yesterday, no one else on the water was planing. Other foilers were trying to plane on 6.5 5-batten rigs- regular windsurfers on 8.0's not planning.

I was using the 5.5 Hydra and flying-- could not believe it .

It’s interesting windsurfers just don’t believe you can foil with a smaller Ezzy Hydra sail ....

Many non believers to be converted.

Once you are going, you don't really need the harness. It was like flying across the water.

-Simon Basset, UK

We are searching for riders who love foiling as much as we do.

In the program, you will:

  • learn how the Hydra Pro works
  • receive a discount on your quiver of Hydra Pro sails
  • be expected to share information about the Hydra at your local beach and provide demos
  • establish a direct communication with David Ezzy and send him short reports about the foiling trends in your local area

A portion of every sail we sell goes to help schools in Sri Lanka.
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