2017 Sails

  • Real Estate solution

    Hi Team, do please rdm tecnolimits (400 and 430) masts works on elite and Zeta sails? many thanks from germany

    • ezzysails

      from the research I’ve done, it looks like the technolimitz masts are pretty close to our suggested mast bends. I do not know if they use the “mix and match” philosophy like we suggest. If they do not suggest it, then I might suggest you go with the Zeta. The 5 batten Zeta will set up better on a mast that is longer than recommended than the Elite. The Elite is only 4 battens, and is more sensitive to having the right mast configuration. Many of our Elite sizes suggest using different length top and bottoms together for ideal performance.

  • Md

    Hi, are there any plans to release bigger sizes of the taka? Thanks, Marc

    • ezzysails

      no, not at this time

  • Jules Senior

    Hi there, I recently bought the Ezzy downhaul pulley, and am very impressed with it’s build quality. The problem I have is that it won’t fit through the downhaul ring on my (older) 5.8 SE Wave sail. There’s not enough room between the pulley and the pin? Am I doing something wrong?

    • ezzysails

      thank you for the message Jules. I’m afraid our removable pulley was designed to work on 2007 sails or newer. Perhaps you could snap a picture of your sail and the pulley region of the sail so we can confirm the situation to [email protected]

      let me know,

  • Hi, fellow windsurfers! Here a happy always-learning sailor owning only a Lion-3 7.5 sail. During the last months I’ve been riding my plain-old BIC Techno board with that sail and learned a lot! I think my next step will be to buy a smaller modern sail for those days when my skills don’t allow me to enjoy the Lion-3 7.5 yet. The spot where I usually sail has fluky conditions, either with light or strong winds, thus I think I must stick with cammed sails. The question is: which is the smallest Ezzy cammed sail? Lion-3 6.0? Please, why such a variety of not-cammed sails and only one model with cams? Thanks!

    • ezzysails

      nice to hear from you Ricardo. Our smallest cambered sail is the 6.0 Lion.
      We have developed a seam shaping technique that gives all of our sails the pull and stability of a cambered sail in many ways. I encourage you to check out our Zeta/SE/Tiger series from years past for a powerful and stable feeling sail that resembles cambered sailing experiences.

      • I’ll do that! But, please, SE series? I easily find Zeta and Tiger, but SE? Thanks!

        • ezzysails

          SE is an old model, built on the same principals as the Tiger and Zeta (5 battens)

          • Thanks! My fault, sorry! SE obviously stands for Special Edition: those for sure great sails built in 2001 and 2008. I’ll pay attention to any opportunity of enjoying any of these models! Cheers!