Thanks to Thomas Hasch for sharing this!   “Windsurfing is a great sport. I have many fond memories of reaching warp speeds, jumping to the moon and racing down mountains of water and sailing in high winds. But none of the those “extreme” and by many considered desirable conditions come even close to the pure

[nggallery id=324] thanks to Evan Mackenzie for sharing these beautiful images from Port Philip Bay, Maelbourne, Victoria, Australia.    

Congrats to Joe Ray!

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We want to tip our hat to Joe, from Davenport Surfsail.  Joe has been a valued dealer and big Ezzy advocate since the very early days of Ezzy Sails. Joe got #1 overall in the Grand Masters division for the ’12 AWT.  He tied for 2nd in Maui, 2nd in Pistol River and #3rd at

Thanks to Carl Tomlinson for sharing this story! ” This year is my 7th visit to South Africa, and I was again lucky enough to be able to take some extended leave allowing me to stay for 30 days.  Jane & I took 5 days to do some sightseeing at the beginning of the trip

Kevin Pritchard in the new German Surf

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We’re stoked with Kevin for a million reasons.  Here is the 1,000,001 reason! Kevin’s article was just published in the German Surf Mag.  Note, text is in German. [nggallery id=321]        

Notes from Baja

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[nggallery id=320] Gary Morris, our fearless international demo man has some notes and pics to share from his latest demo: “My clinic and demo on Sat. & Sun. featuring the Elite was a hit. It was a HUGE hit; first at the clinic and then on water. Sailors were totally stoked with the light/balanced feel

future ripper! Santiago Rico gets his bearings on an Ezzy Kids Rig. [nggallery id=319]    

Mini review Ezzy Elite 4.7 by Nick Beaney K38

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[nggallery id=318] “Having sold my 4.7 Panther 3, I replaced it with the New Ezzy Elite 4.7. Having only seen photos of the new Elite I knew it had the great looks but I was a little skeptical of it only having 4 battens (I have only ever used waves sails with 5) would it

  Enjoy! [nggallery id=317] note, if you would like to receive a pdf version of the article feel free to email me at [email protected]          


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